10 Best Dog Shirts

Fashion is no longer just for humans. Dogs can be dressed as chic and as snazzy as their moms and dads! In today’s market, there are a number of dog clothing options available at affordable costs so your pooch can look his best on a budget too.

However, dog clothing is not just for fashion. It has a number of benefits which your dog deserves to enjoy just as much as the next.

Benefits of Dog Clothing:

Protection from Extreme Temperatures: Dog clothing protects dogs from extreme cold and hot temperatures. They may have thick skin and fur protecting them, but another layer of added protection keeps away the risk of sickness and viral infections in pets.

Protects the Skin: Putting a shirt on your dog doesn’t have to just look cute. It protects your pet from fleas and ticks as the critters just latch onto the shirt for you to catch and exterminate! It prevents dirt and grime from collecting on the pet which is helpful in those cold winters when your pet can’t have a bath.

Comfort: Dog clothing can add a layer of comfortable insulation from the surfaces that your pet comes into contact with in his everyday life. This can prevent their skin from getting rashes due to rough surfaces and even callouses.

Reduces Dander and Shedding: The advantage of putting fabric on your pet is that the dander and dead skin from the surface of your pet’s skin does not come into contact with your immediate surroundings. It also prevents excessive shedding of hair from hairier dogs and is easier to tidy up. Don’t forget to bathe and brush your pet before putting them in a shirt, though!

Guide to Dog Sizing

Here is a guide you can use to determine what sized clothing is best for your pet.

Extra Small

  • Neck – 5.5”
  • Back – 7”
  • Chest – 12”
    Examples: Toy Poodles, Toy Poms, Chihuahua


  • Neck – 6.5”
  • Back – 9”
  • Chest – 15”
    Examples: Cocker Spaniel, Beagle


  • Neck – 8”
  • Back – 13”
  • Chest – 24”
    Examples: Dalmatian, Greyhound


  • Neck – 10”
  • Back – 17”
  • Chest – 24”
    Examples: German Shepard, Boxer

Extra Large

  • Neck – 13.5”
  • Back – 20”
  • Chest – 29”
    Examples: Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs

10 Cutest Dog Shirts To Buy Online

Tooth & Honey Big Dog/Stripe Shirt/Pullover/Full Belly Coverage/Olive Grey

Customer Rating:
5 Stars
About Product:
Tooth & Honey Striped Shirt is an olive green coloured pullover for your pet. It is a sure fit for bigger dogs and even accommodates deeper set chests. The materials used are fine and light and do not irritate the skin. The size is adequately accommodating and customers swear by it!

Key Elements:

  • It covers maximum surface area on the underbelly and also comes with mid length sleeves for those cold days.
  • This shirt is designed for larger dogs and comes in light and breathable fabrics that don’t weigh your precious pooch down.
  • With 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this shirt is a sure hit with pets and keeps them adequately protected.
  • The shirt is machine washable.

Blueberry Pet Soft and Comfy Sea Lover Cotton Blend Dog T Shirts or Romper


Customer Rating: 5 Stars
About Product: The Blueberry Rompers are well fit and adorable. They are loved by dogs as much as their owners. The beachy vibe of the rompers gives your pet some oomph and makes them stand out. The size is perfect for small and medium sized dogs.

Key Elements:

  • Comes in a pack of two rompers – one blue and one pink
  • The shirts are short sleeved and have an anchor and a crab motif sown onto the backs (not removable).
  • Can be washed in a washing machine at home. Best washed in cold water and on a gentle cycle.
  • Contains 35% pure cotton fabric and 65% polyester.

Puppy Face Dog Hoodie T Shirt with Harness Hole Pet Clothes for Dogs

Customer Rating: 4.5 stars
About Product:
This tiny hoodie shirt is equal measures adorable and convenient. Put this on your pet and watch them get cosy on the bed or the floor or any surface they like! The outfit prevents dust from getting to the skin surface and is a well fit for dogs in the 20-30 lb weight group.

Key Elements:

  • Made of 65% cotton fabric and 35% polyester fabric.
  • This hoodie shirt can be washed in a washing machine.
  • It is breathable and keeps the pet warm enough.
  • It is adorned with a trim of animal print fabric, giving it the kick it needs!

Parisian Pet Dog Cat Clothes Sheriff T-Shirt

Customer Rating:
4.5 stars
About Product:
The Parisian Pet Dog Sheriff T-shirt is the perfect conversation starter to put on your pet. The t-shirt comes with the word ‘Sheriff’ emblazoned on the back in bold print and resembles a small muscle tee. Other designs available are ‘Police K-9 Unit’, ‘FBI’, and ‘Security’ etc. prints.

Key Elements:

  • The t-shirt is flexible for an active dog and breathable. It is made of 100% pure cotton fabric.
  • Best fir for smaller or medium sized dogs.
  • Exceptional quality of material and delivery.
  • Easy to wash and does not irritate pet’s skin.

