270 + Spanish Dog Names With Meanings

Naming a dog is as difficult as naming a newborn kid. Every parent or family will have their ways of choosing a name for the recent addition to the family. Some may like to label their dogs based on the breed origin; some prefer to select tags based on the sex, or some like to call their pet pals based on their looks or buildup. This article will provide insights on some cute, energetic, and historical Spanish dog names that one can binge on while seeking names for their pets.

Tips for Choosing to Call The Pets

This section provides insights into the knowledge and considerations one needs to follow during the name search for the furry pals

Try to choose unique names: Zeroing on the common names will lead to confusion when taking the dog to public places like parks or on walks as many pets will share the same name.

Select tags that begin with unmistakable sounds: The name selected needs to be connected and comprehended by the pet. Experts recommend choosing names that start with letters that not only have a sharp but also an unmistakable sound. A name that begins with a D, T, or K will be easy for the pooch to grasp. A name that starts with an S or F is less simple to comprehend.

Short name selection: Refrain from choosing long or abbreviated names to call out pooches. For instance, Sir William is a classy name, but the short form ‘sir’ will confuse the pets as these are common words used in daily conversations.

Avoid names that rhyme with the basic commands: Stay away from tags that sound similar or rhyme with the most well-known canine commands like ‘sit, heel, no, and come.’ These will increase the confusion for the tiny guy. 

Better interaction with the pet: Experts recommend calling short tags for pups for better bonding between the puppy and its parent. 

Breed legacy: Dog experts recommend zeroing on names based on the breed legacy for some helpful motivation. Like, German (Shepherds, Dachshunds, and Schnauzers), Scottish (Terriers), French (Poodle), Spanish (Chihuahua, Dogo Argentino, and Ibizan hound), or Irish (Wolfhounds and Setters). The Human and Foreign Name classifications may play a pivotal role here. 

Pet behavior and personality: The traditional way of choosing a dog name is to observe the traits and appearance of the pooch before arriving on the right name tag for it. For example, one can call a Dalmatian ‘Dottie’, ‘Shorty’ for a Dachshund, or “Upbeat” for a fun-loving dog. 

Famous personalities names: Some individuals like to name their pets on their favorite cartoon characters, likable actors or actresses, scientists, social media figures, or famous figures.

Trending Spanish Dog Names

51 Popular Spanish female dog names with Meanings


The table below enlists the popular Spanish female pooch names with meanings.

Spanish tag English meaning
Abril Month name
Alba Sunrise
Alegra Joy
Alita Wing
Alma Soul
Bebe Baby
Bella Beautiful
Blanca White
Brisa  Breeze
Bonita Cute
Beatriz Voyager
Carina Beloved or darling
Carmen Mountain name in Northern Israel
Chiquita Small one
Corazon Heart
Cielo Heaven
Catalina Pure
Carissa Caress
Chica Girl
Dahlia Valley dweller
Damita Little lady
Dulce  Sweet
Frida Peace
Fredarica Peaceful ruler
Giselle Hostage
Hada Noble spirit
Iris Flower
Ines Chaste
Jacintha Hyacinth
Jade Precious stone
Lareina The queen
Letitia Joy
Lela Dark-haired beauty
Mariposa Butterfly
Melosa Vulnerable or tender
Nieve Snow
Nelia Horn
Paloma Dove or pigeon
Querida Beloved
Rosa Rose
Rita Pearl
Ramona Advise
Sierra Mountain range
Sancia Sacred
Tia Princess
Valencia Healthy and strong
Ventura Good fortune
Zita Girl
Zanita Small apple
Zelia Sunshine

51 Popular Spanish Male dog names with Meanings


This section lists the trending male dog names are of Spanish origin.

Spanish name English meaning
Alegro Joy
Amor  Love
Amigo Friend
Bolero Spanish dance form
Bonito Pretty
Chico  Boy
Cielo Sky
Diego Hispanic version of James
Domingo Sunday
Enrique Home ruler
Eloy Origin
Felipe Hispanic version of Philip
Fedrico Peaceful ruler
Galeno Doctor
Geraldo Spear rule
Hugo Mind
Hernan Adventurous
Inca Peruvian emperor
Jugo Juice
Juan Hispanic name of John
Leon  Lion
Lobo Wolf
Marco Framework
Nino Boy
Oso Bear
Panco Nickname of Fransisco
Pedro Stone or rock
Poco Little
Quito Capital of Ecuador
Rico  Tasty or rich
Rio River
Sol Sun
Santo Holy
Taco Wedge
Toro Bull
Vicente Conquering
Vito Life
Ximen West gate
Zorro Fox
Luz Light
Rojo Red
Pablo Little
Onofre Peace warrior
Frito Fried
Gordo Fat or pudgy
Guey Dude
Gitano Gypsy
Dante Enduring
Santo Holy
Tito Uncle

50 Popular Mexican dog names


Pet owners that like Mexican places, food, and names can zero on their pet names from the list below.

