270 + Most Popular Female Rottweiler Dog Names

Rottweiler was originally a herding breed and they were named after a region in Germany known as “Rottweil”. Nowadays, this breed is mainly used for search and rescue operation, due to their strong sense of smell. They also make good guarding dogs and are perfect for protecting you and your home. They are medium built dogs, with a strong black coat and tan coloured hair.  

How to Choose Female Dog Rottweiler Names

How to Choose Female Dog Rottweiler Names

It’s very easy, log on to our website, by clicking here. We have curated a list of many names, one of which will be perfect for your new family member. While looking for a name for such badass breed, you should try and match their unique personality. Here, you will find a good name for girl Rottweiler puppy as well as female Rottweiler names and meanings.

100 Most Popular Female Rottweiler Names

Most Popular Female Rottweiler Names

Female Rottweiler puppies are a mix of sugar and spice. Hence, to match their colourful personality, here’s a list of 100 most popular female Rottweiler names including the meaning of 20 names.

Roxie Gigi Alana
Bella Chance Layla
Luna Hazel Zoey
Grace Reese Nala
Gina Anna Suki
Charlie Koda  Sadie
Bailey Sasha Rex
Kota Maple Teddy
Buddy Mimi Penny
Riley Bo / Beau Rumi
Zoe Apollo Raven
Rosie Piper Ginger
Ohio Lily  Coco
Athena Kona Willow
Molly Chloe Xena
Callie Bentley Starbuck
Juliet Nova Tiger
Ditsy Axel Blossom
Ace Cleo Bubble
Mia Dakota Cahira
Dixie Kathy Candy
Remi Amelia Casper
Marley Ruger Caesar
Gracie Bane Chelsea
Kaiser Kylie Cookie
Louie Oso Corrine
Dozer Ellie Sugar


  • Addie – It means noble.
  • Diana – Why not name her after the one and only Princess Diana?
  • Lexie – After Lexie Grey, for all the Grey’s Anatomy fans out there.
  • Annette – The one favoured by God
  • Ava – It means life. Perfect for your four-legged friend.
  • Beatrix – The one who brings happiness
  • Bernadette – For the brave one.
  • Britta – The one exhibiting strength
  • Brunhilde – For the little fighter, always ready to fight.
  • Caroline – It means free man, in this case, a free puppy.
  • Greta – Pearl, perfect for the diva.
  • Ella – It means fair maiden.
  • Elsa – A promise to God.
  • Emma – It means whole, just like she completes your family as a whole.
  • Frieda – It means peace and calm.
  • Sofie – It means wisdom.
  • Trudy – The pillar of strength.
  • Ursula – Name for a little female bear.
  • Wanda – It means wanderer.
  • Zelda – Yiddish for happy or blessed.

50 Best Female Rottweiler Names

Best Female Rottweiler Names

If you are looking for good female Rottweiler names, you’ve come to the right place. Curated below is a list of 50 female Rottweiler names including 20 with meanings. Feel free to create your version of female Rottie names

Anni Flora Genie
Aries Fury Gino
Begham Mabel Glady
Blacky Maggie Happy
Blizzi Malika Hoggy
Daisy Marilyn Honey
Dazzle Masty Hook
Dolly Maxi Jace
Dusky Maya Jelly
Muffin Mayo Jennie
  • Ada – Means the noble one.
  • Fritzi – A peaceful ruler.
  • Gretchen – It means pearl, perfect for the one unique like a pearl.
  • Heidi – Means nobility.
  • Hilda – For the little warrior.
  • Ida – It means hard worker.
  • Leona – Perfect for the little lioness.
  • Liesel – It means as promised to God.
  • Lola – German for Lady of Sorrows.
  • Marta – A lady, ideal for the new lady of the house.
  • Millie – It means determination.
  • Lucia – German for light. Ideal for light of your life. 
  • Mischa – God-like.
  • Moya – As inspired from the TV show Farscape.
  • Moirai – The original name of Greek Fates. 
  • Clio – Greek patron of history and guitar.
  • Thalia – Greek Goddess of festivity.
  • Talyn – Inspired by the TV show Farscape.
  • Leni – It means an angel, ideal for the angel of the family.
  • Liebe – German for affection or love.

30 Best Girl Rottweiler Names

Best Girl Rottweiler Names

Girl Rottweilers are cute and carefree. While looking for girl dog names for Rottweilers, you should keep in mind that they may have a tough exterior, but from the inside, they are as soft as a cotton candy. Hence, here’s a list of such soft and girly names perfect for your girl Rottweiler.

Angel Aish Michelle
Angie Akira Miffy
Jenny Alex Mishka
Jerry Andriea Nancy
Jimmy Juno Nelly
Jojo Kuku Neo
Jolley Kasper Noorie
Jona Lara Liza
Julie Laura Lucy
Julia Lili Lyka

30 Best Aggressive Female Rottweiler Names

Aggressive Female Rottweiler Names

A Rottweiler is a fierce-looking dog, especially the females. Therefore, to match their looks and their badass attitude, here’s a list of some aggressive female Rottweiler names.

Alaska Andromeda Blizzard
Brooklyn Cleopatra Diva
Echo Elektra Harley
Huntress Indiana Jinx
Vixen Joplin Justice
Katniss Leia Liberty
Mercy Mystique Nyx
Leslie Olympia Queenie
Trixie Rebel Rogue
Sable Shadow Sheba

30 Best Rottweiler Female Puppy Names

rottweiler puppys

While naming a female puppy, try not to give them names with 3 or more syllables. Their names should be easy to understand and should not rhyme with commands like ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’ or ‘Stay’. We have shortlisted 30 such easy and cool names, ideal for your little puppy to understand.

Pax Saisa Toffee
Pepper Sandy Toxi
Tess Izzie Whiskey
Quincy Sherry Olive
Ruby Sophia Xyla
Rose Stella Zara
Roshi Spring Zesha
Rosy Summer Zora
Rottie Tessy Zoya
Rudy Theia Zuma

30 Best Rottweiler Girl Puppy Names

Best Rottweiler Girl Puppy Names

When you have to name a Girl Rottweiler puppy, you might go crazy with the loads of options available. To make this job easy for you, we have created a checklist, full of good name for girl Rottweiler puppy.

Akita Alice  Trudi 
Acadia Anka  Utta 
Kitana Pebbles Vesta 
Punky Bellona  Viktoria 
Avril Berta  Pax 
Nugget Raina  Schatzie
Lagartha Erika  Wilma 
Pyro Suzi  Sally
Kristel  Tilli  Tina
Olga  Gerda  Jane


It’s always best to personalize the name of your puppy from different sources of inspiration, like your family or your favourite place, celebrities, books, etc. But, it’s important to remember her personality and behaviour. Or what made you choose her in the first place. So, go crazy and name your pooch whatever suits her the most.


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