7 Best Dry Dog Food Storage Containers

Bringing home, a dog not only brings joy into a home but also increases the responsibilities of the pet family. A pet pal requires to be fed, bathed, walked and pampered all throughout its existence. Hence one needs to invest in pet accessories for its various chores. A puppy needs to be fed four to five times a day, on the other hand, an adult dog can be fed 2-3 times a day depending on its health condition. If the food is freshly prepared then there is no need to store it but for dogs that binge on the commercially available dog foods, storage plays a pivotal role. Purchasing dog food in bulk not only reduces the visits for food purchases but is also saves a lot of money.

This article will provide insights into pet storage containers for storing bulk dry pet foods. The section beneath will not only give a clear explanation of the types of food storage containers and their selection criteria but will also review the top-rated food containers available in the market. 

Why Should a Pet parent use a Dry Food Storage Container?

Experts recommend using food storage containers due to the following benefits that it provides

1. Food freshness

Many times, there is a high risk of food spoilage and nutritional value loss due to improper food storage; In such cases, the pooch is seen to be less interested in his or her food due to flavor as well as texture deformations. The use of a storage container to retain the freshness of the pets is a great way to eliminate decayed kibbles.

2. Bacteria and pest control

The main culprits for stench food are bacteria and pests. With a durable storage container, one will never have to worry about pests chewing through or getting in through small openings of the food bags. Bacteria and mold will also be controlled by the usage of a storage airtight container that retains the pet dry food moisture.

3. Easy to store and use

Based on personal needs and budget the food storage containers are available in varied designs and sizes. Some come with wheels for easy transportation, others are stackable or have many compartments for multi-pet homes. Many containers have easy to open lids and some even come with a scoop for accurate measuring of meals.

4. Maintains the pooch’s health

One will be protecting the pet from harmful bacteria and diseases transmitted by insects and rodents by storing the dry food in airtight containers. The nutrients in the fido’s food are also locked, keeping them healthy and happy!

What Material Type is Best Suited for Dog Food Storage Containers?

The food storage boxes available in the market today are mainly made up of three materials like plastic, stainless steel, and wood. The section beneath will provide insights on each of these. Based on personal specifications and budget a pet parent can zero on any material storage box for use.

Plastic storage container

One of the most affordable materials for dry food storage are plastic containers, but one needs to be sure that the storage boxes they are investing in are BPA free. The only con that is noticed in this container type is that one may need to wash a new bin several times in order to get rid of the plastic smell.

Many plastic storage boxes are translucent or transparent, hence it’s easy to keep an account of how much food is left out.

Experts recommend looking for thick, durable plastic that is not only prone to cracking but is also not susceptible to being chewed.

Stainless steel food storage container

Stainless steel products are durable and long-lasting, but they are seen to be more expensive than plastic alternatives. These dog food containers are inert, hence the chances of reacting with the dog’s food are very minimal. The maintenance of these steel containers is easy, so the chances of food stalling are almost nil.

People who have a bigger budget tend to appreciate the sleek look of stainless steel and folks that want to avoid the smell of plastic invest in these boxes.

Wood food storage containers

Wood is the preferred age-old food storage material for storage containers by some manufacturers. Many pet parents not only love the look of the natural wood containers but also feel they are highly durable.

Though these containers are age-old they also have some drawbacks that need to be keenly watched. For example, wood if not properly finished with a good water-proof sealer is not recommended to store dry dog food, as the pores in the wood are seen to allow molds or bacteria to persist. Additionally, the wooden containers are rarely insect-proof, hence the chances of bugs manifestations on the stored dog food are high.

The wooden storage containers are rarely airtight hence they do not lock the pet food aroma reducing its freshness.

What are the pointers or factors that one needs to check while selecting a pet food storage box? 

The following factors need to be pondered while zeroing on the right storage container.

1. Container size

Depending on the dog’s size, breed, age, and diet conditions, one can pick a container as small as a few pounds or can opt for large-sized items that exceed 50-60 pounds. 

The large-sized storage bins are mainly used to store pet dry food in large quantities that are perfect for houses with multiple pets or for pet pals that are fed with a unique blend of foods to cover one’s pet’s daily nutrition requirements.

On the other hand, smaller-sized storage containers are mainly used to stock wet food or other special treats the pooch receives on special occasions. They are also perfect for traveling. Experts recommend reading customer reviews for more clarity on storage container selection.

2. Freshness lock

Choose a container that locks the food freshness for maximum time. As many dogs do not prefer to binge on kibbles that have lost their original aroma.

3. Container material

Plastic or stainless-steel containers are the recommended storage containers for their durability, freshness lock, and price. Choose one based on personal needs and budget.

