200 Plus Unique and Popular Mastiff Dog Names


Shreds of evidence depict that the Mastiff is around for thousands of years and was used in dog fights for aristocrats or extra muscle on the battlefield in ancient Egypt to Rome and China. Later after world war-II, their existence was under threat. The modern-day’s Mastiffs hails from England. They are courageous, muscular, patient, affectionate, and are highly loyal. This loyalty makes them go to any extent to protect their loved ones. Hence experts recommend training and socializing this heavy breed from the puppy stage. Mastiffs are great companions if one has space to accommodate the large breed and are used to loud snores and drools. 

Individuals or family that has recently or is planning to welcome a Mastiff home. This article will provide unique and popular naming ideas to fasten your name selection process. Read on.

How to choose Mastiff dog tags


Naming a dog is a tedious and exciting process post welcoming a dog into the family. The section below provides critical pointers that will aid in simplifying the tag selection process.

  • Choose a tag that you appreciate. 
  • Evaluate the chosen name for a few days to see the pet’s comprehension.
  • Prefer shorter over longer names for quicker pet grasping.
  • Choose a name that begins with letters like D, T, or K with a sharp and unmistakable sound for better pooch comprehension.
  • Refrain from naming the dog with names that resemble their training commands and orders.
  • The pet’s breed’s legacy aid in name selection.
  • Observe the pet for a day or two and choose their tags based on their personality, appearance, and character.
  • Avoid changing adult dog names that one adopts. In unavoidable situations, choose one that sounds similar to the older one.
  • Avoid the mainframe names till the pet comprehends their names, as this will confuse them at public places like a park or in the vet’s office.

50 Trending Mastiff names


The section below enlists popular names of the Mastiffs that are trending around the globe. Read on.

Name Meaning
Bella French name meaning beautiful
Luna Moon in Latin
Stella Star in Latin
Nahla Queen in African and water in desert in Arabic
Bailey Agent of law 
Daisy Day’s eye
Lola Emotion
Lucy English and French name meaning light
Maggie English name meaning pearl
Sadie Princess
Max The greatest
Moose The largest
Zeus Greek name means living
Tank Big and strong
Duke The leader
Beau French name meaning beautiful
Hank German name meaning home ruler
Thor Norse origin meaning thunder
Arlo Fortified hill
Rocco German and Italian origin meaning rest

Other trending Mastiff names

Leo Jax Diesel
Brutus Gus Odin
Molly Apollo Hercules
Cooper Fiona Rufus
Sarge Loki Enzo
Izzy Kane Niko
Ginger Titus Leyla
Hooch Ripley Chloe
Bubba Josie Vito
Winston Xena Zoe

30 Mastiff Tags Inspired by Size


This heavy breed weighs between 120 to 230 lbs. A name inspired by their size is always a good bet.

Atilla Beethoven Clifford
Everest Goliath Hulk
Kong Jumbo Mamooth
Shrek Whaley Burly
Colossus Ogre Marmaduke
Rocky Squat Whopper
Sumo Maximus Fódla
Geryon Nimrod Elatha
Klytius Ophion Ravanna
Gymir Mbombo Kua Fu

30 Strong Mastiff Names


Mastiffs are gentle giants that are incredibly strong and muscular. The names enlisted are good prospects for naming them.

Admiral Blaze Czar
Danger Echo Gunner
Hawkeye Ice Justice
Kodiak Maverick Pistol
Rebel Spike Texas
Yukon Augustus Buzz
Caesar Hooch Magnum
Pistol Samson Tex
Rambo T-bone Mack
Chopper Buck Archer 

30 Sturdy Female Mastiff Names


The female Mastiff’s are not as sturdy as their male counterparts but are still big too. The list below suggests names for these 120-160lbs Mastiff.

Athena Beasty Callisto
Diva Elektra Huntress
Jojo Katniss Liberty
Medusa Nyx Onyx
Pyro Queenie Rousie
Sheba Ursula Vixen
Amazon Brawny Cinder
Duchess Jinx Leia
Mystique Olga Pubky
Roxie Sassy Harley

30 Funny Mastiff Tags


One can associate this large and powerful breed with hilarious names inspired by a hulky television cast, silly words for huge, small dog names, massive creatures, and so on. Check out the list below for such funny suggestions.

Big Mac Chubb Genghis
Hefty Jabba Kahuna
The Mountain Nacho Peewee
Shaq Vader Yeti
Squirt Bunyon Meatball
Bambi Cleopatra Fifi
Helga Jezebel Mage
Nugget Olga Pudge
Tinkerbell Button Chewbacca
Stallion Munchkin Porky

30 Cute Mastiff Names


Good old-fashioned names will always never go out of trend. The names enlisted are great options for the good-natured dignified Mastiffs.

Alfie Barkley Chase
Ernie Finn Hank
Jack Milo Ody
Percy Rascal Sully
Wally Scout Louie
Amelia Dixie Emma
Gigi Hannah Joy
Massie Piper Sophie
Willow Zoey Rosie
Maisie Mickey Minnie

French Mastiff Names


Mastiff of French origin can be native French names. Any Mastiff can be named from the French language for a unique tinge.

Adelle Bastille Drachen
Etienne Francois Gascon
Rina Flora Vicki
Satin Trojan Grail
Lurch Jacques Precious
Nikki Elodie Denis
Fabien Descartes Winslow
Ulysses Turk Grendel

Spanish Mastiff Names


Spanish names are also good naming options for Mastiffs. Check on to christen unique names.

Alonzo Corazon Maya
Felipe Brisa Marques
Inez Valencia Orlando
Paloma Vincente Alicia
Ricardo Margarita Lupe
Navarro Bonita Carlos
Carissa Neva Paco
Juan Rico Consuela
Pedro Nacho Savannah
Sergio Oso Zerlina

Final thoughts

New Mastiff guardians can choose a name enlisted above or use their imagination and create unique dog tags. But remember to wind up the pet’s name selection before 14 days of its addition into the family. Happy Parenting!!!!

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