320 + Popular Funny and “Pun”ny Pooch Names

Dogs are human’s best pals. Naming them is a tedious process as it is a tag that will relate to it throughout its life. Pet pal name selection inspiration comes from various sources like mythology, culture, countries, language, and so on. This article will provide insights into witty dog names that are not only entertaining but will also make people laugh. These tag types are show stealers and will make the pet as well as its parent famous in the neighborhood.

Tips for choosing the apt punny dog tags

Many factors aid in arriving on the right pet label. This section will provide pointers that will ease the name selection procedure.

  • Avoid naming the pet with common dog names as it will create confusion for the pet in public places.
  • Names starting with alphabets of unmistakable sharp sounds like D, T, or K are best for dog names.
  • Refrain from selecting long names. Short names help in pet confusion avoidance. 
  • Avoid picking names that sound like the training commands like sit, stop, no, and so on.
  • For a better family connection with the pet, experts recommend to zero on pet tags with the complete family approval.
  • The legacy of the pooch breed also aids in name selection.
  • One can also zero on a pet’s name after observing the personality, appearance, and character of a dog.
  • Avoid changing the furry pal’s name in its adult stage as this will confuse the pooch.
  • Complete the name selection process within 14 days of bringing the pet pal home.

50 Trending witty dog tags


The list below suggests the popular punny dog names that are chosen by many.

Name Origin
Arf Vader Star war character and baddie
Bark Obama Dog lover and former American president Barack Obama
Chompin  French-Polish composer Frederic Chopin
Dingo star Inspired from Beatles drummer Ringo Starr
Ezra Hound Adapted from Era pound, an American poet and critic
Fido Castro Cuban strong man
Growlileo Italian physicist, astronomer, and philosopher.
Harry Pawter Harry Potter the wizard
Indiana Bones American action-adventure film
Jimmy Chew Fashion luxury brand
Karl Barx German philosopher 
Leonardog da Vinci Renaissance dog and painter 
Muttley Crew   American heavy metal band Motley Crew.
Neil Arfstrong  One small paw for dogs
Ozzy Pawsborne English singer
Pawkeye Popular Avenger character
Ronnie Barker BBC TV host
Santa Paws Christmas father
Tina Spay American actress Tina Fey
Woofy Allen Film Maker

Other Punny fido labels

Anderson Pooper Bark Twain Chuck Norris
Dog Johnson Eartha Sitt Fur-Dinand
Howl Jackman Groucho Barks January Bones
Katty Pawry Lady Lump Ma Barker
Mary Puppins Nerf Herder Orko
Paw-casso Queen Elizibark Ramen
Sarah Barker Taylor Pawtner Underdog
Whoopi Xena waggly Beowoof
Jim Barksons Mulligan Rosa Barks
Sofia Vergrrra Vera pang Ubu

Punny male pet pals


This section includes witty male dog names from various genres like entertainment, historical, fiction, animation, and so on.

Andy Barkhowl Barchimedes Corg Clooney
Dane Fonda Fuzz Aldrin Geoffrey Pawcer
Howlexander Jude Paw Kareem Jabark
Luke Skybarker Mutthatma Gandhi Obi Wag
Pawgustus Ryan Fleacrest Snarly Brown
The Great Houndini  Woofy Allen Will Sniff
Barko Polo C3-Pee-O Droolius Caesar
Fyodor Dogstoyevsky  James Earl Bones Luciano Pawarotti
Mephistofleas Pugtruchio Spaniel Craig
Winston Furchill Jake Gyllenpaw David Bowie

Witty Female dog labels


Punny names also go well on female furry pals. Check out the suggestions below.

A-leash-a Britney Ears Celine Pee-on
Doghpi Flea Thompson Grrmione Granger
Haira Jane Pawsten KD Fang
Lady Dogiva Mariah Hairy  Nigella Pawson 
Pawmpei  Olivia Chewton Rowena Ravenpaw
Sansa Bark Vera Fang Winnie The Poodle
Virginia Woof  Billie Hollidog Cleopawtra
Diggy Azelea Fleyonce Knowles Howlen of Troy
50 Cent Margaret Atwoof  Pawsephone
Christina Waguilera Angela Hound Katy Pawry

Pun pooch names inspired by culture


Fans of pop culture would love to name their dog with some of their favorite characters that could be funny as well as witty.

