7 Best Pet Camera of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Bringing a pet into a home is joyful and addons responsibilities to the pet family. In this busy day to day schedule, it is impossible for a person to stay at home always throughout the day. One stay connected to their near and dear ones using phones, tablets, or computers. The improvement in technology has let one communicate with distanced people at ease through video and audio calls.  Pet pals at home are also not left behind they are just one screen away from us. This article enlightens on this topic of how one can communicate with these four-legged creatures when left home alone.

What is a pet or a dog camera? 

Dog or the pet camera is an invention that aids in keeping an eye on what’s happening inside the home while one is away from the home. The best pet cameras available in the market are designed with notorious or nervous pets in mind. 

How does a dog camera work?

A dog camera works like the closed-circuit surveillance system that is installed in most homes and buildings for security as well as safety. 

What are the key factors that need to be pondered while choosing a pet camera?

The following key points will aid a fresher in zeroing on the right dog or pet camera for his or her premises worth for the money they invest in.

1. Two-way communication

This feature plays a pivotal role for people who stay out most of the day and have pets with a nervous disposition that requires regular soothing. This feature in a camera aids in not only communicating with the pet but also helps in providing it tranquility.

2. Motion and noise alerts

This feature in a pet camera aids in controlling the motion and barking of the pets when left idle and alone. Most owners prefer this option in dog cameras for the safety of their pets and the sanity of the neighbors around.

3. Footage capture

This feature helps to know the location of the pet on the premises and are also seen to contribute to the memories in future.

4. Design

The pet cameras available in the market come in various shapes and sizes, zero on one that not only suits the home interior but is also pocket friendly.

5. Treat dispensers

Dogs needs to be appreciated for good behaviors, hence it’s a wise option to look for this feature in a camera that one wants to invest in.

6. Multiple video tuners

This feature aids one or many family members tune into the video feed at once.

Not many specifications and features are needed to be concentrated when it comes to choosing the best dog camera. Only the budget plays a pivotal role.

7. Viewing angles

The benefits of the viewing angle mainly depend on the behavior of one’s pet. If the pet is the calm type that is lazy throughout the day a narrow viewing angle will serve the cause. If the pet is very active, one needs to opt out for a wide-angle view that can let one watch all the activities of the pet. Your pet will not always stay in one place. If one really wants to watch every move of the pooch, a camera with pan, tilt, and zoom needs to be selected. The zoom is especially helpful to get a closer look at the pet’s adorable face.

7 Best Pet Camera- Reviews

#1: Furbo dog camera

The winner of the best dog camera in 2019 is a stylish functional pet camera that tosses out treats as well as aids in watching the activities of the home alone pet in a crisp 1080p video with a 160-degree field of view. The provision of the 4x zoom and night vision aggravates the viewing features. One can get “bark alerts” pushed to their smartphones if their pooch is too noisy. This dog camera also has two-way audio that is handy in controlling the pet actions from the other side. 


  • Easy three-step set up.
  • Ultrawide 160-degree field view.
  • Complete high dimension video streaming.
  • 4x digital zooming.
  • Remote treat tossing.
  • Night vision
  • Behavior-based push notifications on the smartphone.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • The device can be knocked down and broken.
  • Night vision mode is not very clear.
  • Other noises can trigger bark alert notifications.
  • No free cloud video recording.
  • Not recommended for outdoor use.

#2: Petcube play Wi-Fi pet camera

This new version wi-fi pet camera has an inbuilt interactive super-precise laser toy that can not only be controlled from the phone but can also be set in auto play mode to keep the pooch engaged. Possess the two-way audio feature and has a built-in Alexa. This pet camera has 1080 HD video speed with a 160-degree full view with a night mode vision.


  • Compact design with a two-step easy setup.
  • Behavior-based mobile notifications.
  • Contains a four-microphone array with a speaker bar.
  • Activity-based mobile pushup notifications.


  • Only a single user can watch live streaming.
  • Fixed camera angle.
  • No treat dispenser.
  • For indoor use only.

#3: TOOGE pet camera

Motion detection with push alert notifications is also available based on motion sensing technology that is self-adjustable. 

