290 + Best British Dog Names – Popular English Dog Names for your Royal Pooch

Most Popular Dog Names in the UK: When one thinks of an “English dog” or “British dog”, warm and affectionate images of treasured canine companions come to mind.  Throughout history, dogs have had a strong and lasting connection with British culture, becoming an important part of its story. From working diligently on vast estates to becoming beloved family pets in urban homes, these four-legged companions have left a lasting impact on the hearts of people across the nation.

Whether your dog’s heritage has ties to the UK or you simply love English names and intend to give your pooch one, we are here to assist you with a selection of delightful options for your cherished companion.

How to Choose British Dog Names

Apart from considering your pet’s personality traits, behavior and appearances, here are some other important steps that might help you select the perfect name for your furry friend. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  1. British Culture: Explore British history, literature, landmarks and famous figures. Take inspiration from names associated with these elements when choosing the perfect name for your furry friend.
  2. British Dog Breeds: You can also take inspiration from dog breeds that originated in the UK to name your pet.
  3. Traditional and classic names: Consider classic British names that can add a timeless touch to your dog’s identity, reflecting the enduring charm of generations past.
  4. Modern and Trendy Names: Alternatively, you can also consider contemporary names that might align with current naming trends.
  5. Test it out! Test the name by calling your pet with the name you selected and check its response. If it reacts positively, then you can be confident that the name is ideal for your pooch.


50 Best British Dog Names With Meanings

Below, you can find a varied assortment of the best British-inspired dog names, each accompanied by its meaning.


Names Meaning
Chester Fortress or camp
Isla Island
Buddy Friend
Charlie Free man
Poppy Inspired by the vibrant red poppy flower, symbolizing remembrance and consolation
Maggie Pearl
Bruno Brown
Cooper Craftsman
Percy Pierces the valley
Alfie Wise counselor
Oscar Divine spear or deer-lover
Una One or Unique
Dexter Right-handed or skillful
Casper Treasurer
Hugo Intellect
Winnie Blessed
Edwin Rich friend
Toby God is good
Murphy Sea warrior
Jasper Treasure keeper


Here are some more popular British-inspired dog names that encompass a mix of classic elegance and contemporary charm, making them excellent choices for any British dog or dog owner who appreciates British culture.

Bentley Rocco Jack
Bella Abbot Teddy
Coco Buster Otis
Max Ladd Mike
Luna Scout Ziggy
Bear Allen Smokey
Monty Benji Rufus
Riley Amos Preston
Ruby Leo Gizmo
Shadow Calvin Ferris

30 Dog Names From British Culture

From TV stars to movie actors to music marvels, the pop culture of the UK is gaining popularity worldwide. Here are some top names inspired by British culture that can serve as inspiration when naming your beloved furry friend.

Sherlock Gatsby Pippa
Jack Emma Ginger
Xander Elton Margot
Adele Gandalf Florence
Queenie Oliver Kitty
Bruce Clouseau Byron
Percy Arthur Robin
Cato Beckham Darcy
Ingrid Ivy Violet
Cuckoo Ed Lennon

30 Dog Names From Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones” is a popular television series based on George R.R. Martin’s novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The show is known for its epic storytelling, complex characters, political scheming and elements of fantasy. If you are an ardent fan of this show and wish to name your pet pal after its iconic characters, here are some fantastic options listed below.

Arya Ellaria Cersei
Sansa Lysa Summer
Shaggydog Lyanna Myrcella
Meera Joffrey Renly
Bronn Robb Gregor
Roslin Jorah Gilly
Olenna Petyr Grenn
Osha Robert Podrick
Theon Ros Drogo
Benjen Jon Shireen

30 Dog Names Inspired by the Royal Family

If you wish to give your pooch a regal and elegant touch by naming them after the British Royal Family, here are a few options that will add a sense of grandeur to your furry companion’s identity.


Alice Beatrice Louis
Elizbeth Albert Meghan
Alexandra Isabella Isla
George Grace Matilda
Anne Theodore Henry
Richard Kate Katherine
Charles Fiona Harry
Queenie Victoria Edward
Charlotte Margaret William
Philip Sophia Nicholas

30 British Dog Names Inspired by Geography

If you are fascinated by the UK’s geography and wish to name your pet after your favorite or historical places, here are some beautiful options to consider.


Avon Derby Kent
Ashby Colchester Derry
Carrick Hampton Exeter
Brighton Windsor Ely
Ives Chatham Lincoln
Alton Kingston Ness
Balmoral Bristol Kenton
Hadrian Truro Surrey
Stone Hound Swindon
Clyde York London

30 Dog Names From British Slang

Here are some cool and unique names inspired by British slang.

Muppet Jolly Gaff
Jammy Cheeky Nosh
Bonnie Iffy Geordie
Nutty Quirky Vino
Lad Rugger Ronky
Lass Mate Cheerio
Xylo Bonkers Haggis
Quid Bloke Zed
Posh Arvo Shiner
Ace Ronky Kip

30 British Dog Names for Female Dogs

If you are looking for British names for female dogs, here are some beautiful and meaningful options to consider.


Lola Lulu Barbara
Archie Molly Scarlet
Daisy Amy Minnie
Lassie Reggie Darcie
Ada Catherine Penny
Ruby Millie Mia
Amelia Christina Roxy
Agnes Lily Lucy
Rosie Dora Caroline
Ashley Lucy Olivia

30 British Dog Names for Male Dogs

If you are looking for British names for your male furry companions, here are some cool and beautiful options.

Milo Anthony Daniel
Duke Lester Malcom
Tilly Jax Pepper
Willow Arnold Cyril
Finn Hunter Sam
Peanut Lewis Kobe
Bertie Benjamin Edmund
Adam Stanley Walter
Bently Lord Eric
Andrew Christopher Frank

30 Neutral Dog Names

Looking for neutral British dog names that work well for both male and female dogs, here are some wonderful options to consider.

Mel Sidney Addison
Mason Fallon Blair
Casey Kent Kelsey
Taylor Hayden Vaughn
Jordan Tatum Perth
Hudson Avery Peyton
Morgan Skyler Noel
Glenn Reese Hollis
Blake Quinn Whitney
Carter Dana Parker



The list provided above comprises a diverse and delightful array of names that can be ideal choices for your beloved pet. Regardless of your preference, whether it be for classic and timeless names that have withstood the test of time, or trendy and modern names that reflect current naming trends, there’s something for every pet owner.

We hope the list helped you find the perfect name for your furry companion. If you did, do share with us.


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