650 + Best White Dog Names – Amazing Name Ideas for Your New All Your Cute Puppy

Now that you’re welcoming a White puppy into your home, one of the most difficult parts of getting a white dog is to name him perfectly in all shapes and sizes, for example, Pomeranian, Samoyed and dalmatian.


How to Choose a Unique Name For Your Dog?

Choosing a name for your white dog is the most difficult because they are unique in their color and their name should be so too. When you choosing a name for your white dog you should make sure that it suits its appearance. You are going to take his name again and again In open spaces, parks, dog playgrounds, your house, etc.

An important consideration while  choosing a white dog name:

For this, you have to make sure that the name you choose is easy to pronounce and remember. You are presumably going to have kids coming to your place therefore make sure that the name doesn’t exceed one or two syllables. Apart from that make sure that you choose a name you want your puppy to vibe with.

While growing up, puppies develop their own unique personality; and the name also affects this. You keep on calling the puppy with the name which attracts the name related qualities to it; a simple law of attraction.
So, make sure you choose a sweet and suitable name for it.

We have compiled a list of white dog names, black and white dog names, white female dog names, and white male dog names. Apart from that we have included in this list cute names for white dogs, white pitbull names, and white fluffy dog names.

Best White Dog Names

50 Best White Female Dog Names

Females are known to be kind. They are naturally protective and graceful. Therefore, it is advised that you choose a soft and sweet name for her. She is going to protect you and your children and be their best-friend for her life. 


Pandora Pearl Periwinkle
Pippa Rhubarb Rosalba
Rose Sandra Snowflake
Sydney Tabitha Tahani
Wren Dove Elle
Elsie Fina Fiona
Flo Glimmer Haiku
Hermione Iris Ivy
Lily Lola Luna
Mia Misty Molly


  • Shy – coy
  • Badar –Full Moon
  • Cloud – A mass of smoke/ water; dust
  • Igloo – House made with bricks of ice
  • Ghosty –Jon’s loyal pet in Game of Thrones
  • Allegra –Meaning “joyful”
  • Rexi – Queen
  • Button – based on the saying as cute as a button
  • Scrappy – Joyful saying ‘scrappy dappy doo’
  • Cassiopeia – A Greek Godess
  • Dianna –Goddess of hunting and the moon
  • Sugar: sweetner
  • Bari- Indian name for window
  • Nari – Korean; Lily 
  • Saturn –God of wealth
  • Albus – based on Dumbledore’s beard
  • Sprite- Name of a clear aerated drink
  • Stella – based on celestial
  • Lady – A female; best for a royal looking giant!
  • Queenie: cute variant of Queen

50 Best White Male Dog Names:

 White dogs are joyful and energetic all the time. They are one the of the best companions you can have. They tend to get excited and look like a ball of cloud on Earth when running. It is therefore, imperative to choose a smart name for this pup.


Francis Freddie George
Hector Hermes Hugo
Jack Jasper Jonah
Ludo Marn Merlin
Milo Miran Noah
Otis Pablo Remus
Scout Sebastian Sirius 
Stanley Timmy Titus
Toby Walter Wesley
Wilbur Winston Zeus


  • Adonis –Greek for “Lord”
  • Anjo – Angel 
  • Chico – Boy
  • Flash – A super hero
  • Zeus – Greek god
  • Blizzard: Snow storm
  • Frodo: From Lord of the Rings
  • Pluto: Disney dog
  • Yoko: Any side
  • Yeti: Mountain habitant
  • Waffle: sweet breakfast
  • Harper: a musician
  • Max: A popular name
  • Alex: Lion’s name from Madagascar
  • Dobby: Harry Potter’s character
  • Peter: As in Peter Pan
  • Captain: An army rank
  • Sergeant/ Sergie: Army rank
  • Tiger: Best name for a naughty and huge dog
  • Scooba: A variant for scuba diving

30 Best White Pitbull Name


Having a white Pitbull dog is a blessing since they are unique. And as is their coat, their name should also be unique. So choose from our favourites: 

