350 + Nerdy Dog Names – Geeky Names For Your Canine

There is nothing to be shy about being a nerd. And to have a furry friend who you have to name to give them an identity accordingly can be a difficult task. But there’s nothing to be scared about while doing the same. We have a list of assorted names according to the different types of nerds out there, ranging from computer nerds and tech junkies to movie lovers and comic-con fans.

350 + Nerdy Dog Names – Geeky Names For Your Canine

50 Male Nerdy Dog Names

Male Nerdy Dog Names
Astro Apache Byte
Atari Ajax Decibel
Merlin Axis Orion
Sirus Bit Goggles
Rose Ratatouille Sables
Zeus Ion Laser
Neo Kelvin Ultraviolet
Vector Watt Watt

Male Nerdy Dog Names with Meaings

Astro It is the name of the dog in The Jetsons.
Atari Atari is the name of an old video gaming console.
Merlin It is the name of a powerful wizard.
Sirus Sirus is the brightest star in the sky during the night.
Apache Apache is the name of web server software.
Ajax Ajax is the name of a programming language.
Bit Bit is a storage unit for computers.
Byte Byte is the smallest unit for storage in computers.
Decibel A decibel is a unit that is used to measure the intensity of sounds.
Orion Orion is a constellation that is situated at the celestial equator and is visible throughout the world.
Goggles This is one of the safety equipment that is used while performing chemistry experiments.
Zeus If interested in Greek mythology, you can name your dog Zeus. Especially if the dog has a booming bark.
Neo The protagonist of Matrix, who was a cybercriminal and a computer programmer.
Laser It is the name of a concentrated beam of light.
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet is the name of electromagnetic radiations which are shorter than a visible ray of light but longer than X-rays.
Ion Ion is an atom that has a total electric charge due to loss or gain of electrons.
Kelvin Kelvin is the SI unit of measuring temperature.
Vector Vector is the term given to an object that works in two dimensions, magnitude and direction.
Watt Watt is the name of the unit of Power.

50 Best Female Nerdy dog names

Female Nerdy dog names
Apple Bing Pi
Venus Cloud Inertia
Beaker Cookie Penny
Beta Hermione Wuffle
Buffy Smiley Sparky
Clara Woolf Belle
Sansa Justice Justice

Female Nerdy dog names With Meanings

Apple Apple is the name of a multinational company that designs and develops electronics and software.
Venus Venus is the name of a planet which is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.
Beaker Beaker is glass equipment that is used during chemistry experiments.
Beta Beta is the name of a computer tech company.
Bing Bing is the name of a popular search engine.
Cloud It is the name of the servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software relating to it.
Cookie Cookie is the name of temporary internet storage units.
Hermione Hermione is the name of the female protagonist from Harry Potter character.
Pi Pi is a mathematical constant that can be defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of a circle.
Inertia Inertia is the property of objects to oppose any change in their state of motion or rest.
Penny Pennywise is a character from IT, which has been shortened to Penny.
Wuffle Wuffle is a term that defines a gentle sniff or snort.
Buffy Buffy is the name of a vampire huntress.
Clara Clara is the name of a Canadian science-fiction movie.
Sansa Sansa is the leading female character from Game of Thrones.
Sparky Sparky is the name of a Junkyard dog from Disney.
Smiley Smiley is the name of an English author.
Woolf Virginia Woolf was one of the greatest female writers in English literature.
Justice Justice is derived from the group of characters that formed the Justice League in DC Comics.
Belle Belle is the female protagonist of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

20 Geeky Dog Names

Geeky Dog Names

Want to name your dog after your favourite geeky addiction? Find out the best suited geeky name from the list mentioned below.

Gizmo Yoshi Eliot
Bones Magic Hemmingway
Finn Sirius Shakespeare
Motie Tiger Marlowe
Joyce Ryu Smurf
Dalton Sonic Spike
Magenta Tramp Tramp

20 Scientist Dog Names

Scientist Dog Names

Are you obsessed with science and want to name your dog after a scientist? Here is a list of names of twenty scientists which you can name your dog after.

Aristotle Einstein Callipus
Pythagoras Galileo Faraday
Archimedes Darwin Edison
Euclid Gates Aratus
Newton Tesla Marie Curie
Geminus Ptolemy Pasteur
Hippocrates Agrippa Pytheas
Draco Cleomedes Heraclides

20 Techie Dog Names 

Techie Dog Names

If your life revolves around technology, you would naturally want to name your dog after your hobby. Following is a list of interesting names that you can name your dog.

