300 + Yellow Labrador Dog Names With Meaning

Yellow Labradors are the most popular breed of dogs among pet dogs. Their adaptability to different climatic conditions makes them one of the most popular breeds. They are also great at working and are one of the most intelligent and friendly service dogs. Of course, the cuteness is another factor. 

How to Choosing Good Yellow Lab Names

Yello Lbretriever

Selecting the perfect name for your Labrador can be a little difficult. It has to be kept in mind to find the best fit for the yellow Labrador retriever. Did you know that there are different shades of yellow displayed on yellow Labrador retriever’s coat? This surely makes the naming of your dog more complicated. But we are here to help you choosing the best name for you dog.

We have compiled a list of names that are perfect for your yellow Labrador retriever. This list includes Labrador names that are funny, unique, popular, cute, for puppies, cool and for hunting Labradors.

40 Top Male Yellow Lab Names with Meanings

Male Yellow Lab Names

Male yellow labs are known to be notorious but sharp. Here are some most popular names for yellow labs.

Toby  Loki  Bruno 
Jasper  Chester  Ziggie 
Ollie  Gizmo  Ozzie 
Harley  Harvey  Ace 
Winston  Murphy  Blue 
Brody  Henry  Tank 
Buster  Bruce 

Yellow Lab Names with Meanings

Max Maximum.
Charlie From Charlie and Lola
Cooper For a loving dog.
Buddy Best friend.
Jack A typical English name.
Rocky Rowdy.
Oliver For dogs with a darker tone on fur.
Bear Cuddle buddy.
Duke Prince.
Tucker For an affectionate dog.
Leo A zodiac signs.
Milo Gentle.
Finn For a dog with fair-toned fur.
Luke Another name for a fair-furred dog
Atwood An old surname.
Prince Harry Isn’t your dog your Highness?
Prince William Another royal name.
John Originated in the Bible.
Ghost For a light-furred dog.
Khaleesi Game of Thrones character.

40 Top Female Yellow Lab Names with Meanings

Female Yellow Lab

Female yellow labs are very loving and adorable. Here are some suggestions for naming your female yellow lab.

Ruby  Chloe  Holly 
Lilly  Pepper  Princess 
Riley  Roxie  Gypsy 
Ivy  Rosie  Brandy 
Dixie  Millie  Amber 
Phoebe  Happy  Sydney 
Lexie  Maya 

Female Yellow Lab Names with Meanings

Bella Beautiful.
Lucy For a fair-toned dog.
Daisy A flower.
Luna Another name for a fair-toned dog.
Lola From Charlie and Lola.
Sadie For your sweet princess.
Molly A cute name for your dog.
Maggie Inspired by many British novels.
Bailey Happiness.
Sophie Based on a Greek baby name.
Penny Perfect for a tiny dog.
Stella A stylish name.
Lacey Yet another name for a light-furred dog.
Ray Ray of sunshine.
Leia Star Wars character.
Arya Game of Thrones character.
Brienne Game of Thrones character.
Jess Short for Jessica.
Annie A cute Christian name.
Ginger For your ginger-coloured pup.

30 Best Unique Yellow Lab Names with Meanings

Unique Yellow Lab Names with Meanings


Naming your dog uniquely makes them even more special to you. Here is a list of unique names for dogs.

Moana Disney princess.
Ophelia A character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Saskia A classic English name.
Cricket For a playful pup.
Tahiti An island’s name.
Etta Finnish.
Arlo A Disney character.
Conan From detective novelist Arthur Conan Doyle.
Fletcher For a dynamic dog.
Wes Indeed, a very uncommon name.
Ainsley After Ainsley Harriott, a chef.
Bertram Name of an Australian city.
Xander Isn’t a name started with X unique in itself?
Watson Watson to your Sherlock.
Sepia A constellation.
Straw For a very fairly coated dog.
Thor God of thunder, from Norse mythology.
Shea A dry fruit.
Sedge A plant.
Ziv For a radiant pup.
Vanilla Well, who doesn’t like vanilla?
Prairie A type of grassland.
Moon For your bright star of a puppy.
Cheddar For a dog who is toast coloured.
Autumn For a red dog.
Daffodil For the yellowest-of-yellow dog.
Coffee For a dog who is dark in colour.
Raisin Another name for a dark coloured dog.
Nutmeg A brown spice.
Mahogany A wood type.


30 Best Yellow Lab Hunting Dog Names with Meanings

Yellow Lab Hunting Dog Names

Labradors are often used for hunting due to their sharp senses and intelligence. Here are some names for Hunting yellow labs. 

