330 + Beautiful Flower Names for Dogs


A word or set of terms used to address a living being throughout their lifetime is as a name. Name selection is a tedious process that one begins right from the time one takes a decision to include a furry pal into the family. Many genres like famous people, place language, culture, pun names, comical, and so on are befitting for dog names. This article will provide insights into the various flower tags that one can choose for their beloved pets.

Tips for choosing a flower name for a pooch

This section provides some pointers that will aid in arriving at the right tag for the pet pal.

  • Avoid choosing common dog names.
  • Choose a name that has approval by the family and oneself. 
  • Refrain from choosing long names; it will make it difficult for the dog to comprehend.
  • We can also consider the pet breed during the name selection.
  • Select names that begin with unmistakable sounds like D, T, or K, this will help the dog comprehend better.
  • Stay away from the names like the canine commands.
  • Observe the furry friend’s conduct and behavior to choose a name for it.
  • Its not advised to change the name of a grown-up dog.

For a piece of detailed information on the naming process, please refer to https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/ 

Popular floral tags for dogs


This section provides a list of the most trending flower inspired dog names. The first half provides flower names with its meaning and the latter lists some other popular tags too.

Name Origin 
Aubrieta Earliest spring bloomers that fill rock gardens.
Petunia Bright flowering ornamental
Mallow Edible health benefit flower
Luna Colorful warm-season deciduous perennial 
Kafir Lily variety with clusters of bells- shaped blooms
Ivy Climbing evergreen wines
Joie A rose flower variety
Jessamine Jasmine genre
Gaura Butterflies attractant and has a long bloom time
Kalmia Evergreen shrub
Forsythia Lactose producing flower
Zenobia Hairless bell-shaped flower
Wisteria Bowing flower 
Dakota Withering flower
Violet Light shaded plants
Coreopsis A brightly colored flower with a lengthy blooming period, particularly attractive to butterflies.
Tuberose Night blooming plant used in perfumery.
Amaryllis Bulb shaped flower that means determination, love, and love.
Snapdragon  Dragon faced flower that symbolize grace.
Cynaus Rare blue flower that symbolizes positive hope for future.

Other trending flower dog names

Gaia Babuk Birch
Garland Mandrake Pimpernel
Posey Isle Yasaman
Kalmia Cleome Lily
Diascia Nolana Aubrieta
Wedelia Peony Rose

Cute flower name tags for dogs 


The list below gives suggestions for cute pooch names that inspired by flowers and its various parts.

Booker  Botan Gooseberry
Celosia Miki Coral
Cory Diamomd Blixen
Penny Lane Peace Senna
Rain Shirly Azalea
Lavender Petal Sepal
CoryDalis Magnolia Thistle
Rhodie Niraj Myrtle
Juniper Trillium Daisy
Susan Calla Snowdrop

Unique Female floret furry pal tags


Flower female dog names make us connect it with beauty, delicate, and pure. The section underneath suggests unique names for girl dogs that conveys this.

Alyssum Balsam Calendula
Thalmus Holly Willow
Hellebore Poppy Palash
Iris Narcissa Begonia
Heliotrope Smadar Primrose
Astrantia Dianella Iberis
Lavatera Muscari Nigella
Phlox Salvia Zahur
Verbena Winterberry Nymphea
Ursinia Primula Nepeta

Traditional floral names for girl dogs


Some folks prefer to give conventional tags to their beloved pets. The list given below is an excellent suggestion for orthodox flower names.

Camelia Daphne Erica
Cosmos Fuschia Acantha
Betony Galanthus Ione
Heather Jasmine Kantuta
Lupin Manuka Nanala
Aster Blossom Gardenia
Dandelion Foxglove Glory
Hydrangea Lily Mimosa
Crocus Ranunculus Sunflower
Tulip Viola Carnation

Unique boy blossom dog tags 


Flowers can be great labels for male dogs too. Choosing a floral name for male dogs will make it stand out from the crowd.

Alder Basil Cedar
Elm Fiorello Indigo
Jared Moss Ketak
Narcissus Oleander Quill
Ren Sorel Trevor
Watson Yarrow Arnit
Cypress Florian Antonio
Anthony Bud Clem
Corey Florent Kunal
Saffron Antwan William

Rose names for female furry friends


The different synonyms of the flower rose are a good contender for female dog names. The suggestions below may help pet owners who are looking for such options.

Avon Belle Charlotte
Dorothy Emily Fiona
Ghita Imogen Lizzie
Molly Natalie Olivia
Pearl Rache Sarah
Tracey Simone Ruby
Pippin Lorna Gemma
Dawn Carrie Bonica
Agne Beverly Cornelie
Gloriana Lara Penelope

Unisex floral names for fidos


The flower names suggested here are good options for both male and female pet pals.

Anemone Bluebell Buttercup
Clover Geranium Honeysuckle
Hyacinth Lotus Orchid
Pansy Posy Tansy
Clematis Fiore Sage

Non-English Flower pooch tags


Flower synonyms in other languages are also attractive for good name choices. The list below provides suggestions for these.

Blom Lule Gul
Kvet Ois Fleur
Yvoty Virag Planda
Zieds Ubax Maua
Hoa Cicek Kembang
Bloma Cvet Ciuri
Phool Blath Floare
Bunga Kulilk Fle
Louloudi Anthos Blute
Bleunv Cvijet Blomst


Final thoughts

This article has 100 Plus flower name tags that new pet parents or adopted pet lovers can go through to zero on the right dog tag for theirs. Remember to complete a name within 14 days of the pet’s entry into the family for better comprehension and bonding. Best of luck and happy parenting!!!!

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