This dog security camera provides a horizontal 350° and vertical 80°rotation with a 4x digital zoom function for a total coverage of the home which can be shared with multiple individuals. The P2P technology used by the device ensures that the data is not stored in the server but is saved locally. Safety is the top priority as this camera does not leak out saved photos and recordings. 


  • Multiple view zoom function.
  •  Infrared night vision.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Nil battery-draining instances.


  • Wi-Fi setup doesn’t support Mac devices.
  • Poor quality video feed.

#4: Wansview Wireless Security camera

This pocket-friendly pet, as well as a baby monitoring camera, has a 1920*1080P resolution at 15fps whose living stream can be accessed via iOS/Android mobiles, Windows PC and Apple Mac Software and third-party software like Blue Iris and iSpy that support ONVIF. Possesses a reliable quick 2.4G Wi-Fi setup via the “Wansview Cloud” App on any smartphone a working 4G connection anywhere and anytime. This security camera can support up to 128GB Micro SD card slot wherein the videos can be saved and replayed on the App without the removal of the card from the camera in a LAN network. This camera also has a wider complete coverage with a horizontal 350 degree and vertical 76 degrees 4x digital zoom function. The four preset buttons aid in adjusting the camera based on the requirements and zoom on for clearer images. It also has the feature of clear two-way communication with night vision mode for 24/7 security and has also the feature of real-time motion detection alert.


  • Superb night and day vision.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Multiple users with multiple views.
  • Free technical assistance.


  • Works only with the specified mobile app and software.
  • Doesn’t support mobiles with 5G connection.
  • Doesn’t support MAC devices.
  • Slow and outdated app.
  • Connection errors are also detected.

#5: CONICO wireless pet camera

CONICO 1080P HD security camera has a 355°horizontal and 100°vertical rotation that in total aid in providing complete 360°coverage of the home throughout the day and night. The home monitor incorporates two-way communication equipped with noise filter technology. This security camera also has a map cloud storage that supports 128G SD cards and smart H. 264 technology which saves over 5 times more memory space. Possess real-time motion detection and push notification features.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • HD night vision.
  • Free technical assistance.


  • SD card is not included in the device.
  • Device setup may be confusing if the instructions are not carefully followed.

#6: Heimvision HM203 1080P Security camera 

This pocket-friendly security camera has a 1080P HD video live stream to one’s smartphone 24/7. The camera has a 360-degree view with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. It is also equipped with a sound and motion detector that sends push notifications on the mobile at one’s comfort. This camera also possesses a reliable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to connect via mobile App YCC365 Plus for all android as well as IOS supported phones and hotspot/ LAN connections with multiple setting options based on individual setting preferences like camera sharing, motion detection, and notification and so on. This camera version also comes with a one-month AWS cloud of free 72 hours storage recording to avoid the risk of losing footage.  The local backup is seen to support up to 128 GB micro SD card. 


  • Compact and easy to set up.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Behavior-based push notifications to the mobile 24/7.
  • Precise night vision.


  •  Does not support Alexa.
  • Subscription to the cloud service is charged post the one-month trial period.

#7: Lefun 1080P Wireless pet camera 

This wireless pet, as well as a security camera, has a smart motion and precise sound detection push notification feature for clear two-way communication. MIPC cloud used for this app is not chargeable and is seen to save all alert videos that can be assessed at any time anywhere. It also supports up to 128GB.  micro SD card storage locally. Lefun security camera has adopted the financial level encryption that inhibits any information leakage to any third party. All the alert videos generated will be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud for privacy. The camera is easy to set up by just scanning the QR code in the mobile to download the MIPC software for smartphones with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. This Wi-Fi camera supports Multi-users access at the same time.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Encrypted secure images and videos for privacy.
  •  Free cloud usage for storing and viewing.
  • Multi-users access at the same time.
  • Compatible with echo systems like Alexa.


  • This camera does not support 5G phones.

Benefits of Installing a Pet Camera in the Premises

Dog cameras are a great invention for busy dog parents. The obvious benefits of a dog camera are that one can check in on the pup or pooch throughout the day from one’s own comfort. However, the section beneath explains some additional benefits

1. One can stop worrying about the pet pal’s health

One of the biggest concerns that many pet parents have about their home alone dog is that they tend to injure themselves, eat something bad for them, or otherwise get hurt with no people to look after it. Installation of pet cameras with two-way audio function eases this problem as one can not only check on their pets but can also play with them when free.

