7 Best Dog Crate Covers: [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Dog crates are specially enclosed space for dogs during vacations or at homes. These crates come in varied sizes and colors. Certain dog kennels like the metal crate do not completely provide complete safety, securityd as well as privacy to the furry friends. Such pet parents will require a crate cover that will not only cover and protect the entire crate but will also provide safety, security, comfort, and privacy to the pet pals.

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This article will not only provide insights in not only choosing the right crate cover for the pet crates but will also review the top trending products based on the customer ratings and as well as other traits that are required for the four-legged pals.

What is a dog crate cover?

Dog crate covers are specially designed covers that fit hassle freely over one’s metal or less safe pet crates, transforming it into a safe and comfortable environment that supports the natural denning instincts of dogs. 

Why should one use a dog crate cover?

One is advised to use pet crate covers for the following reasons

Relaxation: Pet crate covers are seen to reduce the pet’s anxiety and help it relax. This is very useful for dogs with separation anxiety or during relocation or transportation of pets.

Enhanced protection: The covered crates provide the natural cave-like feeling for canines. This increases their stimulation and makes them feel secure also. An enclosed atmosphere is of prime importance for unsecured puppies, newborn puppies and recently delivered dogs that would want to protect the newborns.

Comfortability: Some dogs prefer to sleep separately without the interference of anyone. A covered pet crate will not only give the dog a secure, comfortable place to sleep but will also eliminate the dog’s view of others.

Weather protection: If one cannot predict the temperature changes in the place they reside in. It’s better to invest in a dog cover for providing the pet a cozy environment.

Eliminates begging behavior: Most of the pooches have the habit of begging for food when their parent’s binge on. A crate cover will reduce this behavior to a large extent.

What Makes a Good Pooch Crate Cover?

The following features aid in making a good pet crate cover.

Good fit: One should zero on the right crate cover based on their pet crate measurements. As crate covers that are too small tend to form gaps that allow the light to enter or will make the dog peer through. On the other hand, those that are too large will not only get stepped upon but also tend to provide a disheveled look. 

Hassle-free to put on and take off: The cover needs to be put on or removed without any difficulty when relocating the crate or transporting the pet with the crate.

Adjustable: Even the best-designed covers tend not fit most crates exactly, so one needs to choose a crate that has a wiggle room crate cover design. A partially opened cover will aid in tailoring the amount of coverage that one would want its pooch to have.

Machine-washable: A removable and a machine washable cover is not only easy to maintain but is also easy to clean.

7 Best Dog Crate Covers in 2020

This section reviews some of the trending crate covers in the market. 

#1: MidWest Dog Crate Cover

The MidWest Dog Crate Cover is a Teflon protected crate cover that is seen to provide the privacy, security, and comfort that a pet’s instinct desires. This cover is one of the most recommended crates covers by most veterinarians, breeders, and trainers around the world. The Crate cover fits most one- and two-door folding metal dog crates and are available in six sizes and four-color variants that are sized to suit all size dog breed pet crates.

The cover attaches the crate with the aid of a hook and loop tab that holds the cover neatly in place. The cover includes five flaps that are present on the front, sides, back and top panel.  

The stylish design of the crate cover not only compliments with the metal dog crates but also blends well with the home decor.

This pet kennel cover is made of extra-durable polyester and cotton blended fabric and is safe to be machine washed and dryer dried. It also repels stains and oils due to the Teflon coating.

The crate cover also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Can be opened from all sides for enhanced ventilation
  • Stain and oil or strong liquid resistant.
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Suits all climatic conditions


  • The cover comes with a P65 warning for cancer awareness.

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#2: Petmate Precision Pet Indoor

The Petmate Precision Pet Indoor is one of the most accepted pet crate covers because of its custom-fit fabric construction. The cover has double stitching which not only makes it heavy-duty but also enhances its durability.

The front and top panel covers can be rolled up for better ventilation and pet viewing. The cover also possesses heavy-duty zippers for easy attachment and removal. The side panels have mesh windows with a rolling set up and the top panel has a dedicated handle holding hole.

This crate cover suits the needs of all breed sized dog crates from extra small to jumbo and is available in two vibrant colors: Navy and tan. 


  • Durable all-season cover
  • Portable
  • Machine washable
  • Great ventilation
  • Indoor and outdoor usage


  • Slightly expensive.

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#3: HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

The HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover is composed of a heavy-duty 600D polyester windproof material that makes the cover lightweight. The cover has a side net window for enhancing the air circulation

Sized for two entrance doors crates with roller shades for visibility and ventilation adjustment. The zipper provides easy pet exit and entry.

The crate cover comes in five sizes and three-color variants that match one’s home decor. This crate cover is easy to use and has a tool-free installation. The cover possesses an open bottom design.

This dog kennel cover has two toggles at the corner which aids in secure crate attachment and helps the cover to firmly stay it in its place also.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Seamless design
  • Water-resistant


  • Not machine washable.

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#4: Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover

The Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover blends well with the home decor as it is available in 20 stunning and five size variants and many patterns to choose from. The cover panels roll up on the front and right-side aiding to position the crate in any direction as desired.

The cover has snaps this helps to keep the panels in place when rolled down to for light blockage. The cover is made up of 100% cotton canvas and is machine washable as well as durable. The cover comes preshrunk hence size doesn’t seem to vary post a wash.


  • Durable and stylish
  • Good airflow
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable


  • Hits hard on the pockets.

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#5: Yotache Dog Crate Cover 

This lightweight and breathable pet crate cover is available in various sizes and refrains the cage from getting stuffy. They are seen to provide a comfortable and dark environment for the pooches to sleep well. The crate cover is made from high-density 600D polyester hence the cover is lightweight, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, 

Yotache Dog Crate Covers also creates a cozy den-like atmosphere thereby minimizing the furry pal’s anxious behaviors such as barking and chewing. The cover is durable, waterproof and windproof, hence are seen to protect the safety of the pet in the dog cage. A window screen attacher provides good ventilation by ensuring air circulation and inhibiting mosquito entry.