4. Design and weight

The containers available today is in varied styles, heaviness, and designs. Choose one that suits personal needs. A lightweight design like plastic storage containers is the best option to store large amounts of dog food.

One should also want to choose vertical items instead of horizontal ones if one plans on placing the food containers in small basements, closets, or small kitchen counters. A compact, portable design is suitable for smaller-sized containers that are destined for treats and snacks.

For enhanced portability, one should make sure that the smaller-sized containers zeroed should be grabbed using just one hand, while the larger ones destined for 60-80 pounds of food have wheels beneath. This will ensure the food will not only be stored in cool and dry places but are easily accessible when one wants to move it from one place to another.

5. Pocket-friendly

Most of the pet food storage containers available in the market possess the features mentioned above, one needs to only decide the preferred storage type based on the investment one wants to make.

Other added features one can also look for are:

  • Dog food containers with bowls are good options for smaller-sized containers and food dispensers. These integrated systems not only allow one to store the food but also provide access to it whenever one wants to feed their pet friend.
  • A dry food container with a scoop is also a great choice for easy measuring of the quantity of food per each serving which in turn helps in watching out the pet’s diet and weight. A full scoop that is a portion of the dog food usually carries between 20 to 25 grams of dry food. Depending on the dog’s size, breed, age, and dietary habits, one needs to serve between one and eight portions of food per meal.

7 Best Dry Food Storage Containers

Several brands of dry food storage bins are available. This article only reviews seven top-rated of them. One needs to thoroughly research each one of the storage brands before finally investing in one of them.

#1. Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Food Container by Gamma2

This budget-friendly food container is available with varied storage capacity that ranges from single 40 lbs, single 60 lbs to 2-5 pack 40 lbs bins. 

The Vittles Vaults have a unique shape and design and are seen to be airtight and moisture-proof. If one purchases more than one bin, they stack together. The bins are manufactured out of FDA-compliant, food-grade polyethylene that does not shatter if dropped down.

The spinning lock system on these bins highly ensures that the fido’s don’t get into the food while maintaining easy access. The weight of the bin makes it hard for the pet to knock it down, making it a great choice for dogs with a history of breaking into food bags.


  •  Heavy duty with an easy spin on or off lid.
  • Are stackable hence benefits pet homes with multiple pets.
  • Have lock down double gasket lids.
  • The handles are molded for longer durability.
  • These bins can be stored in garages, barns and outdoors.
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Consumers reviews state that the bin may not fit as much food as advertised.
  • Bins need to be stored away from sunlight for lasting freshness.
  • Replacement lids and/or gaskets need to be purchased separately no spares are provided.

Product description

Dimension (length x width x height): 21″ x 12″ x 17″

Dry food capacity: 40 pounds of dry dog food

Supplied parts: One container with a screw-on/off threaded gasket lid and a one-cup scoop.

Price: $27.40 

Customer rating: 4.5/5


#2. Oxo pet food storage POP container

These pet containers are airtight, stackable, and space-efficient, which makes one store dry pet foods fresh, pest-free and organized. 

The corners of the container allow for easy pouring. This bin is ideal for storing treats, bones, toys, and so on with a removable lid that can be cleaned easily. 

The containers have a unique push-button feature that creates an airtight seal with just one touch, this aids in keeping the pet noses away from sniffing out treats. 

The button is also seen to serve as a handle to lift off the lid. These brand bins are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free and are ideal for 6.5lbs of dog food, 4.5lbs of cat food, 3.5lbs of dog or cat treats, 10lbs of bird food, or 7.5lbs of hamster food.


  • Rounded corners for easy pouring.
  • Unique push-button mechanism maintains the dry food aroma and serves as the handle to lift the lid.
  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.
  • Wide opening for convenient reaching and scooping.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Great option to store wet dog food.


  • Some reviews suggest that the oil of the dog food is seen to react with the plastic causing food contamination and health problems in pets.
  • This bin may not be the ideal set up for big dogs.
  • Some users were not satisfied with the quality of the seal.
  • Many reviews reported that the containers held less than the advertised amount.

Product description

Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 12.5 inches  

Size: 5.8 Quart

Dry food capacity: 40-50 pounds of dry dog food

Price: $13.57 

Customer rating: 4.5/5


#3. IRIS small elevated feeder with airtight storage

This storage feeder comes with removable two stainless steel bowls that rest in cavities on top of the storage container for a two-in-one package that improves the pet’s digestion and aids in reducing the neck muscle strain (medical claims still under research).

The airtight seals and the snap-lock latches aid to keep the dry food fresh and pests free. This product is ideal for indoors, outdoors, camping, or traveling.

