300 + Best Black Labrador Dog Names with Meanings

Black Labrador naming ideas: The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the Western world. The ancestors of this breed are the imported Canadian fishing dogs. The Labs are 21 to 22.5 inches in height and 25 to 36 kgs in weight.


The Labs have a short, dense, and weather-resistant double coat. The breed is available in variant color combinations that include black, chocolate, or yellow variations that range from pale yellow to fox red. The even-tempered, intelligent, kind, agile, outgoing, trusting, and gentle traits of this pal make it an ideal family dog.

This article will provide insights into a list of unique and popular trending names that one can choose for their black Lab pals.

Tips for choosing black Lab labels

The pointers and tips mentioned beneath will widely help in naming any dog breed. 

  • Choose black lab names that begin with vowels or syllables like D, T, or K that have an unmistakable sound.
  • Refrain from tags with many syllables. Small names help in better and faster pet comprehension. 
  • Test the name for the black Lab’s comprehension.
  • Abstain from the mainframe names till one chooses the unique name for their black Lab.
  • Refrain from changing grown-up dog’s names. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a tag that is like the older one.
  • Do not choose names that rhyme with the training commands. The chances of hindering the training are high.
  • The Lab’s breed legacy can also aid in naming the pet pal.
  • The personality, affectionate, and appearance classifications of the Lab fido also help in naming them. Hence, experts recommend observing these traits before labeling the dog. 
  • Choose the name for the Lab pup within 14 to 15 days after its arrival.

Popular black Lab names


The section enlists 50 unique Black lab names that are the favorites around the globe.

Name Meaning
Ash From the ash tree or happy in Hebrew
Blake Black
Colley Dark haired
Dougal Dark stranger
Ember Hope or spark
Gerhana Eclipse
Kolby Dark haired
Li Black
Hadrian Dark haired
Merel Blackbird
Nisha Night
Kaiser Haired head
Senaka Shadow
Preto Black
Ombre Shadow
Vivi Olive
Yin In the shade
Tamsa Darkness
Uliana Soft haired
Ziba Gorgeous

Other trending black Lab pooch tags

Ashton Blackberry Carbon
Ebony Galaxy Inky
Jet Licorice Morticia
Nocturne Onyx Pepper
Raven Slate Twilight
Voodoo Atrix Venom
Dracula Cocoa Bertie
Jeeves Snickers Mocha
Hendrix Ninja Chalky
Winston Sootie Bean

Male black Lab labels inspired by human names


The section underneath lists masculine and hardy names for boy Black labs that are worth a ponder.

Axel Bruno Chai
Denzel Evan Freddie
Gary Izaac Hugh
Josh Kai Louie
Mark Ned Ollie
Paul Robbie Sean
Troy Wes Zac
King Titan Otis
Viper Star Moss
Quartz Poker Jon

Female black Lab labels inspired by human names


The feminine, pretty, and elegant human names are great options for lady black Labs.

Anne Beth Ciara
Dita Eniko Faye
Gemma Hattie Indie
Judith Kim Laura
Mila Nina Ola
Penny Renee Selena
Tessa Vanessa Ursula
Violete Wendy Zoe
Maura Darcie Adriana
Bruna Rajani Nox

Adorable black Lab tags


Name ideas for black Labs need not be dark and hatched. The section below enlists cute name options that suit black Labs.

Asterix Boo Cookie
Rascal Ember Fern
Gummy Happy Indigo
Jumbo Loopy Maze
Nivea Ozzy Pint
Rusty Dakota Tropic
Valentine Treacle Malteser
Lemon Gin Cupid
Button Nimbus Twiggy
Perdy Heart Loopy

Black Lab names inspired by food


Mouthwatering food names are a brilliant choice for naming one’s Labs as this breed is a food maniac.

Anise Berry  Cupcake
Espresso Doughnut Fig
Garlic Hummus Juniper
Kiwi Linguini Marmite
Omelette Prune Taco
Rice Sushi Yoghurt
Pizza Currant Beets
Cornflakes Tofu Coconut
Sugar Dumpling Mozarella
Meringe Gnocchi Peppermint

Tough black Lab names


Though labs are friendly, their buildup sometimes scares people. Hence many folks opt to keep tough names for them. The section below lists some tough names that are brilliant prospects for naming Labs.

Bellatrix Hyde Talon
Manson Chopper Fang
Duke Gunner Viking
Hela Neo Remus
Snape Queen Othello
Terminator Bernie Drogo
Paladin Sirius Vandal
Spidy Grimm Jaws
Captain Tank Hunter
Skywalker Witch Zorro


Funny black Lab names


Uncommon funny names are trending today because they are unique and are easy to remember too.

50 Scent Angela Basset Hound Bark Obama
Chew Barka Droolius Casear Fudgie
Goth Hairy Paw-ter Jurassic Bark
Kylo Ren Post Mabone Zero Bark 
Post Mabone Zero Bark Thirty Black Hole
Bark Ruffalo Colin Howl Dr Pepper
Guinness Kim Kardachshund L.L. Drool
Loki Coca-cola Black Tie
Clint Eastwoof Billie Eileash Black Ops
Eisen Howler Cloudy Pepsi

Hunting names for black Labs


Lab pals are skilled hunters. Choosing a hunting inspired name for them is also a great idea.

Arrow Bullet Chase
Decoy Goose Ladybird
Maverick Pistol Ranger
Scout Marsh Shooter
Aspen  Gunnar Birdie


Water-themed black Lab tags


Labs are obsessed with water. Choosing a water-themed name for a lab is another excellent choice.

Wave Triton Spring
Reef Marina Laguna
Dune Buoy Anchor
Cruise Delta Brook
Island Neptune Aqua


Black Lab names inspired by the color in other foreign languages


We can also use black color in other languages for naming our black Labs.

Nero Zwart Negro
Beltza Neru Musta
Noir Swart Preto
Kapa Du Iswed
Melns Juodas Schwarz


Final thoughts

Name selection is a critical process in a furry pal’s life, as this is the name we will associate it with throughout its life. Hence, choose a tag that all the members of your family and you like. This article has listed many unique, funny, and trending names. Choose one from these or use your creativity to invent one. Happy parenting and best of luck!!!