200 + Best Facile Fancy Dog Names

Every dog has its personality, character, and fashion. Choosing a name for

a royal, elegant, charming, or regal pet pal is a tedious process. One needs to ponder if the selected tags suit the dog’s personality and satisfy the pet parent’s taste also.

This article will simplify the name selection process of pet parents that have recently welcomed a new puppy or an adopted friend that is royal, elegant, and fashionable. The section below provides a fancy name list for all dog breeds of all sizes and personalities. Read on!

How to Choose a Fancy Dog Name?

One of the primary parts of welcoming a pet pal to the family includes selecting a name. Name selection is crucial because the pet will be associated with this tag for its lifetime. The section below provides some pointers that a pet parent needs to keep in mind while choosing a fancy name for their furry friend.

  • Choose a fancy dog name that is not only liked and appreciated by you but is also well captured by your pooch.
  • Pick a small tag with fewer syllables over longer names for better pet perseverance.
  • Refrain using the mainstream dog tags till the four-legged pal is aware of its name.
  • Select names that begin with syllables having a sharp unmistakable sound. A tag that starts with a D, T, or K should be preferred over S or F for better pet comprehension.
  • Likewise, stay away from names that rhyme with the training commands like sit, no, down, and so on for a faster obedience training process.
  • The dog’s breed legacy can make the name selection simpler.
  • Try evaluating the furry friend’s conduct and behavior for christening the apt tag.
  • Avoid changing adult dog’s names. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a tag that is similar to their old one.

Top Trending Fancy Dog Names


This section lists some of the unique, updated, stylish dog names that best describe the royal and fashionable well-known dog breeds.

Arturo Benson Chandler Dixon
Washington Mercedes Ivy Jefferson
Churchill Romeo Sophie Porter
Desmond Preston Keane Argos
Carter Burhbank Gatsby Lancelot
Grace Leo Edmund Federick
Isabella Sapphire Topaz Rex
Blake Hayes Chaucer Darcy
Carmichael Giselle Lyndon Scarlett
Gabriella Talladega Harper Rory
Harmony Supreme Wesley Ophelia
Diva Belle Kendrick Winston
Harlowe Barclay

Best Royal Dog Names

The dogs owned by the royals are still the favorite breeds of many. Pet parents also look for names that the Royals chose. The section below enlists the names the popular royal dog names.

Avalon Bartley Cora
Duke Edgar Monty
Hugo Olympia Kingston
Jack Ambassador Finnegan
Espresso Fletcher Ebony
Rufus Atworth Bentley
Effie Caesar Stella
Kenedy Cartier Jacques
Madonna Penelope Elizabeth
Cleo Ming Zara


Unique Male Fancy Dog Tags

If you are looking for fancy names for your male furry pal, check out the list for unique and trending fancy labels.

Apollo Beckham Emerson Stedman
Maddox Kipling Faulkner Picaso
Constantine Prince Maxwell Wallace
Broderick Archer Milo Kobe
Truman Otto Parker Orion


Cute and Beautiful Fancy Female Dog Tags

Fancy names suit well on female dogs as they are pretty, elegant, and cute.

Clifford Archibald Elsa Avalon
Portia Fifi Princess Diamond
Jules Gucci Ebony Willa
Rose Chanel Jewel Pippa
Lily Aria Bianca Evelyn


Fancy Names for Big Dogs


Large breed dogs have larger-than-life personalities. The names inspired by regal titles might be the right fit for these big dogs.  Read on!!


Baron Godfrey Aldous Ivan
James Sasha Chanel Eva
Harmon Olympia Monty King
Pandora Sherman Ashton Cormac
Blakeley Lola Hamlet Atlas


Fancy Names for Small Dogs

Pint-size dogs also have a great class and regal look. After all, appreciable things come in tiny packages. The names suggested below are great options for these fancy small dog breeds.


Othello Gustav Bryce Archie
Hartford Bond Alexander Macbeth
Laurent Rupert Kayden Atticus
Eldridge Nikita Max Paxton
Quixote Jax Cobalt Easton


Fancy Dog Names Inspired by Worldwide Trending Brands


The branded clothes, bags, shoes, other commodity labels are themselves fashionable and fancy. The names inspired by these brands will be cool dog naming options. Check out!


Bijou Cristobal Dolce Gabbana
Ginger Miuccia Louis Hermes
Manolo Princess Stella Tifanny
Vera Pixie Marilyn Lulu
Guinevere Frédéric Baby Duchess


Final Thoughts

Naming your four-legged pal with a fancy name will never go out of trend. Choose a name enlisted in the different sections or use one’s imagination and coin new names. But always remember to complete the naming process within 14 days of the pet pal’s addition into the new surroundings. Do not forget to comment on the fancy tags you chose for your furry friends

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