410 + Best Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meaning

Best Bernese Mountain Dog Names: Although Bernese Mountain Dogs are big, powerful and built for hard work, they are sweet and affectionate by nature. Do you happen to own this breed of dog and are you currently looking for the perfect name for your cherished pal? Well, you are in the right place.

Here, we have compiled a list of names that have been inspired by strong Bernese Mountain dog. Additionally, we have a wide range of mountain-inspired dog names encompassing breeds like Estrela, Swiss, Colorado and Entlebucher Mountain dogs. We also have names inspired by skiing and smoky mountains.

How to Choose Mountain Dog Names

Before moving on to the list of names, we have to understand the naming process. Here are some important steps that you might have to follow.

  • Consider your pet’s personality, appearance, behavior and breed. Select the name that suits your dog’s unique characteristics.
  • You can consider names or words related to mountains, landscapes or elements that are often found in mountainous regions.
  • Select the name that has cultural and symbolic significance. Opt for the name that adds depth and uniqueness to your pet.
  • Finally, test the potential name by calling your pet and observe its reaction.

Now that you know how and what it takes to name your pet, let’s get started with the list.

50 Best Mountain Dog Names With Meaning

Here are some of the best and most popular mountain dog names, along with their meanings.


Names Meanings
Carmel A name of a coastal mountain in the northern region of Israel
Montana A variation of the name mountain
Everest After tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest
Shyla Daughter of the mountain
Dusty One of Montana’s many beautiful mountains, the Dusty Star Mountain
Adrija Mountain-born
Darwin Mount Darwin (California) is known as one of the most prominent peaks in the Evolution region at 13,831 feet
Dru Short form of Drus, the Les Drus mountains of France
Odina Derivative of the German word ‘Ute’, which means ‘mountain’
Irazu It’s mountain of Costa Rica
Hilton Manor of the hill
Elbrus After Mount Elbrus in Russia
Wila After Wila Llojo in Bolivia, a popular walk-up hiking mountain
Geva Hill
Kidd After Mount Kidd is found in Alberta, Canada
Nona After Nona Mountain in Norway
Taya Translates to a round hilltop
Ipala Ipala Mountain in Guatemala, which is a beautiful hiking place
Sheldon Translates to protected hill
Kea Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano in Hawaii
Fuji The highest mountain in Japan and known as Fuji-san,
K2 The second-highest mountain in the world
Birtle Hill of the birds
Namcha Shortened version of Namchabrava, a large mountain in India
Ridge The elevated crest of a mountain
Tarrah Rocky hill
Aurora Inspired by the Northern Lights
Devi Nanda Devi is the highest mountain in India. Meaning “Blessed Goddess”
Berg A name of German origin that means mountain
Cairn Stacks of stones used as trail markers in mountainous areas
Denali Named after Mount Denali
Hochberg A variation of berg that translates to High Mountain
Lhotse It is fourth-highest mountain in the world
Echo Echo Peak is the third highest peak
Elbio One who comes from the mountain
Tor Prominent rock outcrop or peak often found on mountains
Tundra Vast, treeless Arctic or mountainous regions
Yukon Refers to Yukon Territory in Canada
Kipp Pointed hill
Avalan After avalanches that occur in mountainous regions
Ailama Ailama mountain is in Georgia. It offers major mountain expeditions
Weldon Hill near a spring
Solstice Combination of Latin words sol which means “Sun” and sistere meaning “To Stand Still”
Jasper After Jasper National Park in Canada
Rose Mount Rose of California
Winslow Hill of victory
Askja A volcanic mountain
Orizaba Pico de Orizaba mountain, which is a dormant volcano in Mexico
Brawley A name that translates to meadow at the slope of the hill
Pamir A highland region of Central Asia


50 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Are you looking for best Bernese Mountain dog names? Here are some of the popular Bernese Mountain dog names, along with their meanings.


