160 + Viking Dog Names – Norse Mythology Dog Names

The Viking Age—a spellbinding time of history including the supernatural idea of the North and the captivating individuals that cruised all through its oceans. 

The Vikings hailed from the Scandinavian district, and their impact spread over the North Atlantic and past. Stories blended in with history and folklore make up what we think about these fascinating individuals today. One thing is without a doubt—the strong characters that pepper Viking history without a doubt would make fantastic and one of a kind names for our beloved puppers! 

From acclaimed Vikings to the Norse divinities that motivated them, this period surely gives an abundance of splendid choices to name your pooch.

Choosing a Mythological Name for you Dog

Before you can choose if you wish to pick a Norse folklore name for your canine, you need a tad of foundation data on what precisely that is. Divine beings from these nations will, in general, be powerful and known to be truly strong. So whether you have a little or enormous canine, the name will focus on their strong points.

What are good Viking Names for Dogs?

Ideally, any name you like for you pooch is a good name. However, if you want to choose a Viking or Norse name for your dog as per their traits, then you could do so too. To choose the right name for your dog, narrow down your dog’s features, height, strength, colour etc. once you have those, then you can just look for a name that emphasizes your dog’s personality and Voila, you have the perfect name for your dog.

Best Viking Dog Names

40 Best Viking Dog Names (Male)

Below mentioned are a few ideas for great Viking names for your male dog.

Ander Asmund Borr
Einar Warrior Fitch
Geirod Gunnar Gunnolf
Ivar Magni Magnus
Thor Tiki Tyr
Brandt Gandalf Odin
Hugi Vali

Names with meanings

  • Asbjorn (god and bear) 
  • Bo (resident) 
  • Brynjar (armour and warrior) 
  • Einar (alone and warrior) 
  • Frode (wise)
  • Gorm (he who worships god) 
  • Halfdan (the half Dane) 
  • Harald (ruler)
  • Halvor (rock guardian) 
  • Herleifr (army, son) 
  • Magnus (great) 
  • Roar (spear)
  • Rune (secret)
  • Sten (stone)
  • Sune (son) 
  • Svend (freeman)
  • Troels (Thor’s arrow)
  • Torsten (means both Thor and stone) 
  • Ulf (wolf) 
  • Vikings (Viking)

Best Viking / Norse Mythology names for Dogs (Females)

Many of you might feel, that Viking names will mostly be masculine, however, that’s a misconception. Here is a list of some amazing names for your female dogs.

Astrid Aleksia Beyla
Astrilde Bestla Disa
Eydis Varg Skoll
Freya Grigg Hertha
Kari Rane Sol
Urd Valkyrie Vor
Fenrir Eirik

Names with meanings

  • Astrid (beautiful)
  • Audhild (fortune and battle) 
  • Bodil (fight)
  • Dagmar (day and maid) 
  • Edda (great grandmother) 
  • Eir (mercy) 
  • Frida (peace)
  • Gertrud (spear)
  • Estrid (god and beautiful)
  • Hilda (the fighter)
  • Hjordis (sword goddess) 
  • Ingibjorg (derived from the god Ing) 
  • Randi (shield or shrine)
  • Signe (victorious)
  • Sigrid (victorious horsewoman)
  • Revna (raven)
  • Saga (story) 
  • Sif (wife and bride) 
  • Tora (of Thor)
  • Ase (goddess)

Mythology Dog names

Aegir  Freyja  Loki 
Odin  Saga  Skadi 
Thor  Tyr  Valhalla 
Bjorn  Rune  Ulf
Birger  Astrid  Bodil
Frida  Revna  Hilda
Tove  Sigrid 

Celtic names for Dogs

Aidan Bryce Caedmon
Conan Declan Finn
Grady Kieran Owen
Turi Brigid Ciara
Eileen Elsha Glenda
Isolde Maeve Nara
Shana Sheena

Egyptian Dog Names

Ra  Seth  Seti 
Tut  Hebony  Odion
Kamilah  Pepi Kepi 
Seb Layla Rameses
Aker Horus Amun
Sphinx  Isis  Kosey 
Maye  Aten

Swedish Dog names

Ake Alrik Ansgar
Atalie Barbro Birger
Blix Carita Einar
Kajsa Klas Martina
Nea Pernilla Petra
Astra Matilda Helmi
Bear Quenby


Vikings have a long and celebrated history, particularly in Scandinavia. They are accepted to be nautical warriors who have voyage farther than numerous during their time. It is fitting that a pooch ought to be given a Viking or Scandinavian name since they were important to Vikings. Indeed, even today, Icelandic canines are probably the most established pooch breeds on the planet. There are numerous other Viking names you can browse. Viking hound names are a decent decision for individuals who like history and its divinities. 

We hope our rundown of names help to discover and pick the best name for your best friend. All the Best!


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