330 + Best Gentle Dog Names for Your Family’s New Best Friend

Do you have a gentle-natured pooch? Are you looking out for a chilled out and tranquil name for your calm and quiet dog? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of meaningful names, including those inspired by ancient mythology, flowers and nature, which mean peaceful and calm.

How to Choose Gentle Dog Names

Before listing out the names, here are some important steps that you need to follow for the naming process. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Consider your pooch’s personality traits, behavior, breed and appearance. Choose the name that suits your dog’s unique characteristics.
  • Opt for a name with meanings that resonates with calmness or gentleness. You can take inspiration from nature or from the name of flower.
  • Ancient mythology can also be a source of inspiration to name your pooch with gentle and meaningful names. Mythological characters or deities that are known for their qualities like peacefulness, gentleness and grace can be considered to name your pet.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet and observe its reaction.

30 Best Gentle Dog Names

Here are some of the best gentle dog names that you can consider for your furry companion.


Bly Clarisa Blythe
Blanche Anisa Douce
Amigo Damara Bumble
Blandon Evander Anugra
Druti Hien Butters
Homie Gurson Eugenia
Ellis Kevan Cheerio
Jennifer Mungo Sadat
Awena Lenis Gorin
Caron Levar Malvina

60 Male Gentle Dog Names (With Meaning)

Do you have a male, gentle-natured pooch, and are you looking out for a unique and cool name? Here are some of the popular and meaningful names that you can consider for your pet.


Names Meanings
Gent Gentleman
Marshmallow Soft
Apollo Radiant
Tuan Vietnamese for gentle man
Nazik Turkish for gentle
Bryer Canadian for gentle
Damario Greek for gentle
Yuuto Japanese for Gentle
Clem One who is gentle
Bonner Polish for gentle
Yasashiku Meaning “Polite” in Japanese
Easy Another meaning for soft
Alexander Gently moving
Atlas Strength
BoltS Speed
Curio Shakespearean gentleness
Jasper Precious
Mehko Slovenian for softly
Jack Versatile
Leo Lionhearted
Stillman Quiet man
Brutus Courageous
Adiv Hebrew for delicate
Odin Wise
Milan Duke from Milan
Arrow Precision
Magnum Powerful
Christian Forgiving
Lincoln Resolute
Maverick Independent
Zen Tranquil
Brando Galician for soft
Bute Albanian for soft
Louis Renowed
Ahe Soft blowing breeze
Milo Charming
Cushie Cushioned
Marley Spirited
Zane Versatile
Gareth English for gentle
Murphy Spirited
Rocco Robust
Remington Distinguished
Winston Resolute
Kevin Irish for handsome or gentle
Romeo Romantic
Lateef Egyptian name meaning “Gentle”
Oreo Sweet
Kevyn Celtic name meaning “Gentle”
Clarence Shining and gentle
Melvin Gentle lord
Prince Regal
Hamal Arabic name meaning “Gentle like lamb”
Phoenix Rebirth
Laban Biblical name meaning “white or gentle”
Zeus Mighty
Kliment Russian name meaning “kind or gentle”
Oscar Noble
Yuuki Gentle hope
Oliver Friendly

60 Female Gentle Dog Names (without Meaning)

Here are some beautiful female gentle dog names. One of these might be a perfect fit for your sweetheart.

Meegan Jolly Clemance Helen Yuko Lenita
Sahara Daffy Johonna Nariko Kapila Emmie
Ji-Min Bertha Chelsea Anula Anemone Melosa
Sheba Jionni Hopa Aria Layan Wan
Selina Mama Alezae Aura Malinda Moani
Ivy Yein Anana Olive Mia Adiva
Grida Hazel Tessa Inessa Jing Mabel
Fiona Isaura Clarissa Luna Lucy Zephyr
Winnie Cleo Stella Haleema Sophie Ava
Daiki Ruby Mildred Grace Mayu Miranda

60 Best Gentle Giant Dog Names for Big Dogs (With Meaning) 

Do you have a giant dog with a calm temperament? Here are some of the adorable names for your gaint and gentle dog!


