103 Creative, Unique and Rare Dog Names with Meanings

You’ve at long last picked your ideal dog. You explored breeds and blends. You thought about age, sexual orientation and kinds of hide. Since the dear new member of the fam is gazing toward you, it’s an ideal opportunity to name him/her. The decisions are interminable. You can give him an ordinarily human name or a commonly canine name. You can name him for his appearance, his legacy or his character. In picking a name that will fulfil both the dog and your happiness, think about how it will sound to him and how it will sound in social circumstances.

How to choose a name for your pooch?

So when you are thinking about which name will be best for your pooch, remember the following things:

  • Pick a name that you like — Make sure that you really like the sound of it since you’ll be stating it constantly.
  • Evade a name that is hostile — Any name that sounds like an exclamation, slang or a racial or social slur ought not be utilized. Regardless of how clever it might appear to you right now get a second (or third) sentiment to check whether it could be confused as hostile at the vet’s office or to the overall population.
  • Less syllables are ideal — A pooch reacts best to names that have a max of two syllables, for example, Max or Emma. More syllables can be confounding to your canine and tongue twisters for you to state more than once. Our Saratoga hound coaches pressure this every single day to their customers. Less is ideal!
  • Give the name a preliminary run — Try calling your canine by the name you’ve decided for a couple of days to perceive how the person in question reacts to it. This is likewise a decent chance to check whether you like it and in the event that it appears to be reasonable for you and your little guy!
  • Try not to pick a name that takes after an order — For instance, a name like “Fletch” could be mistaking for him when your pooch is figuring out how to bring. Our pooch coaches can verify you setting yourself up for fiasco here.

Unique male names:

  • Reiko: Female name that signifies “considerate youngster” in Japanese
  • Rio: Spanish for “river”
  • Tass: To play with
  • Termite: A creepy crawly that feeds on wood
  • Daze: A canine who gets individuals in a condition of staggered perplexity or bewilderment
  • Fargo: Does your canine love the snow? This is an incredible name for a snow hound.
  • Gasper: Slang for cigarette
  • Taz: As in the Tasmanian Devil.
  • Teddy: Means “endowment of God” Amy likewise allude to anything delicate and cushy, similar to the Teddy Bear
  • Kai: celebrate
  • Spencer: Means “somebody who gives out products”
  • Pup: Young canine; another way to say “little dog”
  • Quark: A canine that can fold into a little ball
  • Shell: Can be another way to say “Shelly” or “Shelley”
  • Cusp: An end where two bends meet
  • Zulu: An individual from a South African individuals
  • Gideon: Hebrew for “strong warrior”
  • Jet: Quick and quick, much the same as a stream
  • Komet: Variation of “comet”, heavenly article
  • Monster: Of phenomenal and overwhelming size
  • Suede: For a pooch with abnormal shading.  
  • Eden: The excellent nursery where Adam and Eve previously lived in
  • Benz: As in the sweet extravagance autos.
  • Beowoof: A play on the Old English sonnet, Beowulf, from the eleventh century
  • Matthias: This is the name of the Disciple who supplanted Judas Iscariot.
  • Ticker: Anything or something that ticks, similar to a watch or the heart
  • Tobiah: Hebrew word for “God is great”
  • Papaya: A tropical organic product formed like a lengthened melon
  • Parable: A basic story used to show a good or otherworldly exercise
  • Phoenix: A canine that is extraordinarily amazing in some regard
  • Piper: for an individual who plays a pipe \ woodwind.
  • Cricket: That little creepy crawly that makes a trademark rhythmical peeping sound
  • Yonder: Refers to the far separation
  • Pique: Stimulates intrigue or interest

Unique names for female dogs:

Every female dogs need a gentle and fierce name for herself in order to define personality, here are some names for you:

  • Lily: short for Lilian and Elizabeth and is from the name of the bloom. Latin for “image of virtue, guiltlessness, excellence”.
  • Liz, Lizzie: variety of Elizabeth. Hebrew for “God is my pledge”.
  • Lola: short for Dolores. Spanish for “distresses, tough lady”, Sanskrit for “moving forward and backward”.
  • Lucky: just signifies “fortunate, blessed”.
  • Lucy: English type of Lucia. Latin, French, and English for “light”.
  • Lulu – Hawaiian for “valuable, quiet, tranquil, pearl” and Native American for “hare”.
  • Gazelle: Small, thin, and dainty, similar to the impala.
  • Lilac: A dainty blossom of pale pinkish-violet shading
  • Sprinkles: Another sweet name for a sweet canine. Maybe your puppy has abnormal spots.
  • Sharpie: Cunning and guileful
  • Jayla: American name for a young lady.
  • Millie: German for “work” or “quality”
  • Dahlia: If your little guy has an elegant character, this is an incredible name.
  • Donatella: The principal name of an exceptionally effective Italian style fashioner
  • Xerxes: Persian lord; otherwise called Xerxes the Great
  • Giselle: German for “prisoner” or “vow”
  • Zypher: A delicate or delicate breeze
  • Kira: Male name that signifies “dull” in Gaelic
  • Koi: There is something fishy about this name, yet I can’t put my finger on it.
  • Suki: Female name which signifies “to like” in Japanese
  • Dandelion: A bothersome weed of the daisy family
  • Dandy: Stylish, perfect, and trendy in appearance.
  • Pink: A ladylike shading among red and white

