230 Best Water Dog Names with Meaning of Lake, Ocean

Dogs are known to be one of the best companions for humans. They are always there for us, offering unconditional love and friendship. Choosing a perfect name for your pet pal enhances the connection between you, making your lives happier and more meaningful. Moreover, if you want to select a water-themed name for your furry companion due to their affinity for water, the naming process becomes an enjoyable endeavor that adds a delightful touch to their unique identity.

Feeling uncertain about choosing your pet’s name? No need to worry, we have got your back and are here to help you through the process of choosing your pet’s name.

How to Choose Water Dog Names

Your pet’s breed: If your pet is a water-loving breed such as Labrador Retriever, Portuguese Water Dog or Newfoundland, you can consider naming them based on their unique traits.

Based on their appearance and behavior: Your pooch’s name may correspond with your dog’s coat color, especially if it corresponds to a water-related element. If your dog loves swimming, you can choose a name that reflects their affinity for water.

Names that hold special meaning for you: If certain water-themed names hold special significance for you, they can be a fantastic choice when naming your beloved four-legged companion. Whether it’s a name connected to a cherished memory or a favourite beach, choosing such a name adds extra fun and personal meaning to your pet’s identity.

Names inspired by water-bodies: You can also consider water-inspired names for your pet. Names like lake or cascade reflect the beauty and serenity of water bodies. By selecting these names for your pet, you infuse their identity with a sense of tranquillity, a touch of natural beauty and a unique individuality that sets them apart.

Test by calling them a potential name: To ensure you’ve chosen the perfect name for your furry pal, test it by calling them that particular name. If they respond positively and seem to connect with the name, then you can be assured that you have found the ideal name for your pet.

230 Unleash the Best Water Dog Names for Your Water-Loving Friend

50 Best water-themed dog names


Here’s a compilation of best aquatic dog names, each with its own meaningful significance.

Water-themed dog names Meaning
Hydra Water in Greek
Splash A sound made by something striking or falling into liquid
Scuba A self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
Aqua Water in Latin
Sailor A person who navigates the seas
Misty A fine spray of water in the air
Delta an area of low and flat land where a river meets the sea
Neptune Roman god of the sea
Oceana From The Sea
Surf The mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef.
Nixie A sea nymph
Coral A colorful marine organism
Pearl A precious gem found in the ocean
Dylan Meaning of the sea
Azure Sky blue
Puddle A small accumulation of liquid on a surface
Koi A colorful fish found in ponds and water gardens
Marina A harbor for boats
Marco War-like or dedicated to Mars
Sandy Man’s defender

30 Best surfing dog names

Take a look at the list of some of the best surfing dog names that you can choose for your furry companion.


Brook Flipper Ren
Nami Mojito Spritzer
Dory Pebble Taki
Breeze Doug Moss
Harbor Wave Mesi
Reed Shimmer Mana
Brine Ohana Sunny
Caspian Ice Aquarius
Brine Spring Alee
Blue Marlin Chief

30 Portuguese water dog names

Portuguese Water Dogs are a breed known for their water-loving nature and excellent swimming abilities. They are fun-loving, very eager to please and are ideal for families. They have the most adorable looks and have a dazzling personality. They also exhibit high intelligence and responds well to obedience training. These breeds have long and thick coats to help them deal with water conditions.

The following list offers a collection of popular Portuguese Water dog names.


Erico Smoky Caesar
Luiz  Pluto Sol
Marcia Gabriel Cody
Phoebe Jett Brisa
Mila Leo Cleo
Iris Sofia Rio
Moose Ana Gus
Curly Aventura Costa
Pom Lucas Ilha
Nemo Remo Ze


30 Lake dog names

If your furry friend enjoys spending time around lakes and you are looking out for cute lake-themed names, here are some options to consider.


Lake Willow Anchor
Indigo Bass Erie
Skye Diver Sawyer
Dune Dory Drift
Flipper Coast Hitch
Surf Puffer Dusky
Jetty Float Coaster
Simba Bay Echo
Cove Guard Zephyr
Drifter Ski Covey


30 Waterfowl dog names

If your dog shows a particular interest in waterfowl or has been specifically trained for waterfowl hunting, the following list offers suitable names to consider.


Puffin Captain Fighter
Drake Hunter Gunner
Gull Jay Gull
Coot Marshall Jack
Bolt Scoter Walker
Pintail Coot Teal
Clay Scout Swift
Wader Atlas Dipper
Daisy Ranger Rook
Scrooge Chase Kite


30 Water Inspired Male Dog Names

Below is the list of male dog names associated with water.


Max Finn Vincent
Milo Rio Inky
Oreo Hudson Marsh
Buster Maxwell Ziggy
Rusty Eden Wade
Shadow Ross Triton
Bruno Juniper Thunder
Brooks James Benji
Fisher Akiro Gusty
Zale Charlie Zane


30 Water-Themed Female Dog Names

Looking out for water-themed names for your female pets? Here’s the list of water related girl dog names.


Zara Casey Ioni
Ariel Lily Moana
Emmy Emmy Cove
Maya Lucia Icy
Stella Gigi Sirena
Bella Yaz Princess
Amelia Crystal Mira
Elisa Aruba Maggie
Alice Luna Oceane
Clarie Sky Ruby



Finding perfect name for your water-loving pet can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. With the diverse range of water-themed names provided above, we hope that you have found a perfect name that resonates with your furry companion’s unique personality.

Well, don’t forget to share your favorite water-themed dog name from the list above. We would definitely like to know which name resonates the most with you and your beloved pet.


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