Names Meanings
Titan Gigantic
Hugo Intelligent
Thor Thunder
Da-Xia Chinese for big hero
Rufus Reddish
Big Ben A large clock tower in London
Max Maximum
Boomer Another name for large ship
Moose Majestic
BLue Ox A reference to Paul Bunyan’s Babe the Blue Ox
Clifford Loyal
Whopper A large hamburger
Bruno Strong
Sequoia Largest trees on the planet
Hank Honest
Jupiter Largest planet in solar system
Biggie Large
Reis Israeli for giant
Blue Calm
Neptune God of the vast sea
Caesar Emperor
Baleen Large and gentle whale
Duke Noble
Juno Goddess and wife of Jupiter
Goliath Mighty
Alaska The largest state in the US
Hercules Powerful
Oni Japanese for gaint
Jumbo Massive
Sable A reference to the giant sable antelope
Kong King
Fantasia A Disney movie set to Classic music
Samson Strong
Koa A large Hawaiian tree
Tank Sturdy
Mig A Russian jumbo jet
Baloo A giant sloth bear from the Jungle Book
Eureka Big or significant discovery
Beowolf A legendary hero
Diana The most famous Amazon
Hagrid One of Harry Potter’s giant friends
Denali The largest mountain in North America
Arctic Large frozen land
Snuffy The largest and gentlest of Muppets
Pacifica A reference to the peaceful Pacific Ocean
Humphrey Giant peace
Amazon Large female protectors
Albion A Titan of Greek mythology
Vishal Sanskrit for giant
Marmaduke A great big Great Dane
Skadi A Norse warrior
Harley Large motorcycle manufacturer
Gerd Frost gaint
Polaris The big and bright North Star
Bestla A frost gaint
Anzo Germanic for giant
Kahuna Hawaiian for large
Dane Noble
Helga A giantess name
Chumlee Pawn Stars big teddy bear

30 Gentle Dog Names Girl

Do you have a female puppy and are you searching for the perfect gentle dog name for your girl? Here are some of the beautiful names that you can consider.

Adina Deeba Tiki
Layan Iness Poppy
Arudra Eidel Serenity
Maru Peanut Mandala
Buttercup Frederica Selina
Aura Melosa Jenessa
Sugar Guthrie Ninad
Clarissa Honey Penny
Mocha Helen Naomi
Damra Snowflake Melva

30 Gentle Dog Names Boy

Do you have a male puppy and are you searching for the perfect gentle dog name for your boy? Here are some of the sweet names that you can consider.


Lulu Tirion Kade
Abab Lana Simba
Gizmo Remy Pippin
Bonner Lama Teddy
Orion Ziggy Albie
Clémence Jake Cash
Gizmo Otis Waffles
Gary Lucky Dash
Finn Muffin Wally
Jing Sammy Enzo

30 Quiet Gentle Dog Names

Below is the list of the best “quiet” gentle dog names that you can ponder.

Baris Amaan Bliss
Monk Kush Aeron
Cozy Darsa Joy
Rishi Alpine Ski
Bunny Dillan Paloma
Shade Lolly Snowball
Allana Elan Zuma
Blossom Halo Flurry
Amity Fen Kava
Bud Valerian Frosty

30 Old Gentle Dog Names

Are you looking for gentle name for your old dog? Here are some of the best old gentle dog names!

Ethel Captain Buddy
Hobo Fred Pax
Gus Sunshine Cuddles
Agnes Nanna Athena
Baxter Agnus Beatrice
Irving Walter Elmer
Arther Stanley Claude
Florence Thelma Albert
Percy Augusta Velma
Wallace Norman Maude


We hope the above list of names helped you in naming your beloved furry companion. If you have found the name already, don’t forget to share it with us. Happy Naming!


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