400 + Pug Names – Cute, Sweet, Tiny & Little Names for Pug Dogs


Are you looking for a small, unique-looking and an adorable dog? In that case, pugs are the solution to your problems. 

With an interesting history of being loyal companions of Chinese emperors to royal dogs of Holland’s House of Orange, pugs have been quite a popular breed of dogs. They still have millions of followers across the globe.

You can consider these things while naming your pug:

  • Size: Many popular pug names are inspired by their small size.
  • Expression: Their wrinkly and humorous expression has always been a subject of naming them.
  • Royalty: Their history of being the royal dog has also been an inspiration to their names.

We have collected some of the best pug names for your little mushy puppy in this article.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pug Name 


Now that you have a dog, naming it is the next task at hand. It can be a little difficult to find a name that is the best fit for your pug. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while deciding a pug name:

  • Pick out a small name: A small name for your small dog will be perfect. It will not only be easy to pronounce for you but will also be easy to comprehend for your pug.
  • Choose a name you like: You are going to be frequently using your pug’s name. So why not pick something that you like?
  • Observe and evaluate: Your pug’s reaction to the name is very essential while naming it. Give it the time of 2-3 days and observe its reaction.
  • Changing an old dog’s name: Changing an old dog’s name should be avoided. It will be difficult for them to get used to it as they are already accustomed to one name.  

60 Most Popular Pug Names 


Pugs are universally popular for their silly expression and small size. Here is a list of popular pug names, some with meanings too!

Louis  Ozzy  Buddha 
Pablo  Jasper  Bugsy 
Moose  Ziggy  Mugsy 
Boo  Almond  Buddy 
Chester Ludlow  Diamond  Dizzy 
Doug  Fortune  Leonard 
Missy  Punch  Trump 
Alan  Bert  Blueberry 
J.B. Mel  Patrick 
Precious  Rufus  Sandwiches 
Pig  Rosy  Sunny 
Adele  Albert  Alfie 
Alfred  Alice  Alvin 
Lucky  Choco  Applejack 
Auggie  Nutmeg  Scout 
Bacon  Dora  Eva 
Tess  Happy 


Names with Meaning 

  • Bug: A size inspired name.
  • Bandit: For a pug who is rowdy.
  • Cookie: For a dark brown pug.
  • Otis: Pug from Milo and Otis.
  • Frank: Name of the pug from Men in Black.
  • Percy: A popular pug from Pocahontas.
  • Mops: Name of Marie-Antoinette’s pug, who was the queen of France.
  • Pompey: The heroic pug who saved Prince of Orange in the 1500s.
  • Basco: Name of Queen Victoria’s favourite pug.
  • Peter Pug: A character from Wee Peter Pug.

50 Female Pug Names 


Female pugs are adorable little blessings who become great companions of ours. Here are some suggestions for female pug names, some with meanings too!

Bella  Lola  Lucy 
Daisy  Zoey  Stella 
Zoe  Millie  Ella 
Maddie  Lexie  Teenie 
Mini  Pixie  Shortcake 
Fawn  Caramel  Cashew 
Goldie  Hazel  Honey 
Sandy  Taffy  Tawny 
Cinder  Dusty  Ember 
Pepper  Fern  Izzie 

Names with meaning 

  • Lilly: A flower-inspired name for your little flower.
  • Luna: Name your dog this if you like the moon.
  • Penny: A cute female pug name inspired by size.
  • Coco: Ideal name for a chocolate coloured pug.
  • Peaches: An adorable female pug name.
  • Pearl: For a fair coated pup.
  • Baby: A cute pug name.
  • Munchkin: A size-inspired name.
  • Peanut: For a honey brown pug.
  • Amber: For a tan-coloured pup.
  • Petunia: A typical pug name inspired by medieval England.
  • Duchess: A royal name.
  • Flora: Pug name relating to flowers.
  • Bambi: After the doe-eyed deer.
  • Pumpkin: Such a cute name, isn’t it?
  • Sweet Pea: A cute name for your tiny pug.
  • Tinkerbell: Another pug name inspired by size.
  • Nova: Meaning new.
  • Sophie: Meaning wisdom in Greek.
  • Sadie: Meaning princess.

50 Best Male Pug Names 


Male pugs are reliable companions with a hint of sass. Here are some male pug names, some with meaning too:

Jake  Milo  Max 
Rocky  Oliver  Frank 
Frankie  Louie  Winston 
Finn  Roscoe  Loki 
Stumpy  Junior  Crinkles 
Yoda  Slim  Bean
Chai  Chestnut  Graham
Ash  Carbon  Espresso 
Hershey  Mocha  Shadow 
Snickers  Hamlet  Homer 


Names with meaning 

  • Charlie: A name inspired by the royal heritage of pugs.
  • Pugsley: A silly name for pugs.
  • Mr Big: An ironic name for pugs.
  • SlimTiny: A size-inspired name.
  • Wrinkles: A name based on a pug’s appearance. 
  • Button: A cute pug name for your cutie.
  • Sesame: Pug name for a fawn-coloured dog.
  • Coal: For a pug who is black.
  • Brutus: A typical pug name.
  • Gus: A small and cute pug name.
  • Teddy: A name for your cuddle bud.
  • Dexter: Inspired by the cartoon character from Dexter’s Laboratory.
  • Oscar: For an award-winning pug.
  • Muffy: Yet another adorable pug name.
  • Caden: A beautiful name with different meanings.
  • Kaden: Male pug name meaning fighter.
  • Samir: A male pug name meaning companion.
  • Phil: Love.
  • Amado: A loving deity.
  • Yashub: Meaning loving child of God.