Mexican name English meaning
Amiga Friend
Sonora Mexican Desert
Puebla Mexican city
Chiapas Mexican city that is close to the USA
Sangrita Popular Mexican drink
Cordero Lamb
Tequila Mexican alcoholic drink
Alba  Daybreak
Fiesta Party
Salsa Mexican sauce
Sierra Mountains
Corona Mexican famous beer brand
Hola Hello
Fresa Strawberry
Nacho Mexican chips
Che Buddy
Diablo Devil
Burrito Mexican dish
Tabasco Hot sauce
Empanada Fried dish
Yucca Mexican Plant
Alma Soul
Querida Dear
Merida Location
Guadalupe Mexico’s Patron saint
Araceli Altar of the sky
Juana Gift from god
Maria Bitter
Tigre Tiger
Adriana Dark or rich
Celaya Mexican Location

20 Popular Puerto Rico Pooch names with Meanings


Puerto Rican dog names are impressive and fun for name selection.

Puerto Rican names English meaning
Berta Sparkling
Adelmo Strong and noble
Eva Eve
Mia Mine
Cortez Court
Ramon Spanish Cognate of Raymond
Paz Peace
Nuria Light
Hernan Brave and intelligent
Felicia Lucky
Mani Peanut
Triana Third
Unai Shepherd
Xiomara Battle ready
Ora Gold
Fresca Fresh
Lita Sorrow
Zerlina Beautiful dawn
Alonso Eager for battle

20 Spanish dog names inspired by their temperament or appearance


Studying the dog character and behavior can also be an inspiration to name them. This list below has names of dogs in Spanish-based on temperament and appearance.

Spanish name English meaning
Blanco White 
Alma Heart
Mullido/a Fluffy
Lindo/a Cute
Tonto/a Silly
Pequeno/a Little
Dulce Sweet
Lobo Wolf
Zorro Fox

20 Pet names inspired by famous Spanish figures or personality 


This list gives suggestions for dog tags based on famous Spanish sports persons, celebrity, author, or artist.

Name Origin
Martin Ricky Martin (Singer)
Antonio Antonio Banderas (Perfume brand)
Penelope Penelope Cruz (Actress)
Javier Javier Bardem (Actor)
Luis Luis Fonsi (Singer)
Paz Paz Vega (Actress)
Isabella Queen of Castille
Enrique Enrique Iglesias (Singer)
Carlos Santana Carlos (Guitarist)
Salvador Salvador Dali (Artist)
Joaquín  Joaquín Cortes (Ballet Dancer)
Pablo  Pablo Picasso (Painter)
Picasso Pablo Picasso (Painter)
Iker Iker Casillas Fernández (Football player)

20 Spanish culture inspired pet pal names with Meanings


Culture inspired Spanish names from iconic landmarks, characters from novels or films, Spanish drink, and so on. There are endless possibilities. The list provides some suggestions for doggy names below.

Name English meaning
Sangria Famous non-alcoholic drink
Cuto Novel character
Gasparilla Infamous Spanish pirate
Carnation Spain National flower
Zipi  Comic character
Zape Comic character
Sancho Primary character of the novel Don Quixote
Amigo/a Friend
Dulcinea Don Quixote’s love interest

25 Spanish city-inspired dog names with Meanings


Some pet owners like to name their pets based on their favorite cities. This section suggests some names of dogs inspired by beautiful Spanish city.

Name City name
Almy Short form of Almeria
Barcy Short form of Barcelona
Cata or Loni Short form of Catalonia
Espana Spanish name of Spain
GeeGee Short form of Gijón
Govi   Segovia
Log Short form of Logroño
Maddy Short form of Madrid 
Bella Short form of Marbella
Valla Short form of Valladolid
Vee Short form of Seville
Cádiz A city in Spain
Chiapas Mexican city
Toluca Volcanic region of Mexico
Jalisco A city in Mexico
Valencia A city in Spain
Palma A city in Spain
Cada City in Spain
Guerrero Mexican state
Rondo City in Spain
Puebla Mexican city
Ibiza City in Spain

12 Best Spanish food inspired pooch names with Meanings


Many people name their dogs on their favorite foods. It is not surprising to see dogs with names like honey, sugar, pepper, chili, and so on. The list provides some of the best Spanish foods that also go well for dog names.

Empanada Churros Tacos
Tortilla Paella Patatas
Hierba Croquetas Sabroso/a
Crepe Nacho Gordito/a

12 Gender-neutral Spanish dog names


Some Spanish names suit both male and female dogs. This section lists some of these cute names.

Amadis Belen Ceri
Desi Eli Jules
Linden Marion Ora
Paz  Rai Sol


Final thoughts

Naming a pet pal is a tedious task. This article has curated the various popular Spanish names with meanings. This article provides all insights for pet parents that are looking for Spanish dog names. One can choose from the tags above or personalize their pet names from the list above. Happy Parenting!!!!

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