The magic hook and loop strip and zipper design aids in easier putting and removing the cover. The cover can be assembled without the aid of any tools and folds flat for easy portability.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Nontoxic and waterproof
  • Wind-proof and breathable
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Folds flat for storage


  • Not washable

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#6: ProSelect Solar Crate Canopies

The ProSelect Solar Crate Canopies are made up of high-quality reflective material that is seen to 70 to 80 percent of ultraviolet rays and hence is seen to protect the pet from sunburn and heat outdoors.

The material of the cover is seen to keep the dogs cool and comfortable as it is made of special weave that allows air to circulate. The long-lasting design will not only retain its shape for many years but is also quite sturdy.

The canopy can be easily used as it features grommets that are 11 inches apart for hassle-free attachment to kennels, metal crates, trees, etc.

The crate cover can be easily cleaned. All one needs to do is simply rinse it with a hose and allow to air dry. The canopy is available in four sizes ranging and is seen to suit all dog breed crates.


  • UV rays reflective and cooling material
  • Durable
  • Hassle-free attachment
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ample ventilation


  • Expensive

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#7: X-ZONE PET Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover

The X-ZONE PET crate cover provides the privacy, security, and comfort that every pet’s instinct desires. The cover is available in two sober colors and three size variants that are sized for small to large dog breeds.

The zipper provides easy on and off and allows for outside or inside usage. The top Velcro panel opens to reveal crate handle for easy carrying. The crate cover is made of Oxford cloth, hence are wear-resistant and durable. It can also effectively protect from wind, dust, and insects.

The side mesh windows also have an adjustable roller for visibility and ventilation. The cover is machine washable and repels pet stains, odors, oils, and fluids which can be wiped off hassle freely.


  • Zipper and magic tape closure design
  • Durable and windproof
  • Machine washable
  • Meshed windows with adjustable roller shades.


  • The Velcro don’t line up with the panels.

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What are the various materials used to build up a dog crate cover?

Dog crate covers are made from different materials. Crate covers most commonly are composed of polyester, cotton, or thick canvas.

Polyester Crate Covers

Polyester crate covers are lightweight, foldable and easy to transport. This cover type is the most preferred choice for pet transportation or relocation ​They are the most economical of all the cover choices but are not durable and stylish in comparison to the other cover types.


Cotton Crate Covers

Dog crate covers of cotton fabric come in varied styles and colors. These covers are more breathable than polyester covers and are not only the apt option for warmer climates but are also machine washable. The major downside of this cover type is its non-water resistance.


Canvas Crate Covers

The most durable and heavy-duty crate cover option is the Canvas Crate cover. This cover type is better in withstanding the chewing and scratching from pets. The downsides of this cover type are its heavyweight, hence are harder to wash and less portable.


What are the features one needs to look for in dog crate covers?

The following features are critical while zeroing on the right dog crate cover for one’s pet’s crates.


One needs to invest in a cover that doesn’t rip off easily. Zero on a crate cover that not only has double stitching but is also built of a long-lasting material type.


Choose covers that have ventilation features like mesh openings or other systems that not only provide ample airflow but also give the pet a good view.


Take the crate measurements to find the right crate cover for a dog crate. As too small cover will be too tight and may rip off easily and too loose ones will come out easily and will look sluggish.

Cleaning and maintenance

Most of the cover types available are either machine washable or hand washable. Choose one based on one’s convenience and budget.


Crate covers come in various styles and designs. One can choose a simple or a lavish and fancy looking one based on one’s likes and budget. 

What are the alternative options for dog crate covers?

DIY crate covers are the best alternative options over the commercially available pet crate covers. This is the best feasible option for pet parents that do not want to spend much on crate covers. One can build a dog crate cover based on their imagination. But these three approaches are the most trending DIY crate covers.

Blanket or towel or sheet

The most economical DIY crate covers are the blanket or towel or sheet. This will not look stylish but will serve the cause of a dog crate cover. But this DIY cover is not the right option for mischievous pets as they tend to remove the cover or start to chew them.

Split-Fabric Cover

The simplest way to build a DIY crate cover is to cut individual panels from a piece of thick, durable fabric. All one needs to do is cut the fabric to the same size as the crate panel such that it covers the crate. 

One only needs to devise some way of attaching this split-fabric crate cover to the crate. This can be performed in a variety of ways that include the use of Velcro straps or threading of shoelaces through the fabric and fastening them to the bars of the crate.

Fitted Cover

A fitted cover is a sewed version of a split-fabric crate cover. A tailor will help make this crate cover. One can add on windows or openings based on one’s requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should one cover the dog crate in the night?

Covering the crate during the nights depends on one’s pet’s preference. Some pets enjoy the privacy and darkness whereas some feel insecure and anxious. 

Will a crate cover keep the pooch warm?

The crate cover material and the placement of the crate plays a pivotal role in keeping the pet warm. Covers made of insulated materials keep the pet pals warm and placing the crate indoors will also keep the pet warm if the crate cover material is not very thin.

Do crate covers reduce the anxiety in dogs?

The anxiety can be reduced to a greater extent with crate covers as they not only reduce stimulation but create a secure and comfortable atmosphere that suits a pet’s instinct.

How can one wash the crate cover?

Most crate covers are machine washable. Hence one needs to wash it separately in the delicate cycle. Some crat covers need to be hand washed and some just need to be only wiped with a wet cloth or brushed. Hence it is best recommended to read the manufacturer’s instruction for crate cover wash.


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