Expawlorer Hawaiian Pet Dog Polo T-Shirt Cute for Small to Medium Puppy Cats Cool Summer Custom Vest

Customer Rating:
4 stars
About Product: The Expawlorer Hawaiian shirt comes in various sizes. There is one available for a dog of almost any size. The chest and back ratio of fitting the shirt has been perfected in this perfect mix of casual and cute for your pet’s next outing. For some dogs, the shirt may be longer than necessary, and may require some shortening. Otherwise, this product meets the mark.
Key Elements:

  • The shirt comes with Velcro closure panels along where the buttons would be, making this convenient to put on or take off your pet.
  • The sizing options for this shirt are wide and adaptable.
  • The cotton make of the product prevents sunburn on pets and also protects them from external factors.
  • The Hawaiian vibe of the fabric used makes this a perfect party shirt.

DroolingDog Puppy Clothes Pet Cat Vest Dog Shirt for Small Dogs,

Customer Rating:
4.5 stars
About Product:
The DroolongDog clothing line is known for its quirky design and adorable vibe. The use of pastel shades for this pack of t-shirts is very comfortable on the eyes and is good for everyday usage. These tiny t-shirts can be made a part of a daytime look, or they can be used as pyjama tops! The fun doesn’t stop when your pet looks as cute as a baby.
Key Elements:

  • This comes in a pack of three t-shirts in blue, pink and mauve coloured stripes.
  • The pack is made of soft, warm and light fabric and keeps the skin breathing through the day or night.
  • The classic stripes on the fabric look chic on any pet, and give them a look of aristocracy!
  • Although these doggie shirts are also machine washable, they may tend to run some colour, and so should be washed separately.

Big Brother Shirt for Dogs

Price: $ $18.99
Customer Rating: 4.5 stars
About Product: For all those adopting and fostering enthusiasts, this shirt is a perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. If you are about to bring in another baby or a puppy into the home, this shirt could be the perfect way to break the news – both to your pet, as well as to your family and friends! Additionally, this shirt is priced at a merely $19, and is well worth its price.
Key Elements:

  • The fabric of this t-shirt is 97% ring spun cotton and 3% polyester. It is even sown in 100% cotton thread to not irritate the skin of your pet at all!
  • It contains ribbing on the neck and arm holes and is double stitched so that there is minimum friction with the skin.
  • This t-shirt is best for smaller dogs as the chest is not as expandable for breeds with larger or deeper chests.
  • The sizing of this product usually runs small, so pick a size up from what you measure your pet to be. Customer reviews on it have shown that the t-shirt is sweet and serves the purpose, but comes up short.

Uvoguepaw Dog Blank Cotton Shirts for Large, Medium and Small Pet – Basic Soft Breathable Clothes

Customer Rating:
4.5 stars
About Product:
Uvoguepaw tshirt vests are plain coloured vests which come in a range of basic colours. These make for great indoor t-shirts and are perfect for layering of jackets for dogs in colder regions. This pack contains one steel grey and one light grey short sleeved t-shirt. For dogs who have gone through medical procedures, these shirts can be used to cover wounds and prevent biting, scratching or infection. The t-shirts are loose bottomed and are easy fits.

Key Elements:

  • This product comes in a pack of two.
  • These shirts are 95% cotton fabric, mixed with 5% polyester, making it soft and wearable, and perfect for the summer.
  • The bare essential colour scheme and plain t-shirts look is as classy on a dog as it is on humans, and these t-shirts will change the game for your pet.
  • These t-shirts are machine washable and are good for rough use, like teething puppies or active dogs.
  • The elasticity of these shirts makes them fantastic buys for those pet owners whose dogs are overly active. The plain colours soothe the dogs and the stretch in the material allows them to play and run around to their hearts content, without getting in the way of fun!

Blueberry Pet Pack of 2 Back to Basic Cotton Blend Dog Polo Shirts and Personalized Polo Shirts

Customer Rating:
4.5 stars
About Product:
The product is a pack of two basic cotton polo t-shirts for your pet. The shirts are cute, smart and can transform the looks of any dog! The t-shirt comes with protective collars and a longer back to cover the hind legs and protect them from heat.

Key Elements:

  • Great fit, and customisable. This t-shirts are every dog’s dream!
  • The fabric is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The ribbed trim around the collar and sleeves is made of 100% polyester.
  • This product washes well in a machine and is no hassle to dry.

Fitwarm Western Plaid Dog Shirts for Pet Clothes Polo Apparel


Price: $13.99
Customer Rating:
4 stars
About Product:
Having a pet as a ring bearer can be wonderful to watch and experience. However, having a well-dressed pet, dressed suavely in a bowtie and a collared shirt really turns up the game. These affordable shirts come in flexible sizes and good quality fabric.

Key Elements

  • Shirt comes with easy to take off and put on snaps.
  • The bowtie is detachable, and makes for a great look for the after party!


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