Google Megabyte RAM
Gif Node Sputnik
Kernal Chip Cyber
Nano Pixel Typo
Wifi Gadget Gigabyte
Zip Browser Digit
Cisco Emoji Emoji

20 Comics Nerdy Dog Names 

If you have a collection of comics that you have treasured since your childhood, then you can definitely be qualified as a comic nerd. Following is a list of comic characters that you can name your dog after.

Thor Dalek Star-Lord
Thanos Loki Dark Star
Doctor Rocket Dawn
Sherlock Nebula Domino
Crystal Chimaera Eon
Enigmo Ghost Rider Elektra
Magneto Havoc Havoc

20 Nerdy Movie Names & TV Names

Do you spend hours of a day being glued to your TV watching your TV show or movie and plan to do it with your furry friend? Here is a list of some TV show and movie characters that you can use as a reference.

Eleven Storm Clark Kent
Arya Smoak Rin-tin-tin
Hagrid Potter Peter Parker
Daenerys Wishbone Waldo
Goku Sheldon Cooper Xena
Velma Dwight Schrute Dumbledore
Bojack Scully Scully

20 Star Wars Nerdy Dog Names  

Star Wars Nerdy Dog Names

The Warsies are spread all across the globe, sharing their passion. If you are a Star Wars Fan and are looking for a dog name, here is a list that can help you.

Prince Xizor R2 Skywalker
Chewy Kirk Brakiss
Leia Anakin Wookie
Han Solo Vedar Kenobi
Mission Vao Revan Jerec
Captain Rex Cody Lumiya
Jarael Greedo Greedo

20 Programmer Nerdy Dog Names

Computer programmers go through a lot of stress and a pet is exactly what they need after a stressful day. Here is a list of names of dogs for programmers.

Cypher Linux Woz
Data Mac Processor
Intel Dos Glitch
Java Ruby Hashtag
Cooler Memory Alt
Widget Motherboard Server
Crypto Cache Cache


20 Alien Nerdy Dog Names

Alien Nerdy Dog Names

The concept of aliens has often been termed as bizarre by many, but the possibility of aliens has never ceased to exist. You can have your own alien, in the disguise of a dog at your home. Here is a list of names for dogs inspired by aliens.

Spock Nibbler Yoda
Alf Gamora Groot
E.T. Ripley Predator
Worf LeeLoo Gazoo
Chewbacca Doctor Zee Serina
Boxie Cylon Lieutenant Starbuck
Cassiopeia Cygnus Cygnus

20 Lord of The Rings based Nerdy Dog Names

Lord of The Rings based Nerdy Dog Names

Have you read all parts of the Lord of The Rings series along with the movies multiple times and can’t help making references relating to the storyline? Here is another reference you can make by naming your dog after a Lord of The Rings Character.

Legolas Aragorn Strider
Frodo Gandalf the Grey Gimli
Gollum Pippin Boromir
Samwise Meriadoc Faramir
Nazgul Elrond Grima
Bilbo Galadriel Balin
Balrog Denethor Denethor

20 Gaming Console Nerdy Dog Names

If you have spent most of your childhood playing videogames, you must be familiar with all the different kinds of gaming consoles available. Here is a list of gaming consoles that you can name our dog after.

Atari Neo-Geo PS1
Xbox 360 Coleco Wii
Sega Arwen Nintendo
Intellivision Xbox PlayStation
PS2 PS4 Magnavox
PS3 Xbox one Nintendo 64
N Switch Super Nintendo Super Nintendo

20 Chemistry Dog Names

There is a certain solace you find in a chemistry lab in your lab coat. What better to have a pet named after your favourite element or compound?

Atom Boron Enzyme
Mercury Molecule Titanium
Argon Carbon Xenon
Micro Cobalt Zinc
Silver Calorie Formula
Dipole Cation Copper
Polymer Electron Electron

20 Cartoon Dog Names

cartoon dog

All of us have grown up watching cartoons but some of the cartoons leave an impact on us. To show your connection with that cartoon, you can name your dog after it.

Pica Odie Dino
Ash Droopy Krypto
Goofy Pongo Snoopy
Scooby-Doo Bolt Underdog
Dogbert Scrappy Doo Brain
Astro Muttley Pluto
Perdita Tweety Tweety


Everyone has a secret obsession with some nerdy thing. The most we can do about it is accept it and portray it proudly. This list presents names from almost all fandoms in one. It surely would not be an issue for a nerd to find the perfect name for their pet after going through this list. Some of the names are quite hilarious while some are cleverly witty. We hope to have solved your issues with naming your pet with this list.


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