200 + Best Old-Fashioned Female Dog Names

Best Old-Fashioned Female Dog Names:Are you searching for the perfect name for your female furry companion, one that embodies both vintage charm and nostalgia? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find a curated list of classic and timeless choices that will make your new puppy truly stand out. So, why wait? Let’s kickstart the naming process right away!

How to choose old-fashioned female dog names

Unlike trendy names that lose their essence after some time as trends fade away, old-fashioned names stand the test of time, remaining timeless and enduring. Well, the process of choosing old-fashioned female dog names can be quite delightful. Take a look at the following steps, as they will make the naming process easy! https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

In addition to considering your dog’s personality traits and appearance, which is essential, this type of naming process requires thorough research on old-fashioned names from various eras. Research names from historical figures, literature, films and pop culture of the past to create a list of potential choices. Additionally, choosing a specific time period or era (like the Victorian era and others) can add an appealing touch to the process.

Other things that you need to consider are of course, a meaningful and simple name. Finally, test the name by calling your pet and seeing its response. If it reacts positively, you have the right name for your pooch.

50 Best old-fashioned female dog names

Presenting you some of the best and popular old-fashioned female dog names with their meaning.


Names Meaning
Agatha A Greek name which means “good” or “kind.”
Abigail The name comes from the Biblical Hebrew. Meaning “father’s joy”
Clementine Merciful or gentle
Bella Beautiful
Cecile Heavenly Lily
Daisy Flower. Symbolizing innocence and purity
Effie Well-spoken
Iris Rainbow
Bonnie Beautiful or cheerful
Ivy Symbolizes faithfulness and eternity
Nora Honor
Ruby Precious gemstone
Violet Flower, symbolizing modesty and virtue
Stella star
Ada Nobility
Clara Latin name. Meaning “bright” or “clear”
Winnie Gentle friend
June Month. Symbolizes summer and vitality
Agnes Pure
Zara Radiance or blooming flower


Here are few more beautiful and sassy old-fashioned female dog names that you can consider for your furry companion.

Nora Birdie Maisie
Mary Jo Catherine Greta
Adeline Ava Josephine
Shirley Vera Sylvia
Alice Odessa Hilda
Anna Viola Betty
Goldie Penelope Hazel
Martha Patricia Dory
Addy Opal Millie
Elsie Dorothy Emma

30 Funny Old Lady Names for Dogs

If your beloved pooch is young and has a playful personality, these funny old lady dog names will surely suit her perfectly!


Barb Tina Deborah
Bertha Gladys Fuzzy Wuzzy
Moira Irene Jan
Dottie Florence Ursula
Linda Star Inez
Jolene Francine Bernice
Gertrude May Xandra
Zelda Alberta Lillian Slobberchops
Maxine Ophelia Kiki
Tillie Edna Queenie Fluffernutter

30 Cute Old Lady Names for Dogs

Here are some adorable old lady names for pet pal that bring a touch of charm and sweetness to your beloved furry friend’s identity!


Beatrice Amelia Flora
Anastasia Frida Rita
Cornelia Blossom Joan
Arlene Eva Opal
Augusta Clover Roxy
Esther Bluebell Darcy
Annabelle Marcy Coral
Evelyn Claire Jacqueline
Averill Ruth Eliza
Beth Coco Poppy


30 Old Lady Names Based on British Comedies

Listed below are a few names inspired by the wit and humor of British comedies. These names can infuse your furry companion’s identity with a delightful vintage charm!

Jean Gwendolyn Isadora
Hyacinth Enid Henrietta
Daphne Blanche Prudence
Clarissa Doris Cynthia
Mabel Nigella Lavender
Polly Winifred Lucretia
Xanthe Myrtle Theodora
Maureen Verity Ingrid
Sybil Maude Odette
Constance Tabitha Rosamund


30 Vintage and Timeless Old Lady Dog Names

Presenting a collection of vintage names that flawlessly capture the beauty of bygone eras and will forever remain charming choices for your furry pal.



Naomi Rosalind Katherine
Winona Eleanor Brenda
Betsy Violette Rosemary
Olive Nathalie Vivian
Thea Norma Pearl
Esmerelda Isabelle Carrie
Selma Sandra Matilda
Priscilla Eugenia Deanna
Marguerite Chrissy Edith
Bridget Zinnia Heather


30 Pop Culture Old Lady Names for Dogs

Below is a compilation of names that draw inspiration from famous actors or characters featured in movies, TV shows and literature.


Janis Lindsey Peggy
Betty White Ramona Angela
Hermione Ida Xena
Emily Cordelia Meg
Amélie Kitty Yara
Grace Juno Deena
Fiona Lucille Uma
Frankie Kendra Lois
Gloria Minnie Sally
Sophia Nyota Kate



We hope that you found a beautiful name from the above list for your furry companion. If yes, please don’t forget to share it with us. We would be delighted to know the name you picked for your beloved pet.



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