Literary Dog Names: 320 + Dog Names from Literary Characters

literary dog names: Whether you are drawn to timeless classics or contemporary literature, books are an excellent source of inspiration when it comes to naming your furry companion. If you are looking for a literary-inspired dog name and find it challenging to pick the perfect name for your pooch, you have come to the right place.

How to choose literary dog names

Before delving into the list of names, here are some of the important steps that you need to follow while naming your furry pal.

  • Opt for the name that suits your dog’s personality traits, breed, behavior and appearance.
  • Consider your favorite book or author name, or your favorite character that stands out and resonates with your pet’s unique characteristics.
  • Historical and mythological names can also serve as excellent sources of inspiration when naming your pooch with literary-inspired names.
  • Avoid names that are abusive or sound like command. Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and also carries meaningful significance.
  • Finally, test the potential name by calling your pet and checking its reaction.

50 Best Literary-Inspired Dog Names 20 with Meaning 30 Without Meaning

Below is the list of popular literary-inspired dog names along with their corresponding meanings.


Names Meanings
Clifford The beloved red big dog
Argos The faithful dog in the Odyssey
Harry From Harry Potter
Fluffy Large three-headed dog in Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone
Cujo From Stephen King’s book
Sherlock Inspired by Sherlock Holmes
Laska Levin’s hunting dog in Anna Karenina
Arya From the Game of Thrones Series
Atticus Inspired by Atticus Finch, a character from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
Mr. Bones Companion dog in Timbuktu
Scout From To Kill a Mockingbird
Penelope From The Odyssey
Ribsy Companion of Henry Huggins
Pip Inspired by main character Pip from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations
Gatsby Taken from Jay Gatsby
Snoopy Beagle from Peanuts
Holden A character in The Catcher in the Rye
Jane The title character in Jane Eyre
Gatsby For the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Santiago A character in The Old Man and the Sea


Looking for the best and famous literary-inspired dog names for your cherished four-legged companion? Here are our top picks.

Hero Orwell Lorca
Dashiell Ravan Dumas
Rumi Frizzle Sylvia
Hermione Rikki Novella
Zora Macbeth Lisbeth
Jem Shiloh Tennyson
Sherman Leopold Horatio
Jip Bram Ulysses
Oscar Marlowe Mercutio
Jules Dalloway Wilder


30 Best Literary-Inspired Dog Names for Male

Presenting the list of the best literary-inspired dog names that might suit your beloved male furry pal.

Bond Griffin Gandalf
Augustus Robinson Hagrid
Binx Winslow Westley
Sawyer Watson Heathcliff
Othello Hulk Hansel
Scrooge Draco Holden
Frankie Jekyll Montmorency
Ron Crusoe Simon
Holden Orson Rowf
Old Dan Frankenstein Santiago

30 Best Literary-Inspired Dog Names for Female

Below is a list of beautiful literary-inspired dog names for your female furry companion.

Charlotte Cruella Eowyn
Ramona Portia Elizabeth
Hermoine Elphaba Blanche
Esmeralda Rosamund Arwen
Ramona Katniss Scarlett
Marianne Clarissa Hermia
Bellatrix Sabriel Bronte
Desdemona Rosalind Catherine
Sansa Christine Nana
Guinevere Cordelia Gwen

30 Best Literary-Inspired Dog Names for Girl

Are you searching for cute literary-inspired dog names for your girl? Here are some of the excellent options that you can consider.

Alice Bella Dorothy
Ginny Lyra Emma
Anne Daisy Prim
Buffy Nancy Juliet
Lizzie Meg Viola
Lily Celie Ariel
Lucy Sula Marmee
Wendy Caddie Clarisse
Tink Tess Megara
Cosette Isolde Pippi

30 Best Literary-Inspired Dog Names for Boy

Below is a compilation of adorable literary-inspired dog names that might suit your boy.

Charlie Tintin Marv
Milo Asher Charlotte
Winnie Cisco Ahab
Finn Augie Lex
Moby Alpha Dorian
Frodo Baggins Tiny Tim
Bear Astro Rhett
Boo Fury Sparks
Albus Bilbo Cyclops
Shandy Aslan Smaug

30 Best Famous Literary-Inspired Dog Names

Here are a few top or famous literary names for your furry companion.

Balzac Dante Fable
Pablo Toto Kiche
Beckett Darcy Harper
Eos Renni Spot
Cullen White Fang Haruki
Maya Ellison Randolph
Pilot Lyric Merlin
Homer Gulliver Lassie
Ribsy Popper Mowgli
Isabel Matilda Scamper

30 Best Historical and Literary-Inspired Dog Names

Here are some of the best historical and literary-inspired dog names, one of which might perfectly fit your beloved furry companion.

Athos Vianne Frazier
Pari Walter Shakespeare
Buck Isabelle Victor
Claire Wayne Twain
Porthos Shelly Toloki
Ellie June Whitman
Eliot Pino Jacob
Wolf Georgia Plath
Hetty Hugo Hilary
Markus Peter Keats


30 Best Mythology and Literary-Inspired Dog Names

Are you searching for mythological and literary-inspired dog names for your cherished furry companion? Here are some great options to ponder.

Nyx Achilles Joker
Ginny Attis Morpheus
Dorothy Yugi Vulcan
Otis Dion Juno
Pluto Bran Ajax
Pax Neptune Aries
Loki Diocles Flora
Eris Mars Callisto
Manga Nox Mystique
Diana Natsu Victoria


30 Best Greek God Dog Names

Are you searching for Greek God names for your pet? Here are some of the beautiful options that you can consider.

Apollo Atlas Nike
Orion Gaia Ophelia
Zephyr Odysseus Athena
Iris Aphrodite Cassia
Zelos Leonidas Artemis
Sparta Ares Olympia
Achilles Theseus Hades
Rhea Phoebe Clio
Zeus Philo Dionysus



A literary-inspired name adds a touch of character and charm to your beloved companion. The list of names provided above includes a range of names encompassing classic authors, renowned characters from famous books, historical figures, elements from mythology and Greek mythology.

We hope that you found the perfect name for your beloved furry pal. If yes, don’t forget to share the name with us.