250 + Alcohol Based Dog Names – Unusual Names For Dogs After Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol Dog Names – Beer, Wine, Cocktails and More Naming a man’s best friend is a tedious process. Every family member will have a name suggestion for their furry pal. But ultimately, one would like to give their pup a unique and trending name out of the box.

Many pet parents choose to name their furry pals with traditional names, but some will want their pet names based on their passion like, music, singers, cities, food, drinks, etc.

This article will provide dog names inspired by alcohol. For all mocktails, hot drinks, beer, or cocktails lovers looking to give your dog alcohol names. The section below is worth a ponder.

Choosing the perfect alcohol dog names

Naming a dog involves certain dos and don’ts. The section below points out these. Keeping this in mind will ease the name hunting process.

  • Choose names with minimal syllables. Tags with more syllables hinder the pet’s comprehension.
  • Refrain from choosing the mainstream names as this will confuse the pup in a public place like parks or at the Vets bay.
  • Keep away from names that rhyme with the training commands like sit, no, come, and others that apply brakes to the obedience training.
  • A pet’s breed legacy will help one to choose the right name for them.
  • Observing the personality and appearance will also aid in arriving at the apt name for the pet.
  • Look for names that light up the family’s mood.
  • Abstain from changing adult dog’s names. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a tag like the previous one.
  • Choose names that start with unmistakable syllable sounds like D, T, or K. That is easier for the pet to comprehend.
  • Complete the naming process within 14 days of the pet’s arrival into its new home.

Dog names inspired by the alcohol types


The section lists the different liquor types brewed around the globe that are good options for naming the furry pals.

Absinthe Brandy Cognac
Kahlua Mezcal Rum
Schnapps Tequila Vodka
Whiskey Vermouth Beer
Wine Chicha Sato
Kvas Pito Merisa
Tepache Kasiri Nihamanchi
Parakari sakurá Basi
Mead Horllika Champange
Vinsanto Tonto Sonti


Liquor brand dog labels


Another great naming suggestion is to use liquor brand names.

Arak Bacardi Captain Morgan
Evan Williams Fireball Hennessy
Monk Jameson Johnnie Walker
Krakov Patron Ricard
Smirnoff Jinro Kingfisher
Martini Baileys Jack Daniel
Absolut Chivas Regal Martell
Ricard Ciroc Rémy Martin
Patrón Jose Cuervo Crown Royal
Finlandia Stoli Grants


Cocktails dog tags


Cocktails are alcoholic mixed drinks of two different spirits or one spirit with any juice combination. These are great options for naming our pet pals. Check the list below for name suggestions.

Mojito Bloody Mary Daiquiri
Margarita Cosmopolitan Moscow Mule
Tom Collins Screwdriver Hurricane
Sangria Amaretto Gimlet
Cosmo Julep Mai Tai
Mimosa Paloma Negroni
Rob Roy Sazerec Rumrunner
Kamikez Boulevardier Shaker
Mud Slide Pina Colada Side Car
Tonic Lemon Drop  Pink Lady


Beer inspired dog names


The section lists the popular beer brands around the globe that suit for naming dogs of both sexes.

Ale Barley Corona
Dunkel Foster Grolsch
Heiny Keg Lager
Modelo Newcastle Paulaner
Rye Stella Taper
Yuengling Bock Cider
Amber Dubbel Guinness
Heineken Killian Tuborg
Modelo Pabst Sol
Brew Pint Growler


Wine dog tags


Wines are also classy and unique dog naming options. Check out the list for your favorite wine brands or choose one that you think will suit your pooch.

Asti Blanc Cava
Dom Eiswein Merlot
Noir Riesling Syrah
Tanin Vino Winey
Zinfandel Bubbly Chablis
Grigio Hess Moscato
Prosecco Rosey Sherry
Sette Arros Sula
Myra Krsma Chianti
Burgandy Gris Pino


Brandy inspired dog names


Brandy, a distilled wine, or fermented fruit mash are great contenders for naming our furry pals.

Mc Dowells Antique Asbach
Louis Torres Delamain
Bertoux Germain Courvoisier
Old Admiral Bardinet Agnes
Paul Masson Tanuda Chatelle
Chateau Chatelle Laird
Morpheus Napoleon Clovis
Manison Constantino HoneyBee
Tuaca Blackberry Corbel
Presidente Capel Alize


Vodka inspired dog tags


Vodka is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage with varied origins in Poland, Russia, and Sweden. This section enlists vodka names that are great to name your dog too.

Belvedere Grey Goose Hangar
Chopin Ketel Haku
Prairie Khortytsa Żubrówka
Svedka Nemiroff Pyat Ozer
Soplica Morosha Belenkaya
Burnett Krupnik Skyy


German alcohol beverages inspired furry pal names


The german beverages are also good naming options for the fidos.

Rauchbier Aromatiq Riga
Kölsch  Weissbier  Helles
 Jäger Doppelboc Pilsner
Zuger Grappa Märzen
Harzer Pawlet Pale Ale
Hirtenkäse Saison Altbier


Alcohol inspired names


The names enlisted in this section are some name ideas inspired by drinking itself.

Alchy Binge Mugger
Drunkie Blotto Flute
Plaster Saloon Goggles
Booze Hammer Shotgun
Chaser Jigger Tipsy
Cheers Lush Toast
Chug Merry Toasty
Blackout Mug Virgin
Stagger Chugger Barbie
Tavern Hangover Shooter


Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for the loving four-legged is important as that will be its tag for a lifetime. Hence one needs to take utmost care of it. The alcohol-inspired names listed above will reduce the burden of name searching if one is looking for an alcohol-based tag. Select a label from the above list or use one’s creativity to invent more new names. Let us know what new alcohol-based tags you chose or created. Happy parenting.

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