30 Best Boy Pug Names 


Pugs are tiny dogs; boy pugs are even tinier. Here are some cute pug names for your tiny dogs:

Gizmo  Gordie  Quincy 
Harry  Marcelo  Angelo 
Lorenzo  Xavier  Landon 
Gavin  Aariz  Erl 
Hale  Arthur  Axel 
Barkley  Bart  Billy 
Bowser  Brady  Brisket 
Bruiser  Buster  Carl 
Dennis  Domino  Duke 
Earl  Edgar  Edie 

30 Best Girl Pug Names


Girl pugs are little balls of fur who will win your heart over, without even trying. Here are best girl pug names in a table:

Mabel  Ruby  Molly 
Valentina  Valerie  Megan 
Lyn  Joly  Noelia 
Jemma  Piper  Annie 
Beatrix  Bellatrix  Bubbles 
Chloe  Cuppy  Darla 
Dolly  Eleanor  Emma 
Ariel  Adelaide  Candy 
Lizzie Autumn  Summer 
Winter  April  Cherry 

30 Best Pug Puppy Names 


Did you know that pug puppies are so small that they can easily fit in your hand? Here are some best pug puppy names for your adorable pet:

Butters  Carlton  Chester 
Cash  Charles  Ernie 
Kiwi  Cappuccino  Apricot 
August  Lila  Leila 
Love  Chi Chi  Cuddles 
Babette  Oreo  Cute 
Daisy Duke  Petra  Pee Wee
Berty  Babe  Brownie 
Snookie  Bubblegum  Waffles 
Jellybean  Kiki  Zuzu 

30 Best Cute pug names 


The small size of pugs makes them even more cute and adorable. Here are some cute pug names:

Pedro  Declan  Corbin 
Wyatt  Evelyn  Brooke 
Oisin  Alida  Lesley 
Pauly  Whitley  Coral 
Sage  Skye  Rowan 
Buster  Cocoa  Jasmine 
Leo  Princess  Sugar 
Angel  Apple  Bailey 
Bear  Benny  Betty 
Boogie  Buffy  Bunny 

30 Best Funny Pug Names


Pugs are humorous dogs, especially because of their wrinkly face and silly puppy dog eyes. Here are some funny pug names for your dog:

Pugsworth  Pugster  Love Pug 
Spark Pug Elvis Pugsley Sir Pugs-A-Lot
Pugzilla  Mugsy Pugsy  Pepe Le Pug
Puggles  Jester  Hopscotch 
Bruno  Agatha  Beau 
Butterball  Bitsy  Dobby 
Eggroll  Fabio  Pawter 
Huckleberry  Frodo  Bilbo 
Milkshake  Nacho  Nugget 
Pancake  Pup Tart  Pudding 

30 Best Nerdy pug names 


Having an assistant while performing experiments is important. Have your own nerdy pug assistant with these names:

Astro  Bit  Byte 
Ion  Kevin  Watt 
Vector  Atari  Merlin 
Axis  Orion  Decibel 
Decimal  Laser  Goggles 
Ultraviolet  Bing  Pi 
Inertia  Sansa  Justice 
Woolf  Venus  Beta 
Beaker  Yoshi  Tramp 
Draco  Einstein  Newton 

30 Best Pedigree pug names 


Pugs are popular pedigree dogs. So here are some pedigree pug names:

Abby  Akira  Android 
Appy  Atari Astra 
Audi  Bamboo  Baboo 
Benji  Bolt  Booboo 
Baxter  Brunette  Bushy 
Cadbury  Chewy  Caspar 
Chiku  Chilli  Courage 
Coopie  Cosmo  Code 
Dany  Debbie  Diana 
Dino  Disco  Doberman 

30 Best Japanese pug names 


With the interesting history of pugs in Asia, here are some Japanese pug names:

Aki  Haru  Haruki 
Haruto  Takashi  Takahiro 
Taiki  Kaito Riku
Hinata  Sora  Youta 
Atsushi  Daiki  Daisuke 
Hayate  Hiro  Hitoshi 
Kenshin  Kiyoshi  Ryo 
Katsu  Tamotsu  Masaaki 
Masa  Makoto  Masayuki 
Arata  Nao  Noboru 


Pugs are one of the most popular species of dogs. This list of names will help you in choosing the best pug name that fits your dog perfectly. Share this list with your friends and family and help them in naming their new pug puppy.



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