Available in three different sizes. The small container in the feeder is seen to approximately hold 18 cups of food, the medium can hold up to 46 cups, and large can hold 64 cups of dry pet food.


  • Unique design and function.
  • The seal is seen to keep water away.
  • The feeder is easy to maintain.
  • Great storage option while indoors, outdoors, camping or traveling.


  • Some reviews dislike having to remove the top with the bowls in it to get out more kibble. 
  • Is not an ideal option for the pet that is a messy drinker, as water can slosh out into the bowl cavities, creating a mess to clean it up.
  • Elevated feeder bowl is still a matter of controversy for the dog’s health.

Product description

Dimension: 21.5W x 14.3″D x 15.0″H

Bowl: Two 2-quart bowls

Dry food storing capacity: Holds up to 47lbs or 64 cups of dry pet food.

Dog size: Ideal for German Shephard, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, and more

Price: $20.99

Customer rating: 4.5/5


# 4.  SimpleHuman Dog Food Storage Can

This pet food container comes in 25, 30, or 40-liter sizes and is made up of fingerprint-proof stainless steel with a removable BPA free plastic inner bucket.

This bin also has an airtight seal and a handle that locks the lid securely that not only keep out the pesky pooches but will also help ensure that ants, roaches, and other bugs don’t infest the food.

The storage can also come with a magnetic lid-mounted scoop and built-in wheels for easy and free mobility.


  • Sleek design and secure seal.
  • Aroma lock technology keeps the food fresh and the smell doesn’t spread around the home.
  • Magnetic-kid mounted scoop.
  • Large capacity


  • Expensive
  • Less durable with scratches and dents observed.
  • Warranty of this product has special specifications read the manufacturers manual carefully.

Product description

Dimensions: 18.1 x 10.4 x 23.2 inches

Storage capacity: 14.5 kg large pet food 

Scoop capacity: 1.5 cups

Price: $119.42

Customer rating: 4.5/5


#5. Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage

This multi-use stackable storage container stores and organizes all materials used for the pets. This storage bin can be used for pets, lawn and garden, automotive, hobbies, and workshops. The container is composed of rugged, high-density polyethylene, thereby making it rust- and dent-proof and suitable for both in- or outdoor use. The Stack-N-Stor is attractively designed and dual-toned and is available in three convenient sizes that are an apt choice for storing anything.


  • Attractive multiuse stackable pet food storage bin.
  • The container is rugged as it is made of high-density polyethylene, making it rust- and dent-proof.
  • Large dog food bags can be stored in these bins.
  • The unique designed lid locks the dry food freshness and keeps it pest-free.
  • Durable, weatherproof, and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Customer reviews suggest that pooches are seen to open the lid easily.
  • The bins when stacked are not durable and tend to crack.

Product description

Product dimension: 18.1 x 15.2 x 17.8 inches

Storage capacity: 18 gallons of dry pet food

Price: $16.99 

Customer rating: 4/5


#6. Paw Prints Food Bin Wordplay

This budget-friendly flat-backed design food bin sits flush against the wall and is a great choice to keep food fresh and accessible. These wheeled pet food storage containers hold up to 15 pounds of food, litter, or seed and possess a gasket-sealed lid to wade off-odors and wet noses out. Includes one measuring scoop that is seen to lock inside of the lid


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • BPA free polypropylene plastic.
  • Compact and stylish design.


  • The bin needs to handle with care as some customer reviews have reported breakage of the hinges.
  • Some reviews also say that the container only holds 12-14 pounds of pet food

Product description

Dimension: 12.5 x 9.8 x 13.4 inches

Storage capacity: 15 pounds of dry pet food

Price: $19.99

Customer ratings: 4.5/5


#7. Maine Bucket Dog Food Barrel

The Maine Bucket Dog Food Barrel is a unique large dog food storage container that gives one a completely different way to store the pet’s kibbles. This half barrel is seen to hold 40 pounds of dry dog food. The bin is made of unstained natural cedar construction and has no liner inside. The bin comes with a hinged lid to help prevent the pooch from helping itself to serve.


  • Durable for many years.
  • Age-old unique design.
  • Large barrel holds 40 pounds of dry pet food.


  • The pet food is seen to be infected by pests as there are gaps in the planks.
  • Slightly expensive.

Product description

Dimension: 20″ Wide x 23″ High x 10.5″ Deep

Storage capacity: 40 pounds of dry pet food.

