200+ Popular Music Inspired Dog Names

Dogs are human’s best pals, and everyone would love to name their furry friends with something they adore. Many choose to tag their dogs with their favorite personalities from cinema, fiction, science, and so on. Musicians are creative folks who display their uniqueness in their stage names or nicknames. These names are great options for naming furry pals. This article shouts out to all music lovers who are searching music-inspired labels for their fidos.


How to choose music dog names?

The pointers mentioned below will aid one in choosing the right musical names for their dogs. Read on.

  • Choose names with lesser syllables, as the pups comprehend them easily.
  • Abstain from selecting mainstream music names; this will confuse the puppy during the training period.
  • Select musical labels that begin with letters like D, T, or K that have unmistakable sounds for enhanced pet grasping.
  • Refrain from choosing tags that sound similar to the training commands like sit, stay, stop, down, no, and so on; this will hinder the dog training process.
  • The pets breed legacy aid in name selection.
  • Observe the personality and character of the pet pal while choosing the name.
  • Refrain from changing the labels of adopted adult dogs. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a tag that is like the previous. 
  • Complete the naming process within 15 days for the addition of the dog into the family.

Popular female musical dog names


The names enlisted below are great music-inspired names for female pups.

Angel Bertha Charlotte
Domino Gina Lucy
Medusa Ozzy Panama
Reba Strutter Tarot
Zappa Eleanor Fiona
Harmony Iggy Joplin
Kiki Norah Quinsy
Yoko Adele Beyonce
Cindy Gretl Jude
Layla Nellie Tori

Music male dog names


The section below provides suggestions for male music dog names.

Aarlo Bonjo Clapton
Denver Elvis Floyd
Garcia Hendrix Ikke
Jimi Keany Louie
Mozart Nirvana Perry
Rhett Sinatra T-Bone
Wayne Icarus Ziggy
Martin Angus Beethoven
Fonsi Jethro Leroy
Roland Swift Zorro

Dog names inspired by singing stars


Every individual will have a favorite singer whose songs they listen to beat their stress. This section enlists names of such stars that are good selections for naming pet pals.

Rihana Bruno Britney
Prine Mariah Frank
Jennifer Sheeran Shakira
Usher Celine Justin
Etta Shawn Demie
Chuck Joni Enrique
Nina Otis Alicia
Sting Katy Phil
Billie Drake Linda
Jackson Norah Zayn

Dog tags inspired by musical instruments


Musical instruments are great name options for naming the furry pals. This section enlists these names.

Banjo Cello Dime
Erhu Flute Gong
Yotar Harp Kalinga
Lyre Marimba Pungi
Santoor Timpani Ukulele
Viola Whamola Xylo
Xiao Ektara Conga
Ipu Kazoo Naqara
Picolo Rattle Saxo
Yehu Whistle Zither

Dog names inspired by music composers


Music creators are also great naming options for the fidos. Check the names listed in the section beneath.

Amadeus Ludwig Johanan
Frideric Claude Brahms
Vivaldi Gustav Wagner
Maurice Igor Felix
Sergei Grieg Rossini
Philip Aaron Ralph
Jean Ives Craig
Nikolai Paganini Elgar
Copland Puccini Liszt
Haydn Debussy Rimsky


Opera dog names


This section enlists the famous opera tags that span over four centuries and are apt labels for the four-legged.

Sersae Idomeno Orfeo
Euridice Norma Don Carlo
Falstaff Pagliacci Tosca
Carmen Manon Tristan
Jenůfa Eugene Priam
Macabre Boris Isolde
Turandot Boheme Lucia
Rigoletto Lammermoor Zauber
Figaro Guilio Aeneas
Witwe Lustige Barbiere

Heavy metal and hard rock Dog names inspired by songs


Adherent hard rock and heavy metal song listeners would love to name their pup with their favorite numbers. The list below brings more ideas. Check on to choose your fido’s name.

Name Song  Artist
Ace Ace of Spades Motörhead
Beth Beth Kiss
Crowley Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne
Domino Domino Kiss
Feelgood Feelgood Mötley Crüe
Glitter Glitter Mötley Crüe
Hangar Hangar 18 Megadeth
Medusa Medusa Anthrax
Icarus Icarus Iron Maiden
Rocka Rocka Rolla Juda priest
Judas Judas be my Guide Iron Maiden
Shandi Shandi Kiss
Lucifer N.I.B Black Sabbath
Teaser Teaser Mötley Crüe
Ripper The Ripper Juda Priest
Amber Sweet Amber Metallica
Trooper The Trooper Iron Maiden
Rainbow Rainbow Eyes Rainbow
Wrathchild Wrathchild Iron Maiden
Rosie Whole Lotta Rosie AC/DC

Classic rock inspired dog names


This music type is famous world-wide. The section below has listed some of the classics that are well known and are great ideas for dog names.

