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Trending 100 tough dog names: Tough dog names aren’t just for those canines that are the meanest. They can be a fun and ironic way to name the large or tiny and softie pooches. This article highlights the trending tough names of pooches around the world. While many of the hardy handles are for male or boy pups, some names are specific to tough female dogs while others are gender-neutral so they will work for any pooch.

Tough Female Pooch Names

The following section enlists some of the tough female canine’s names

Amber Arya Astra Avril Breanne
Briana Bridget Carla Damia Harley
Jenna Kahlan Kelsey Kitana Matilda
Nina Rogue Rowan Roxie Sheba
Storm Trixie Ursa Valkerie Zelda

Tough Male Dog Names

Tough boy dog names are predominantly human sounding that can look good on brawny guard dogs or on smaller, scrawny dogs. The name that one chooses for their pups needs to boost its image.

Tough dog names derived from rock bands and rappers

There are plenty of bands and rappers who have created a tough image or an outlaw vibe for themselves. The following list is great suggestions for tough male dogs.

Tough dog names inspired by famous prisons in America

A lot of tough prisons around the world can also be a source of inspiration for a great tough dog name.

  • Al (after Alcatraz)
  • Traz
  • Chino – (men state prison in California)
  • Parchman – (the oldest security men’s prison in Mississippi)
  • Sing-Sing – (maximum security state prison in New York)
  • Riker – (one of the largest US prisons)
  • Mo – (after Guantanamo Bay)

Tough Human Dog Names

Some names that are traditionally human names are also seen to suit as tough dog names, because of their original meanings.

  • Amir – Chinese name meaning “powerful”
  • Brendan – Gaelic name meaning “brave”
  • Garvan – Celtic name meaning “rough”
  • Lex – the Greek name for “defender of men”
  • Ozzie – Chinese name meaning “strong”
  • Stalin – Christian name meaning “man of steel”

Tough dog names with meanings that are inspired by the history

Ancient history has produced many names for heroes and tough guys that also are perfect for tough dog names too.

  • Atlas – A Greek mythology character who carried the world on his back.
  • Hades – Greek god of the underworld.
  • Hera – Greek goddess popular for her vengeful traits.
  • Eris – The Greek goddess of discord and chaos.
  • Samson – A biblical character that is said to have superhuman strength.
  • Shaitan – An Arabic name for the devil.
  • Thor – The Norse god of thunder.
  • Titan – Greek giants of incredible strength.

Scary Tough Dog Names

If you want to really want to give your pooch a tough dog name, then you might want to consider something scary.

The following fierce dog names can quake in one’s boots.

Lecter Satan Lucifer Spook
Bullet Freddie – after Freddie Kruger

30 Best Gangster Dog names

Bonnie Pancho Villa Colombo
Albert Anastasia Bambi
Gambino Hickok Vito
Wyatt Genghis Khan Butch Cassidy
Darth Vader Vlad the General Zod
Brooklyn Chino Darth
Cheeks Danny Ciro
Dillinger Al Capone Jesse
Tila Pancho Genghis
Theo Kojak Clyde Escobar


Tough dog names that sound tough

There are some words that simply sound tough and suits tough dogs.

Turbo Spike Sniper
Rhino Razor Nitro
Duke Dozer Crusher
Champ Brutus Bruiser

Terror dog names that are tough

Some individuals choose terror names for their cuddly pups that they enjoy calling whilst chilling at a dog park.

Some fierce dog names are mentioned below

Brute Chaos Cobra Dragon
Fury Gunner Ire Jaws
Poison Punk Rage Rowdy
Sabre Savage Scar Spite
Torment Vandal Venom

Tough dog names inspired from villain names

Some individuals like to name their tough pups with the names of their favorite villain characters from the world of fantasy, movie, and television.

The following list are some fancy names that may suit tough dogs

Bane Cruella Cyborg Doom
Draco Dracula Dredd Gollum
Gothel Gruber Hades Hannibal
Krueger Loki Magneto Ursula
Ra’s Ratched Stryker Vadar
Vector Voldermort Zod Zoom

Rules to follow when choosing a tough puppy name

The following rules need to be pondered while choosing a tough name for their puppies

  • Choose a name that has one or two syllables.
  • Refrain from choosing any name that sounds like the name of a dog that is already present in the house or in the neighborhood.
  • Avoid choosing a name that sounds like one of the training commands as it can confuse the pooch during the training. For example, the name “Grit” may be tough, but it sounds similar to the command “sit”!
  • Give the dog a name that commands some respect and stays away from the dog names that are commonly used.
  • Avoid naming a dog after an accident at the carpet. It may be funny at first but will get old fast. For instance, “Puddles”.

Final Thoughts

Every dog is unique, choose a tough name that not only interests an individual but also suits the personality of the dog one owns. The best tough dog names are the ones that not only make an individual smile but will also make them proud to call out every day in the public.


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