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 Welcome to “ALL ABOUT PETS“, the one source for all canine related queries and information. We are dedicated to provides the best knowledge on canine breeds, pet care products and reviews that are very only useful for first-time pet owners. We hope the knowledge we share will guide a pet parent to zero on the right pet products and lifestyle choices that will not only improve the lives of their beloved pets but will also enhance the joy of bringing a pet home.
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Meet My Team

Yeshwanthi Kamalraj (Pet sitter)

Yeshwanthi Kamalraj is a freelance copy editor, Pet sitter, and content writer who mainly focuses on scientific journals and health-related web pages. Before becoming a freelance content writer Yeshwanthi worked for Cenveo publishers as document analyst for various science journals published by Taylor and Francis Journals and later continued as a freelance copyeditor for the same publishers.

Post marriage in 2009 Yeshwanthi developed a keen interest in pets after her husband and she brought a labrador puppy home. This interest helped her to explore a new niche of the pet sitting world whose journey is still on. Yeshwanthi is a dog lover who in her free time enjoys listening to music, cooking, and meeting new people.

Nagarathna is a freelancer and a content writer. She worked as a content writer in an online media and as a proofreader in a publishing company. She is a total entertainment freak, and is always on the lookout for the latest trends and happenings in the world of entertainment. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, music or art, she immerses herself in the realm of creativity and delights in sharing her thoughts through her writing. She loves reading novels and passion for literature fuels her desire to spread the joy of reading and help others discover hidden literary gems.

Beyond her literary pursuits, Nagarathna adores dogs. Their unconditional love and loyalty inspire her, and she often shares helpful tips on caring for these furry companions.

She also thrives on exploring new avenues of expression, delving into the world of blogging and vlogging, covering spiritual, gardening, relationship and other lifestyle topics.

Harshita Chaarag is a dog lover, and her heart goes out to strays. When at home, you can find her playing with the stray puppies near her residence which are 16 in number. Never permitted to adopt one, but for Harshita, dog therapy is the truest of all concepts.
Harshita’s other interest include book hoarding, organizing cupboards and table tops.

She works on freelance writing projects and research papers.
Her freelance work has taken her into details of fashion, lifestyle and blogging on a plethora of issues like mental health, safety for women, etc.


Arundhati Bhatia – She absolutely ADORES dogs! She truly believes that a dog is a man’s best friend. As a child though she never had the amazing experience of owning one as a pet. Mainly because her brother was utterly petrified of dogs. But still she never let up a chance of spending any time she got around dogs. One of her goals in life is to get a pup and raise it with all the love she has for its kind in my heart. Although she still hasn’t been able to nail down the breed of her Dream Dog she is leaning towards a cute little dashin these days.

She got into the line of freelance content writing nearly 2 years ago. She has written various articles about women wellness and health issues.She loves to read a good novel. In her free time she loves to listen to music and watch the latest Netflix series.

Ahat Sharma –She loves animals and enjoys reading and learning about their behaviour and reaction to various situations. From birth itself, she was made used to having a furry companion to keep her company, and learned compassion and adoration for all animals, be it pets or strays! Her passionate breed descriptions and incentivization techniques are sure to prove to be of some assistance to dog lovers everywhere!

Ahat is most likely found with all her belongings in a heap by her feet, folding and placing objects in their rightful place. She is a niche writer and dabbles in creative, health and wellness, do it yourself projects, as well as descriptive writing projects to keep herself busy. In her down time, she can be spotted sitting in her balcony, penning down poems and haikus to keep herself sane and happy.