Dobby Elmo Frodo
Gollum Khalessi Mister Miyagi
Pikachu Pumba Rocky
Yoda Kanye westie Cat Damon
Bark E. Bark Bone Jovi Woofie Goldberg
Meowly Cyrus Bibo Waggins The Great Catsby
Butch Catsidy Cat Stevens Santa Claws
Demi Meower Catalie Portman Meowgi
Catrick Harris Puma Thurman Kitty Pawpins
Mutt Damon Catrick Swayze JK Moewling

Star war and Star Trek puns 


Star war and Star trek lovers could use these suggestions for their dog names.

Arftoo D2 Chewbarka Arf Maul
Boba Fetch Jabba the Mutt Luke Sky barker
Captain Fursma Lando Catrissian Emperor Meowpatine
Leonard Nemeow Luke sky whisker Willian Catner
Captain Purrcard General Wagge Sheev Pawpatine
Claw solo Sabé Purr Paw Dameron
Zorii Tail Wilhiss Count Drool
Obi Paw Purr Windu Senator Bark
Pawen Lars Paw Rey Wampaw
Cody Bark Claw Koon Purr Lars

Harry Potter-inspired punny tags


Many folks are great fans of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, the wizard. The section below suggests names with Harry Potter puns.

Pansy Barkinson Salazar Snifferin Palfoy
Albus Puppledore Severous Sniff Luna Paw good
Sirihiss Black Hairy Purrter Hufflepug
Dogwarts Gryffinpup Ravenclaw
Hufflepoochs Woofcastle Dobby
Gryffindog Raven paw Padfoot
Ruffyndor Dumbledog  Purrol
Barktemius Hoggy Hufflepuff
Ron Fleasly JK Growling JK Meowling
Rowena Ravenpaw Godric Griffindog Hairy Paw-ter

Actor Pun pooch names 


Hollywood actors and actress names are great for forming punny dog tags. This section includes suggestions based on these.

Alan Barkin Amy Pawng Amy Farrah Howler
Bark-Paul Gosselar Bark Darcy Bark Ruffalo
Brad Sit Carmen Sandi-dog-o Collie Golightly
Corgi Cox Dane Fonda Dobie Smulders
Donna Barkin Flea Michele George Tailey
Ifleana Menzel Janu-hairy Jones Katy Hairy
Lick Carter Maya Rudog Nose-Anne Purr
Paw Newman Sansa Bark Terry Bradshaw
Tom Colickio Waggy Smith Will Sniff
Will Arpet Vince Pombardi Tyribone Lannister

Historical pun names for fidos


Famous figures of history are great options for punny pooch names. From explorers to philosophers, the list below provides insights into some of them.

Woof Bader Ginsburg Dognald Trump  Barack Obameow
Catpurnicus Cleocatra Oedipuss
Chairwoman Meow Margaret Scratcher Henry Hissinger
Paw Revere Sigmund Flead Arthur Canine
Dogstoyevsky Woof Blitzer Ghengis Khat
Leif Ericsbone  Napawleon  Brutus
William Shakespaw William Shakespurr George Washingbone
Chairman Miao Salvador Dogi Pawton
Albone Einstein Alexander Hameowlton King Charles Bronson

Funny dog names adapted from silly words


Silly words are not only hilarious but are one of the best choices for dogs that are clowns.

Bumfuzzle Collywobbles Gardyloo
Foopdoodle Gubbins Lollygag
Mollycoddle Sassafras Schnigglepeuf
Snickersnee Tara Diddle Toondoo
Wallaby Widdershins Babuksha
Baby Bark Big guy Growlilocks
Whizz poop Whoopi Zoomi
Woofles Loopy Lu Power paws
Ricky Bobby Fancy feet Baloo
Bean Blueberry Hobbit


Final thoughts

Witty names put smiles on the faces of the family as well as outsiders. This article will make its readers smile in between the tedious name search process. Best of luck!!!!


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