Dapple Dash Dotty
Fleck Freckles Marble
Mosaic Mottle Patches
Pepper Pip Smudge
Speckle Splat Spatter
Spotty Sprinkle Streak
Stripe Tint Igloo
Ivory Lightning Misty
Opal Pearl Polar
Snowy Spectre Talc


30 Best Brown and white dog names


Brown and White dogs are also rare to find. Select from our unique list for your pooch:

Whiskey Caramel Butterscotch
Amber Taffy Cookie
Dunkin  Mocha Chewy 
Cheddar Scotch Biscuit
Ember Autumn Freckles
Bumps Kona Fawn
Pepper Corns Maple
Tigger Oatmeal Winnie
Garden Sickle Pixie


30 Best Black and white dog names


Sometime the white dog can have black patches. This makes them unique. Make sure you choose a unique name for this one. Here is a list of dog names for black and white dogs:

Bear Honey Peanut
Summer Pumpkin Bagel
Cinnamon Fudge Ginger
Cider Dusty Graham (Cracker)
Henna Wookie Chai
Moose Goldie Tootsie
Brandy Guinness Peaches
Sundance Nutmeg Truffles
Pancake Mochi Toffee
Oakley Chocolate Muddy


30 Best Funny White Dog Names

 Choose funny name for white dogs to attract fun and laughter to your household. This will make your dog joyful and energetic.


Captain Pugsley Catnip Chewie
Cleopatra Edna Elsa
Ewok Fenton Fido
Frodo  Jabba Jackson
Kermit Lolita Lucky
Marshmallow Mary Puppins Peabody
Noodles Nugget Pavlov
Peanut Pluto  Pongo
Prince Phillip Rover Salt

30 Best Cute White Dog Names 


Cute dog names white for your little friend are the best. You can get innovative and carefree while choosing these names. 

Bambi Bear Bolt
Bubblegum Cabana Schnee – “Snow” in German
Lady Rover Kahlua Bean (Beans)
Waffles Aspen Pebbles
Brownie Canela Bubba
Bubbles Buttermilk  Candy
Caterina  Coco Cotton
Fairy Faye Ferne
Fluffy Freckles  Giant

30 Best Small white Dogs name

 You can choose a small name for your dog so that it’s easy to call. This is best for people with babies at their house; small syllables are easier pronounced by them.


Danny Darcey Dill
Dinky Bootsy Dolly
Doodle Dot Echo
Elf  Hans Hermes
Hobbit Honey Hovis
Imp Jellybean  Joy
Little  Max Meatball
Elfie Pup Pooh
Pixie Peach Plum
Elle Cupp Winnie

30 Best White Dog Names Inspired by Weather & Nature

 Weather and nature are both dynamic, so name you white dog after them will ensure he has a dynamic personality. 


Alaska Artemis Aspen.
Blizzard  Bolt  Cloud
Comet  Everest Frosty 
Glacier  Ice  January 
Lunar Luna  Misty 
Moon  Nimbus  Polar 
Snowball  Winter  Alfie
Gnome Ivy Bluebell
Autumn Rainy Gracie
Milky Winter Flora


30 Best White Dog Names Based on Faith

One of the best names to choose for your white dog is from old faith and religions. This will bring God’s name to your house and His presence too.


Abby Abel Adah
Adna Agnes Anastasia 
Andrew Angel Assisi
Bethany Buddha Cruz 
Delilah Dharma Easter
Elijah  Faith Francis
Genesis Glory Haven
Heaven Holy Honor
Indus Isabelle Joanna
John Jessable Claus


30 Best Halloween White Dog Names

 Choose from this spooky list of names, a perfect name for your beautiful white dog. 


Albus Bane Barnabas
Broomstick Bob Carver Casper
Corvus Cujo Cull
Dante Dekker Dexter 
Draco Falcor Frankie 
Freddie Gizmo (or Giz) Hershey
Igor Jasper Jekyll
Jourgensen Kronos Lecter
Malachi Malfoy Merlin


30 Best White dog names from mythology

Why not base your white dog’s name on mythology? We have compiled a list of names for your choice! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Yxp2npHPh/ 

Cole Constantine Corban
Cy Damon Darius
Deacon Demetrius Dennis
Dru Egan Estevan
Eugene Evan Ezio
Felipe Giles Gregory
Griffin Homer Icarus
Jace Julian Kal
Kosmos Leo Maximus
Miles Neo Niles


30 Best White Dog Names Based on Food & Drinks

Keeping your dog’s name based on food and drinks will probably make you the happiest and bring out the foodie in you!


