200 Best Gothic Dog Names – Ultimate List of Names That You’ve Ever Heard

Best gothic dog names : The word “Goth” comes from the word “Gothic”, which means gloomy or dark. If you are looking for unique, dark and mysterious names for your dog, then you are at the right place.

Here, we not only assist you in the process of naming, but also provide a compilation of beautiful and unique names that might suit your furry companion.

How to Choose Gothic Dog Names 

Naming your furry pal can be fun. If you are thinking of naming your sweetheart Gothic-inspired names, the first and foremost thing to consider is your dog’s “personality traits, behavior and appearance”. Remember that before you choose any unique name for your furry pal, do a thorough research on its hidden meaning. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

Below are some of the important tips that will help you in the naming process.

  • Research on Gothic elements like mystery, fantasy elements. Its mythology, art, culture and literature can be best sources of inspiration for naming your pet.
  • Consider Gothic characters from novels or movies to name your four-legged canine.
  • You can also think about the dark themes that are associated with the Gothic genre.
  • After selecting the probable name, test it on your pet and observe its reaction. If it responds positively, then you have found the ideal name.


Best Gothic Dog Names for Your Lovely Pet

50 Best gothic dog names with Meaning

Take a look at some popular Gothic dog names and their corresponding meanings.


Names Meanings
Lucifer Another name for Satan or devil
Luna Moon
Cyclops One-eyed creature from Greek mythology
Dyson The werewolf shapeshifting fae from the TV show Lost Girl
Aro Inspired by Twilight- leader of the Volturi
Raven Heavily built crow with black plumage, feeding chiefly on decaying flesh
Azrael Hebrew name for the Angel of death
Iblis In Islam, it is the personal name of the Devil
Loki According to Norse myth- the god of mischief and destruction
Dargan Irish name, which means “the dark-haired one”
Necro Relating to a corpse or death
Lazarus The biblical name carries a connotation of rebirth and resurrection
Crimson Blood-red color
Asher Fortunate or blessed
Willow Inspired by the witch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Oracle Supernatural powers to see the future
Ziggy Victory
Midnight Name that combines the darkness of night with a touch of whimsy and cuteness
Valkyrie Chooser of the Slain
Alan Rock


Here are some of the best and unique Gothic names that you can consider naming your furry companion

Nyx Isolde Coven
Vespera Curtis Anubis
Sioux Lucian Aleyda
Zephyr Trinity Adosinda
Rozz Sable Giso
Ebon Magnaa Bane
Olli Ursula Emalia
Dante Xenos Obsidian
Gio Nocturne Gaatha
Pandora Nodin Seraphina


30 Best Gothic Female Dog Names

Presenting some adorable gothic names that you might consider for your female furry companion.

Althea Bessi Felicia
Morticia Anastasia Tristana
Badriyah Narin Esmeralda
Morgana Quinn Lisha
Adrienne Hecate Vespera
Siren Camille Dream
Sullivan Ianira Naenia
Estelle Layla Daphne
Bellatrix Lux Belladonna
Lilith Sabrina Lamya


30 Best Gothic Male Dog Names

If you own a male dog and want to give him a Gothic-inspired name, here are some beautiful options to ponder.


Arch Hastie Norman
Edgar Vlad Dante
Casper Igor Omen
Gus Rune Elvira
Blaze Jasper Smokey
Flint Draven Manson
Orion Mortimer Spike
Fang Nebula Damien
Talon Juniper Acheron
Griffin Nicolo Wolf


30 Best Gothic Dog Names Girl

Here are some adorable Gothic names that you might consider for your girl furry friend.

Alice Nissa Aphra
Blair Mona Bernia
Annie Elektra Samara
Clover Ophelia Tama
Amy Penny Aurora
Des Dutch Medusa
Eve Pandora Eris
Ava Kiera Wednesday
Jinx Rose Izora
Bella Carrie Claudia


30 Best Gothic Black Dog Names 

If you have a dark pup or are looking for Gothic names for black dogs, here are a few beautiful options.


Ash Dusty Java
Black Crow Alaric
Dyrk Gotham Morty
Carbon Lennon Kane
Sirius Black Hawk Phantom
Cross Kali Gray
Noir Hunter Raider
Darko Onyx Shadow
Merle Jet Clove
Dracula Wicked Zoro


30 Best Gothic Puppy Names

If you have a puppy and are planning to give him or her a Gothic name, here are some cute options that you can consider.


Dorian Carmilla Oliver
Cora Bo Ghost
PoePaws Melody Robby
Buffy Angel Moon
Fiddle Velvet Salem
Spider Lily Bones Dita
Fizz Dahlia Tempest
Fluffy Cameo Victor
Batty Ivy Winter
Frankie Lenore Drusilla



We hope the list of Gothic names mentioned above helped you name your pooch. If you have found the perfect name from the list, do not forget to share it with us.


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