Name Song  Artist
Amanda Amanda Boston
Blue Blue Powers Eric Clapton
Casey Casey Jones The Grateful Dead
Dreamer Little Dreamer Van Halen
Evermore The Battle of Evermore Led Zeppelin
Gypsy Gypsy The Moody Blues
Jude Hey Jude The Beatles
Lady Lady Styx
King Sun King The Beatles
Michelle Michelle The Beatles
Outlaw Outlaw Man The Eagles
Pandora The Pandora’s Box Aerosmith
Seamus Seamus Pink Floyd
Rebel Rebel Rebel David Bowie
Tom Tom Sawyer Rush
Sara Sara Fleetwood Mac
Whisky Alabama song The Doors
Tangerine Tangerine Led Zepellin
Baba Baba O’ Riley The Who
Honey A Taste of Honey The Beatles

Punk rock dog names


The Punk Rock introduced spiked hair, nontraditional lyrics, and safety pins along with immense attitude. The list below has names for dogs with a punk rock attitude.

Name Song  Artist
Butterbean Butterbean B-52s
Christie Christie Road Green Day
Scorpio Scorpio Rising Adam Ant
Havana Havana Affair The Ramones
Rambozo Rambozo the Clown The Dead Kennedys
Josie Janie Josie Blink-182
Loco Loco Mosquito Iggy Pop
Kim Kimberley Party Smith
Denis Denis Blondie
Rose New Rose The Damned
Sunday Sunday Girl  Blondie
Jeff Susie and Jeffrey Blondie
Cretin Cretin Hop The Ramones
Venus Venus in Furs The Velvet Under ground
Moon The Moon Rocks The Talking Head
Chump Chump The Green Day
Blister Blister in the Sun The Violent Femmes
Lorraine Quiche Lorraine B-52s
Janie Janie Jones The Clash

Southern rock dog tags


South rock is a rock genre that is famous for its rock and roll music and electric guitars. The section below enlists the names of famous Southern Rock stars that are good options for dog names.

Name Song  Artist
Angeline Angeline The Allman Brothers
Willie Willie Jones Charlie Daniels Band
Belle Gypsy Belle 38 Special
Sailor Sailor Molly Hatchet
Dixie Dixie Molly Hatchet
Gypsy Roll Gypsy Roll Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bayou Black Bayou Charlie Daniels Band
Eagle Fly Eagle fly The Marshall Tucker Band
Jackie Jackie Blue The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Ko Ko Ko Ko blue ZZ Top
Gator Gator Country Molly Hatchet
Junkyard Junkyard The Zac Brown Band
Melissa Melissa The Allman Brothers
Ophelia Ophelia The Band
Curtis Curtis Loew Lynyrd Skynyrd
Diablo El Diablo ZZ Top
Soulshine Soulshine The Allman Brothers
Tush Tush ZZ Top
Sally Black Alley Sally 38 Special
Jitterberg Jitterberg Charlie Daniel Band
Tuesday Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mango Mango  The Zac Brown Band

Folk rock Fido names


Folk rock is a hybrid genre of folk and rock and is a great way to name the low-key sweet pooches.

Name Song  Artist
Aspen Aspenglow John Denver
Bojangles Mr. Bojangles Bob Dylan
Coyote Coyote Joni Mitchell
Durango Romance in Durango Bod Dylan
Jericho Jericho Joni Mitchell
Leroy Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce
Midas King Midas In Reverse Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Pretender The Pretender Jackson Browne
Rocky Rocky Mountain High John Denver
Stewball Stewball Peter, Paul & Mary
Woodstock Woodstock Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Calypso Calypso John Denver
Gemini Gemini Childe The Mamas and the Papas
Judy Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Kathy Kathy’s Song Simon and Garfunkel
Lavender Lavender Windows Jackson Browne
Maggie Maggie’s Farm Bob Dylan
Suzanne Suzanne Leonard Cohen
Windsong Windsong John Denver
Sanibel Sanibel Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


Final Thoughts

The 200 plus names listed above are great naming options for your pooch inspired by different music forms. Zero one from the above or choose your creativity and christen a new one. Comment below for your new creations. Happy Parenting!!!!


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