310 + Best Witchy Dog Names for Your New Male and Female Puppy

Witchy Dog Names for Magical Pups:Many dog lovers prefer classic or traditional names, but there are a few who take an unconventional approach, i.e., finding charm in selecting witchy names for their beloved furry companions. However, it’s worth mentioning that opting for a witch dog name is not a bad idea! For your magical pups, such names can be quirky and leave a lasting impression.

If you’re on the hunt for witchy dog names and finding it challenging to discover the perfect one, you are at the right place!

How to Choose Witchy Dog Names

Selecting witchy dog names can be a fun and creative process. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind while naming your magical pet pal. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

Apart from considering your dog’s personality traits and appearance, which are important in the naming process, you will also need to conduct research on witchy names from various sources such as mythology, folklore, literature, movies, and TV shows to draw inspiration for the perfect name.

Additionally, keep an eye out for names that carry meaning, ones that not only sound magical but also possess uniqueness and perfectly match your dog’s individual characteristics.

Lastly, don’t forget to try out the name by calling your dog and seeing its reaction. If your dog responds positively, then you can be sure that you have the perfect name for your sweetheart.

50 Best Witch Dog Names With Meaning

Here are a few best “witchy dog names” along with their meanings.



Names Meaning
Thalia Muse of comedy and poetry
Endora From the television show Bewitched
Merlin Named after the legendary wizard, signifying wisdom and magical prowess
Samhain A Greek name meaning “summer’s end”
Morgana After the legendary enchantress, evoking a mysterious and magical aura
Magnus Great or powerful
Mater After Mater Suspiriorum in Suspiria
Seraphina Represents divine magic
Zenith Symbolizes magic reaching its peak
Zelda Strong
Sable Black or dark
Griffin Mythical creature combining a lion and an eagle. Symbolizes majesty and magic
Granger After the one and only Hermione Granger
Circe From The Odyssey
Witchiepoo From H.R. Pufnstuf
Inara Derived from “anara”. Meaning “illumination”
Yaga For the infamous Baba Yaga in Slavic folklore
Downs Because of Nancy Downs in The Craft
Sanderson For Winnie Sanderson in the beloved Hocus Pocus
Cagliostro Named after the famous eighteenth-century occultist and soothsayer


Presenting a list of popular, unique and cool witchy dog names that could be a perfect fit for your extraordinary and enchanting pet.

Enigma Demon Myrtle
Eowyn Kyteler Lenox
Batty Enchantress Mog
Hestia Lentil Lamia
Nissa Perdita Majo
Nova Beatrix Nero
Margery Malificent Rhiamon
Sabre Endroa Theodora
Evanora Amethyst Sukie
Spirit Corinne Helena

30 Witchy Female Dog Names

If you’re seeking a witchy name for your female dog, here is a list of mystical and magical monikers to consider.

Samantha Gemma Electra
Eureka Nimue Wendy
Willow Phoebe Diana
Della Jezebel Esther
Sabrina Aura Belinda
Sybil Morrigan Nutter
Ursula Minnie Alexia
Tamsin Lilith Mills
Marnie Claudia Talon
Hecate Hilda Ethel


30 Witchy Male Dog Names

Here are some witchy and mystical names for your male dog.


Hocus Oberon Axel
Amazo Orwen Harvey
Draco Albus Herb
Blaze Zorro Diablo
Bran Alatar Lucky
Thorn Rigel Pandora
Damien Cinder Lucius
Geralt Allan Styx
Alaric Vortex Jin
Bruxo Phobos Egan

30 Pagan Dog Names

Paganism is a broad term that encompasses and influences many other types of spirituality. Within the realm of “Paganism,” you can find traditions such as Wicca and others.

“Pagan dog” is not an official breed or category of dogs. It is a phrase that is used to describe a dog that belongs to or is associated with someone who follows Pagan beliefs. On the other hand, the term “Wicca dog” signifies that the dog’s owner identifies as Wiccan and suggests a link to Wiccan spiritual practices.

While the initial 15 names draw inspiration from Pagan beliefs, the subsequent 15 names are inspired by Wiccan spirituality. Take a look!

Phoenix Freya Star
Pan Loki Misty
Sage Apollo Rainbow
Odin Thor Luna
Gaia Eros Topaz
Willow Rose Astrid
Ember Sabrina Sun
Rowan Ruby Zephyr
Titania Isis Jade
Willow Moon Agate

30 Witchy Boy Dog Names

Here are some of the fun and popular itchy boy names that could be a perfect fit for your furry companion.


Coven Stonebrook Owen
Hocus Pocus Lenox Christopher
Mater Briar Fang
Spellcaster Druid Stephen
Drema Mim Kai
Crowley Kijo Faegan
Miller Finch Hubble
Price Grandy Cabot
Ebenezer Jafar Bellamy
Mombi Crone Enid

30 Witchy Girl Dog Names

If you have a girl puppy and are searching for witchy girl names, here are a few enchanting options to consider!

Abra Clove Ginny
Syrma Empusa Glinda
Alita Phaedra Mary
Prudence Dora Greta
Ophelia Mortician Agatha
Elvira Minerva Fiona
Davina Fauna Honey
Edwina Wilhelmina Amabel
Queenie Dementia Jenny
Satana Flora Lamia


30 Witchy Black Dog Names

For those with a black dog seeking witchy names for their beloved furry pal, here are some enchanting options to consider.




Ash Stormy
Pepper Dakota Zorro
Asa Slate Tempest
Scout Noir Dusty
Onyx Opal Lucifer
Orion Coal Vader
Jet Tarot Vesper
Olice Ace Stella
Ebony Thunder Blair
Hershey Carbon Bellatrix

30 Witchy Puppy Names

Presenting some unique witchy names for your puppy that will add a touch of magic and mystery to their identity!

Pluto Elysia Silver
Aloe Viv Clara
Ron Isolde Zenobia
Amy Rune Brook
Solara Ward Arwen
Sam Sorrel Bonnie
Wren Puck Xander
Zinnia West Sylvan
Tom Bane Calypso
Elara Wile Oscar

30 Halloween Names for Dogs

If you are looking for Halloween-inspired dog names, here are some cool options that perfectly capture the enchanting and spooky essence of your furry friend.


Dexter Spider Cujo
Spell Wednesday Sherlock
Howler Raven Vixen
Jack Phantom Hallow
Ninja Chucky Spooky
Goblin Bones Salem
Jinx Samara Casper
Mystic Ghost Wicca
Mischief Dracula Spider
Shadow Pumpkin Hex

30 Magical Dog Names

Presenting some magical names for your furry pal that inspiration from mystical, mythology, nature, celestial elements and concepts.

Mystery Zara Wanda
Magic Ronald Hercules
Mystique October Cleo
Nimbus Whisper Celeste
Nancy Hope Alchemy
Indigo Clover Binx
Harry Eva Fortune
Regina Athena Astral
Ivy Sparkle Mage
Antonia Twilight Cosmo



Although these names may be unconventional, they have a unique ability to leave a lasting impression. We hope the above list of names helped you in naming your furry companion. If you have any favorites from the list, don’t hesitate to let us know. Happy naming!


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