Over 250 + Cartoon Dog Names – Which Is Best for Your New Pup?




Whether you are a first-time dog parent, or a seasoned one, picking a name for your companion is never easy. Now if you’re a cartoon enthusiast, and a sucker for nostalgic cartoon names, this article will guide you through the various steps you can take to name your dog. 

Cartoon Network, Disney, and old MGM cartoons have been a major part of most of our childhoods. With Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, Yogi Bear, and Inspector Gadget, among others, having the influence they do, many people opt for a cartoon-inspired name to give to their companions. These names are cute, sweet, and really funny when done right. So when we looked into cartoon-inspired names for dogs, we decided to give you a comprehensive list. 

First, we included the most iconic and 20 best names of cartoon dogs with their meanings. Thereafter, we covered specific genres of names, to suit the varying choices of our readers. From Scooby-Doo dog names, famous cartoon dog names, and goofy dog names, to Disney cartoon dog names, and even names for small dogs with big attitudes, we have it all.

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How to Choose a Dog Name

Choosing the name you will give to your dog is as important as naming a child. This is because the dog spends their life with you, and identifies with the name you give him. Their entire personality should be taken into consideration before naming them. Here are some tips to keep in mind before naming them:

  • Funny – Pick a name that is as funny as it gets. Use puns, and look up meanings before permanently giving them the name. However, be careful not to use offensive names as some cartoons can be a bit dated.
  • Specie Specific – It isn’t always necessary to name your dog the same as a cartoon dog. The cartoon inspired names are not specie specific, and so names can be toggled around as well. Some of the best names in cartoons belong to cats and bears but suit dogs as well.
  • Maturity – You may assume that cartoon names display immaturity, but rest assured, they do not. These are some of the most famous names in history and are evergreen.

For further tips and tricks to employ before naming your dog, click here.

The Most Memorable Cartoon Dog Names of all time



Here are some cartoon dog names inspired by Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, Looney Toons, and other such cartoons:


  • Astro – From the cartoon, The Jetsons, Astro is the family pet, whizzing away in space.
  • Augie Doggie – Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy are both characters from the namesake show, known to be dachshunds with a penchant for misadventures.
  • Brain Griffin – The alcoholic family dog from the iconic cartoon for adult entertainment, “The Family Guy”. 
  • Clifford – From the Clifford series, Clifford is a tiny puppy who grows into a larger than life dog. He is iconic for being a red dog.
  • Copper –The name of a hound pup from the movie “The Fox and the Hound”. 
  • Deputy Dawg – Based on the Southern Deputy Sherriff dog from the animated show Deputy Dawg.
  • Droopy – From the classic American animated series, Dumb-Hounded. He is a lazy and lethargic dog.
  • Goofy – Micky Mouse and Donald Duck’s best friend, Goofy, appears in the Disney classic cartoons of the 1900s. 
  • Huckleberry Hound – The namesake character on the show “The Huckleberry Hound Show”. Huck is an all-rounder, performing various roles as the series progressed.
  • Mister Peabody – Mr. Peabody from Peabody and Sherman was a storyteller who traveled in time in his invention, the Waybac Machine.
  • Pluto – Another classic Micky Mouse character, who in contrast to Goofy’s human-esque appearance, is Micky Mouse’s pet bloodhound.
  • Odie – Garfield, the lasagne eating cat, lives with his dog companion, Odie as they both embark on adventures. Odie appears to be a comic fool, but also has sophisticated tastes.
  • Santa’s Little Helper – From the iconic Simpsons cartoon, this name is best for a dog who loves attention.
  • Scooby-Doo – Scooby-Doo is the most iconic cartoon dog known for his detective skills and a mystery-solving gang called the Mystery Inc.
  • Snoopy – This is based on a character called Snoopy from the comic and cartoon series “Peanuts”. Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s beagle companion, who is imaginative and ingenious.
  • Underdog – Underdog from the namesake cartoon, is a superhero dog, who doubles as a shoeshine.
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians – This movie literally has 101 name suggestions in it, but the most iconic remains to be the parents, Perdita and Pongo, coveted by the evil Cruella DeVil.
  • Balto – A character in an animated movie based on a true story of a dog that delivered medicine in an Alaskan town during the Diphtheria epidemic. 
  • Beethoven – Based on an animated naughty St. Bernard called Beethoven who can speak.
  • Lady and the Tramp – Another classic Disney animation, Lady is a Cocker Spaniel while Tramp is a mixed breed stray. The two fall in love over spaghetti and meatballs.