Names Meanings
Amelia Work
Marmaduke The lovable Great Dane cartoon character
Moose A large, bold animal of the deer family
Shamu As in the huge whale at SeaWorld
Zeus The supreme god, he was a protector and ruler of humankind
Bianca White
Balto A dog who risked everything along with many others to get medicine into the frozen Alaskan wilderness
Blizzard great name for a Bernese Mountain Dog, reminiscent of Swiss winters
Titan The largest moon of Saturn
Mufusa A large brave lion from the Lion King movie and tales
Brandy A strong, warming beverage
Apollo In Greek mythology, he was the god of prophesy and music
Miska A cute moniker that is yet another way to say little bear
Frida Peace
Luna The moon surface which is huge and mystical
Jelena A magical name meaning shining light
Holly A holiday-inspired name for a Bernese
Morgana A magical name for a dog
Panda A fitting name for a large fluffy dog like the Bernese Mountain Dog
Julia Youthful
Bellamia A pretty name meaning beauty of mine
Finn Short for Finnegan, it represents the dog’s friendly and adventurous nature
Valais A canton in Switzerland known for its mountainous landscapes, reflecting the breed’s heritage.
Fluff A cute, playful name for your fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog
Birch Named after the resilient and elegant tree
Fay Fairy
Zara Blooming flower
Demi Half
Chase Reflecting the breed’s innate herding instincts and agility
Tasha Birthday of the Lord
Canyon A name that represents the breed’s love for exploring and their affinity for rugged terrains
Archie A playful and endearing name
Paisley A patterned name, for a dog with a beautifully patterned coat
Annushka A longer name, but beautiful it means gracious and merciful
Sophie Wisdom
Chiffon A soft as silk fabric that is highly valued in fashion circles
Dash A name that captures the breed’s quick and agile movements
Noelle French for ‘Christmas’
Morag From the moors is the meaning of this lovely name
Boomer A lively and energetic name
Wolverine A tough and carnivorous mammal from the weasel family
Iris Flower or Greek for ‘rainbow’
Barli A large brave bear
Majesty A regal name
Grace Graceful
Ursa name for a cuddly bear or dog
Sultan A powerful leader in Muslim countries
Cosmo Symbolizing the breed’s adventurous and cosmic nature
Brewski A playful and unique name that combines the breed’s love for mountainous terrain with a fun twist
Beowolf An Old English poem which is highly valued by literary experts


30 Best Female Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Here are some of the beautiful Bernese Mountain dog names, one of which might fit your female furry companion.

Stella Amazon Diva
Kodiak Rogue Matilda
Zoe Athena Elektra
Nyx Xena Millie
Liberty Beanie Anna
Rosie Baroness Huntress
Medusa Mesa Tara
Willow Ruby Kara
Mystique Cinder Jinx
Lily Bridget Roxanne


30 Best Male Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Do you own a male Bernese Mountain dog and are you looking for names that fit your sweetheart? Below is some of the best options that you can consider.


Winston Teddy Glacier
Emmett Stanley Spike
Gus Brutus Miles
Axe Harley Mack
Bernie Diesel Kyle
Vincent Boulder Fang
Randall Payne Macho
Tucker Lucas Warner
Brando Freddie Zander
Murphy Gunther Roca


30 Best Mountain Dog Names for Girl

Are you looking for the best Mountain dog name for your female furry companion? Here are some of the adorable options that you can ponder.

Orestina Valborga Lena
Easter Kamet Jabba
Peri Sheba Cascade
Preti Shasta Alfie
Olympia Bambi Kilimanjaro
Jazzi Amber Aoraki
Tirich Zaltana Marble
Monserrat Hyatt Fabio
Benna Rainier Eira
Amara Abby Chestnut


30 Best Mountain Dog Names for  Boy

Do you own a male furry companion, and are you looking for the best Mountain dog names for your sweetheart? Here are some of the unique and cool options that you can give a try.