Price: $119.95

Customer rating: 4/5


Pet food storage FAQ

Q. At what temperature should the pet dry dog food be stored?

A. One needs to make sure to stock the kibbles in a cool, dry place even if the pet food bag is unopened. Refrain from storing the food in a spot that could potentially go over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing the kibble at over 120 degrees for over 48 hours can enhance the dog food’s deterioration, where the pivotal nutrients of a fresh and healthy fido food will start to decrease.

Exposure to light, high temperatures, and air all are seen to enhance kibble degradation at a faster pace. Manufacturers highly recommend keeping the kibble in its original packaging even if one plans to store it in a storage container as the bag provides a fat barrier. Experts also agree with this idea of dog food storage.

Q. Can I make a dog food container by myself?

A. Yes, one can make their own dog food storage containers in the comfort of the home. The only thing they need to bear in mind is that the container has the features that one will look at while buying a storage bin online or in a pet store. One can browse the net for DIY pet food storage bin ideas.

Q. Is a plastic dog food container safe for dry food storage?

A. One of the most affordable materials for dry food storage are plastic containers, but one needs to mainly bear in mind that the storage boxes they are investing in are BPA free. 

Q. What kind of product is best as a wet dog food container?

A. Small-sized containers with a maximum capacity of 5-6 pounds are the best option considering that one should feed a dog wet food once a day or in smaller servings twice a day. Wet dog food requires drastic sealing and preserving features, hence a container made of high-quality materials that can retain all extra moisture and pests away needs to be chosen.

Q. Should dog food be stored in containers?

A. Food containers are one of the most convenient options to store dog food. This method is also followed in pet stores for pets that are seen to require a blend of unique ingredients and food brands for a balanced and healthy diet. Research and personal opinions state that dog food containers are safe to use and in some cases, may even prolong the expiration date of the food over the ones stored in bags.

Another pivotal feature for storing food in storage containers is the odor-lock system to keep the specific pet food odors inside, which not only keeps the food fresh and aromatic but also doesn’t spread the odor in small environments like tiny apartments.

Q. How to keep your dog’s food fresh?

The dog’s diet and safety are the most important, hence one should pay close attention not only to the brand and quantity of food the dog binges on daily but also on how the food is stored. For people opting to give homemade food keep in my mind to provide all nutrients that are required for the fidos daily while making the meal.

Most of the working pet parents opt to feed commercially available wet canned food. One needs to carefully look for the expiration date before feeding their pet pal. However, no dog will fall sick if the food that it has eaten has expired a day as before marked on the box. Research proves that canned food lasts even longer if the can is stored in the right conditions with the manufacturers packing still intact.  

Another pivotal factor that needs to be pondered is the package. If the food storage container is unsealed, damaged in any way or stored in improper conditions, the chances of food deterioration inside it are higher. Hence expert suggests not to purchase cans that are unsealed or present deterioration marks.

Q. What is the shelf life of dry dog food? 

A. The kibble packages come with a “best by” or “best before” date on their packaging somewhere. Experts recommend sticking to as close to that date as possible. Ideally, when purchasing dry pet food it is advised to look for packaging that has a “best by” date as far into the future as possible.

One need not throw the kibble out just because it hits that “best by” date. It simply denotes that the food no longer provides the nutritional value stated in the Guaranteed Analysis. Only the nutritional value is reduced the food is still good to eat if stored in the right conditions.

Q. How can one soften the dry dog food up?

A. The hard kibble can be softened for the pooch simply to make the food more palatable or due to dental issues by mixing in warm water or low-sodium broth. Most of the dog’s love to binge this broth.

Q. How many pounds of dog food can a 55-quart container hold?

A. Not all dog food weighs the same per quart, hence to date, there isn’t a clear-cut pound-per-quart ratio for all dog foods. Each kibble weighs differently based on the content, the heavier each kibble weighs, the higher quality. However, roughly a 55-quart dog food storage container can accommodate 45 to 50 pounds of dry dog food. 

Q. How long can one leave a bowl of dog food out?

A. The dog food can stay out for quite a while. If the dog eats most of the bowl but not all of it, one tends to continually top it and rarely empty it to clean. Over this time, the tendency of moisture accumulation increases. Dog saliva gets in it, water from their water bowl might splash on it, and eventually, the food will have higher chances of bacteria and mold infests.

Hence experts recommend to only place the amount of food the dog will consume for one serving per time, not more than that for overcoming food wastage and health problems too.

Final thoughts

Every pet is unique hence the nutritional requirements tend to vary for each. So, one needs to wisely invest in a qualitative and professional dog food container to preserve the nutritional qualities of the pet pal’s food based on the dog’s personal requirements and pet parent’s affordability.

This article will help beginners and confused pet parents for better dry food storage options. Read along and zero on the right product. Happy parenting!!!!


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