Ninja A fast runner.
Kane Warrior.
Rocky Masculine name.
Hammer A tool.
Alexander Protector.
Khalid Immortal.
Bardick Axe-ruler.
Keenen Ancient.
Voyager Adventurer.
Loyal Virtuous name.
Brock A Pokémon character.
Ethan Strong.
Just Justice.
Ivo Medieval French name.
Falcon Prey.
Kai Ocean.
Mountain Hiker
Roderick Famous ruler.
Dancer Hyperactive.
Celeste Heavenly.
Nadia Hope.
Evangeline Godly.
Chase A pup who follows.
Hunter A predator.
Rebel A pup who never listens.
Scout Lookout.
Boss Authoritative.
Hercules Greek hero.
Hulk Marvel character.
Cain Biblical character.

30 Best Yellow Lab Names for a Puppy with Meanings

Yellow Lab Names for a Puppy

Yellow Labrador puppies are the most adorable puppies. Name those fluffy balls with this list.

Dane Danish.
Arizona  Name of a place.
Bagel Breakfast material.
Dorothy God’s gift.
Waffles Breakfast material.
Axel Car-lover.
Tweety The Loony Loons show character.
Sylvester The Loony Loons show character.
Super-pup A hyper pup.
Tucker  A cosy pup.
Dorito A snack.
Apricot A dry fruit.
Peach A fruit.
Acorn A dry fruit.
Willow A tree.
Petal A part of a flower.
Crumble A small bit.
Coco Cocoa bean.
Beanie Bean.
Pickle An affectionate name.
Bonny Beautiful.
Flora Flower.
Daphne A small shrub.
Mabel Lovable.
Wren A small bird.
Moses A character in the  Bible.
Ruben Son.
Teddy Short for a teddy bear.
Fig A small plant.
Chibi Small Child.

30 Best Cute yellow Lab with Meanings 

Cute yellow Lab with Meanings

Labradors are especially popular for their adorable nature. So why not name them after it

Benji Movie dog.
Floofy Fluffy.
FluffnPuff An adorable name.
Baby Because it is a tiny baby.
Dakota Name of a place.
Cheerio Breakfast cereal.
Nacho A snack.
CheesyPuff An adorable name.
Frisbee A sports equipment.
Pooh Winnie-the-pooh.
Tigger Character from Winnie-the-Pooh.
Nala Character from Lion King.
Treat Bonus food for dogs.
Starbucks Café.
Pumpkin An affectionate name.
Dawg Slang for a dog.
Hershey Chocolate brand.
Noodle A cute name.
Joy Happiness.
Romeo Shakespearean character.
Tiny Small.
Tango A dancing style.
Butters A sweet name.
Otis A cute name.
Dora Character from Dora the Explorer.
Wilbur A cartoon pig.
Boots Character from Dora the Explorer.
Marbles  A toy.
Muffin A sweet.
Puppy Ironic but cute.
Sparkles Shiny.
Oreo Cookie.

30 Best Cool yellow Lab with Meanings 

Cool Yellow Lab

Don’t you think that Labradors can be very cool? If you want to name your Labrador a cool name, here is a list.

Amee Beloved.
Belle For a beautiful dog.
Candace Queen mother.
Maximus The greatest.
Benedict Blessed.
Diane Heavenly.
Constant Steadfast.
Hugo Smart.
Kwan Strong.
Mirai Miracle.
Keya Flower.
Bingo For a loud dog.
Peter Barker Spiderman.
Waggles For a hyperactive pup.
Sherlock Bones Sherlock Holmes.
Eggo Yellow treat.
Krypto Superman’s dog.
Ulva Wolf.
Chess Logical pup.
Nerdy Know-it-all.
Akira Bright.
Anana Cloud.
Nurse Therapy dog.
Berta Noble.
Afton Welsh River.
Gaia Earth.
Winnie Peace.
Goldilocks Golden.
Sprint A fast runner.
Amity Friendship.

30 Best Tough yellow Lab with Meanings


Labradors can become aggressive when they have to. Here are some tough names for your tough buddies.

Butch Strong dog.
Master Authoritative.
Commander A natural leader.
Sarge Sergeant.
Chief A position in armed forces.
Major A position in armed forces.
Bullet Fast dog.
Striker For an aggressive dog.
Magnum a dynamic name.
Sherman William Sherman, a soldier.
Honour Noble.
Hero Fearless.
Glory Worthy.
Patriot A nationalistic feeling.
Fender Defender.
Dutch The brave line of men.
Samson Israeli leader.
Heath An aggressive name.
Astra Weapon.
Rogue Wild.
Sheba Queen of Sheba.
Storm Destructive dog.
Valkyrie Warriors.
Archer a dog with a sharp sense.
Ares God of war in Greek mythology.
Brutus Brutal.
Hail Another destructive name.
Rider Masculine name.
Preston A classic masculine name.
Stone Strong as stone.


Yellow labs are spread all over the world and have been adapting well. They are popular due to their sharp senses and fun-loving nature. You can consult our list in naming your yellow lab according to their nature.


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