Denny Balfrin Oyu
Andes Cedar Benji
Major Teeny Makalu
Maximillian Anzer Ziggy
Juno Phoenix Pippa
Castor Alborz Weston
Siegfried Rocco Jumbo
Pogo Ice Hera
Api Tagh Alcazaba
Ranger Lars Guinness


30 Best Colorado Mountain Dog Names

The geography of Colorado is diverse, encompassing the Rocky Mountains, vast plains and desert lands. Coloradans have high regard for their dogs, just like they love their mountains. If you are searching for Colorado mountain dog names, here are some beautiful options.


Lola Bella Estes
Bill Furry Aho Craig
Spruce Cache Frisco
Blucifer Pike Molly Brown
Cooper Elbert Kit
Boulder Bronco Belford
Daisy Collin Mary Jane
Bronco Elway Madeleine
Bud Gunnison Bailey
Charlie Huron Meadow


30 Best Estrela Mountain Dog Names

The Estrela Mountain Dog is an excellent livestock guardian. It is also known for his affection for children and family. This breed originates from the mountains of the Serra da Estrela, which is now Portugal.

If your doggo is of the same breed or has the same qualities as an Estrela Mountain dog, here are some strong, unique and cool options.


Toby Smudges Star
Cruz Marco Branca
Walter Piper Claudius
Angelo Aline Roxy
Rico Luther Mooka
Cheerio Iria Kallie
Erico Raymond Ava
Deke Shelton Alaska
Barkley Hyatt Duke
Tito Dylla Chiquita


30 Best Entlebucher Mountain Dog Names

The Entlebucher mountain dog, also known as the Entlebucher Sennenhund, is a medium-sized herding dog known for its intelligence, agility and loyalty. If you have this breed of dog or if your dog possesses these qualities and you are searching for Entlebucher mountain dog names, here are some good and strong names that you should consider.


Max Silvan Hans
Lenny Pax Sparky
Kaiser Jetmir Caspari
Zuna Bobby Ulrich
Carter Peder Bruno
Evia Sassy Woof
Eiger Udo Karl
Fonzie Flora Jaggar
Nisser Heidi Kettil
Dara Victor Marti


30 Best Ski Mountain Dog Names

Some dogs are specially trained to work on ski mountains in order to detect danger and protect ski enthusiasts. If you are a “skier” or if your dog loves skiing and you are searching for skiing-inspired dog names, you are at the right place! Here are some of the beautiful and adorable names, one of which might suit your cherished furry companion.


Alpine Beast Piste
Zigzag Chowder Terrain
Ollie Vonn Sofia
Nordic Planker Lindsey
Aspen Luge Gnar
Hermann Mogul Bomber
Slalom Funicular Julia
Berkshire Blue Schuss
Eagle Truls Drifter
Downhill Lucy Bony


30 Best Swiss Dog Names

Switzerland is a stunning, picturesque country known for its breathtaking natural beauty, including the amazing Swiss Alps Mountain range, captivating villages and pristine lakes.

If you love Switzerland or want to name your dog after a particular Swiss dog breed, here are some of the cool options that you can ponder.


Zurich Hans Minka
Alps Nathan Bärli
Otto Nils Stan
Sutter Emma Kafi
Guido Wagner Fondue
Tobler Clara Bernard
Gohl Znüni Erika
Fischer Elvin Gallen
Ivan Hingis Bleume
Nico Eva Floke


30 Best Smoky Mountain Dog Names

If you are looking to name your furry companion after the beautiful Smoky Mountains, here are some great Smoky Mountain-inspired dog names for you to consider.


Smokey Laurel Echo
Rocky Blaze Cove
Otis Teton Dakota
Appalachian Hazel Zeke
Ember Brook Ivy
Mitchell Hiker Misty Blue
Misty Le Conte Koda
Bear Creek Cosby
Sierra Cade Summit
Ridge Fern Maple



We hope that the above list helped you name your cherished furry companion. If you already found the perfect name on the list, don’t forget to let us know.


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