2. One gets to know their pets better

With pet cameras in the house, pet parents can understand the pet activities better. This will aid in helping them plan their activities with their pets.

3.  Peaceful mind when away from home

The pet parents are seen to spend out weekends and night outs peacefully with the pet cameras installed as they constantly get motion as well as images of their dogs via push notifications on their smartphones that are always with them.

4. Calmer and more productive at work

As pet parents are more cheerful and calmer without any worry of the home alone pets, they tend to perform better at their workplace.

5. Easy training of at the puppy stage

Pet parents with young pups are seen to easily overcome the challenges of the puppy stage like housebreaking, leaving the trash alone, or not barking all day long by positive reinforcement and treating them on time to time basis.

6. Stressbusting at workplace

Pet cameras have helped pet parents to burst out stress by playing with their loved pooches over the camera due to the two-way communication feature.

7. Memories forever

The recording facility in the camera aids to build future memories of the pets and to look at the images and videos of the dogs later as they grownup for sweet memories.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can one choose the best pet cams?

A. The article above has explained certain pointers that aid in zeroing on the best and right pet cameras based on individual preferences. Choose a pet camera based on those pointers for the best experiences. Browsing the internet to read product reviews, customer feedback on products will ease the selection process. Orally asking friends, friends of friends or colleagues with installed pet cameras will also enhance the chances of selecting the right camera.

Q. How can one train the pet to come to the pet camera when one is away from home?

A. Positive reinforcement is the key factor in training a pet. The following steps will aid in training the pet to come to the pet camera

  • Once the camera is set up the camera in the home one needs to walk the pet over to it. 
  • Use the phone to access the video feed and call the pet using one of the chimes or use the two-way audio to call them with one’s own voice. 
  • Give them a treat for following the commands or use the app function to dispense a treat. 
  • Repeat this several times and later bring in a friend or family member to encourage the pet to respond to the camera while one is out of the house or in another room. 

Practice and a lot of treats will help a pet to learn a new command easily.

Q. Where should one place their pet camera?

A. Putting the pet camera at or slightly above the pet’s eye level will give one the best viewing angle. Experimentation is required for placement for a camera with added features like a laser pointer or treats dispenser, especially before one mount it to the wall. An important point to be pondered is laser pointers seem to work better when the device is closer to the ground, and bright lights from windows or lamps can interfere with the video quality.

Q. Can night vision technology be harmful to the pet?

No, normal or infrared night vision is completely harmless to the pets as the former works like a microphone for light instead of sound and takes the dim light entering the lens and converts it to electricity, then amplifies the signal so that it shows up brighter on the screen. On the other and the infrared night vision cameras work detect heat like motion detectors detect motion and take that heat reading and turn it into a signal that later is transformed as a picture on the screen. 

Q. What kind of smartphone works well for a pet camera app?

A. Any android or IOS smartphone is seen to support the app for the pet camera. Most pet cameras require a 4G connection. It is best recommended to see the manual for clear support.

Q.  What are the contents of a pet camera box?

Most of the pet camera box when delivered contains the following contents: pet camera device, 2mm USB cable, User manual, and an adaptor. Additionally, some cams are also supplied with batteries too.

Q. Are pet cams expensive?

The price range is quite varied and depends on the needs and size of the wallet. One may find reliable models that range from $30 to $300. The expensive models come with more features.

Q. Can one use an indoor dog camera outdoors and vice-versa?

A. Most of the indoor cams available are designed only for indoor use and vice versa. Hence one can use it only for the specified usage. But the market also has very few cameras that can be used for dual purposes, these are pricier hence are not commonly recommended.

Q. Do one need to download an app for using a pet cam?

A. Yes, one needs to download specific apps with respect to individual pet cams to watch the pet remotely. Most of the apps are user-friendly hence any beginner can easily install and use it.

Final thoughts

This article will provide useful insights for first-time pet parents that are looking to invest in pet cams. The prices of products reviewed here range from pricey to pocket friendly. Choose a pet cam based on one’s pet’s needs and budget. Have stress free parenting and spend quality time with the pet from one’s own comforts. Happy parenting!!!


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