Unique names based on food:

We all know how dogs love food and their ear pop up every time we open a bag of food. So why not incorporate your dog’s favourite food in his name? or even better, name him aftr the food you love the most!

  • Biscuit: Biscuits frequently taste great when you make them for breakfast with sauce
  • Cupcake: Small, vivid, and sweet cakes
  • Fudgey: Soft and sweet cake
  • Hershey: Sweet and Brown, much the same as the chocolate
  • Lime: Can be a white harsh soluble substance or an adjusted citrus natural product
  • Marshmallow: The white puffy sugary treat simmered over an open air fire
  • Peanut: Like the nut signifying “little, minor, charming”
  • Pepper: from the pepper plant and used to depict personality, for example, searing, hot, zesty, and so forth.
  • Taffy: Chewy treat that is like toffee
  • Tuffy: a variable for toffee
  • Jasmine: Persian and French for the climbing plant with fragile and fragrant blooms used to make aroma.

Unique names based on Minerals and Gemstones which are gender neutral:

Gemstones and mineral have a quality of shining through everything. Let your dog shine with these names:

  • Opal: A gemstone of shifting hues
  • Jewell: Variation of “gem”, a valuable stone
  • Pearl: from the gem. Latin for “diamond of the ocean”, the birthstone for June.
  • Pebbles: simply the little shakes and signifies “little, adorable” or alludes to Pebbles Flintstone.
  • Josie – short for Josephine which is a French ladylike type of Joseph. Starting point of the name is from Hebrew for Yosef and after that Greek Ioseph
  • Julie: a type of Julia. Latin and French source signifying “wool haired, young, love’s tyke”.
  • Juniper: English for the kind of conifer tree or bramble in the cypress family. The evergreen tree produces berries which are utilized as enhancing the gin, the liquor.
  • Valerie: Latin for “solid, sound, to be solid”.
  • Viki, Vicky: Short for Victoria. Latin for “triumph, champion”.
  • Willow: English for “willow tree, opportunity”.
  • Winnie: short for Winifred. Welsh for “favored harmony, delicate, joy, reasonable and unadulterated” and Native American for “firstborn little girl”.
  • Xena: Greek for “welcome visitor”.
  • Zoe, Zoey: Greek “forever”.
  • Tilly: short for Matilda. German for “might, quality, ground-breaking battler, quality in fight”.
  • Tina: a shorter form of Christina and Christian. Greek or Latin for “supporter of Christ, blessed, to bless”.
  • Trixie: short for Beatrix. Latin for “voyager, explorer, voyager through life, bearer of satisfaction”.  
  • Penny, Penelope: Greek for “quiet specialist, weaver”.
  • Phoebe: The Greek titan related with the moon signifying “splendid, unadulterated, sparkling, brilliant, splendid, sparkling one”.
  • Granite: Something hard and invulnerable.

Unique Names based on mythologies:

 there have been many gods and goddesses who are known for their strength and valour, why not name your dog to reminding him of his protective qualities:

  • Miko: A female shaman or priestess
  • Spirit; Otherwise known as the “spirit”
  • Nike: Not the shoe organization, the Greek goddess of triumph!
  • Nikita: Greek name for “unconquered”
  • Juno: The most significant goddess of the Roman state, spouse of Jupiter
  • Karma: Destiny or destiny
  • Mya: Greek for “mother” or “extraordinary one”
  • Ophelia: Greek for “help” or “help”
  • Sabine: Female name of Latin beginning
  • Luna: Latin for “the moon”.
  • Mojo: Magical appeal or spell
  • Gia: Short for “Giana”, “Giada”, “Gian”
  • Loki: A fiendish and at times detestable god
  • Prophet: Speaker for God or a divinity
  • Rayne: Female name that signifies “ruler” in French
  • Reba: Hebrew for “to tie”


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