Butter Scotch Apple
Caramel Basil Cinnamon
Bagel Coconut Bean(s)
Cupcake Biscuit Fondue
Butter(s) Fudge Dumpling
Huckleberry Falafel Jelly
Kale Macaron  Lemon
Marshmallow Meatball Meringue
Nacho Milkshake Oatmeal
Oregano Muffin Peanut


30 Best White Flowers Perfect for White Dog Names

 Flowers are the symbol of softness and beauty. We have compiled a list of names of perfect flowers for your white dog; choose a unique name from this table.  


Daisy  Gardenia  Jasmine.
Lily  Magnolia  Oleander .
Peony  Bluebell Buttercup
Calla Camellia Carnation
Clover Daffodil Dahlia
Dandelion Fleur Freesia
Garland Holly Honeysuckle
Hyacinth Iris Jasmine
Lavender Lilac Lotus
Magnolia Marigold Aster


30 Best White Dog Names Inspired by Precious Stones

  Name your dog after a precious stone because he is precious too!


Aggie  Dofu Morgan
Alex  Druzy Onyx
Amber Flora  Opal
Amethyst Garnet Pearl
Amy Jade Rhodo
Aqua Jasper Rose
Beryl Kenzie  Smoky 
Cameo Lapis Spike 
Chelsea Larry  Sunny 
Chris Laser  Tansy

30 Best Fancy White Dog Names


 Choose names from this list, if you want your pooch’s name to be unique and sophisticate

Anjo Alaska  Angel 
Arctic  Artemis Aspen
Avalanche Bear Beluga
Bianco  Blanco  Blizzard
Blondie   Bolt Buttermilk
Carnation Casper Chalky
Champagne  Chardonnay  Cloudy
Coconut Comet  Cotton 
Creamer  Cream Puff  Crystal
Custar Dazzle


30 Best White fluffy dog names


 If you have a Samoyed, choose from this list!

Juneau Marzipan Bianca
Orchid Alba / Albus Dazzle
Echo Thistle Luna
Arya Pearl Morgan
Angel Feather Casper
Buttermilk (Butter) Daisy Skye
Lily Sasha Thunder
Whitney Snowdrop Dove
Snowball Snow Drop


30 Best White dog names inspired by flowers, plants, and trees


White dog names inspired by nature are one of the most unique and perfect for your country dog!

Tulip Holly Elm
Willow Copper Ruby
Winter Dahlia Rose
Iris Clover Cricket
Daisy Orion Opal
Pearl Sunny Violet
Cedar Blueo Luna
Jade Nessie Aspen
Aput Sage Meadow
Spring Wren River


30 Best Cute Dog Names


Choose from this table cute name for white dogs:

Ace Albie Amber
Ava Blue Brooklyn
Bubba Bubbles Buttermilk 
Candy Caterina Coco
Cotton Fairy Faye
Ferne Percy Perdita
Pip Popcorn Prince or Princess
Puffball Quincy Ren 
Robin Rosa Sierra
Smidge Smudge Sprinkles

30 Best Tough Dog  Names


If you want your dog to have a strong and powerful personality, these names are for you to choose from.

Amber Arya Astra
Avril Breanne Briana
Bridget Carla Damia
Harley Jenna Kahlan
Kelsey Kitana Matilda
Nina Rogue Rowan
Roxie Sheba Storm
Trixie Ursa Valkyrie
Zelda Hilda Lucifer
Battibat Katrina Mjonir


We believe in you attract what you call. Therefore, choosing a sweet, bubbly and unique name for your little dog is a must. Always remember you have to stick to the name throughout the life of your white dog. Choose from our white dog names ideas!


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