30 Best Female Dog Cartoon Names



This list consists of the best female dog cartoon names:

Nana Penny Dot
Stella Annette Collette
Peg Rita Roxanne
Fifi Annabelle Brandy
Ellie Jenna Belle
Winona Princess Penelope Dinah the Dachshund
Doxie Georgette Ariel
Bambi Olive Oyl Jasmine
Mulan Fiona Tinkerbell
Ursula Vixen Duchess


30 Male Cartoon Character Dog Names



Here is a list of name cartoon dog names to name your pet pooch:

Boris Trusty Barney
Roscoe Mel Buddy
Duke Marmaduke Bongo
Dino Leonard Jake
Laddie Francis Sam Sheepdog
Scrappy Doo Hector Kyle
Goliath Pedro Luiz
Ren Einstein Bolt
Charlie Chase Rubble
Wowser Dougal Buttons


30 Tom and Jerry Dog Names



One of the most iconic cartoons of cat and mouse – Tom and Jerry – has inspired this list of the 30 best Tom and Jerry dog names:

Spike Tyke Tom 
Jerry Butch Jeannie
Topsy Lightning Cuckoo
Toodles Nibbles Goldfish
Cherie Toots Eagle
Lion Meathead Jackass
Uncle Pecos Muff Fluff
Mechano McWolf Dripple
Sheriff Potgut Newt Beatie 
Hildie Bot Hamster


30 Goofy Dog Names



When looking for funny and cute names for dogs, check this list out:

Boots Roly-Poly Slinky Dog
Sprinkles Snowy Rags
Rump Snuffles Snowball
Phooey Poochie Roobarb
Custard Doki Dug
Rump Sleepy Mr. Peanutbutter
Iggy Gromit K-9
Charlie-Barkin Dogbert Porkchop
Rocky Tracker Robo-Dog
Sweetie Shiro Sharky


30 Inspector Gadget Dog Names


Here are some dog names inspired by the children’s cartoon series and films – Inspector Gadget:

Quimby Inspector Gadget Dr. Claw
Penny Brain Fidget
Digit Billy LaPoof
MAD Ninja Barker Baxter
Boris Brick Macho Miguel
Mad Yodler Guy Strong Fang
Dr. Thaw Dr. Noodleman Pierre LeChop
Cobra McKibble Miles Millons
Miss Miffet Gadget Boy General Crazy
Rick Boulder Thelma Jules Gadget


30 Cartoon Character Names for Small Dogs with Big Attitudes



Do you have a small dog that has a big personality and dominant traits? Here is a list of cartoon-inspired dog names for those tiny pooches that are as feisty as they come:

Porky Speedy Taz
Dino Scoob Stridor
Teela Perry the Platypus  Bluto
Mojo Jojo Spike Pickles
Donatello Boo Boo Pikachu
Scruffy Stewie Cosmos
Wanda Beavis Bullwinkle
Dennis Gary Grinch
Sumo Waldo Blue
Velma Yogi Alvin


30 Disney Cartoon Dog Names



Disney classics like 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and other such brilliant gems of cinema have long inspired names for dogs. Here is a compiled list to start you off!

Oddball Angel Butch
Cash Cerberus Duckworth
Lafayette Otis Otto
Peg Rose Reggie
Stitch Sultan Tigger
Rose Toby Freckles
Salter Lucky Dipper
Flapper Demon Missy
Heidi Papi Pedro
Yeller Scooper Shadow



Cartoons have never been just for children. However, as youngsters, many of those characters stayed with us. These best cartoon-inspired names pay homage to our favorite cartoon characters and immortalize their names.

Happy naming!


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