116 Best Southern Dog Names with Meanings

Country Dog Names: Southerners have always had really unique names for their dogs. They ensure that the name of the dog is a symbol of their personalities. For us dogs are more just a four-legged animal running around wagging their tails in the house. We keep our dogs with pride and like they are a member of the family.

Southern have been known for our great farms and fields, our dogs like any other family members help us manage the farm and animals in it. And therefore we love to give a tribute to our heritage by naming our pets based on it.  Here are 100 names for your four-legged buddy who is going to love you for his life:


Southern name for a male floof

our male doggos help us through the day. Whether it is running around the farm or collecting the herd or fetching the hunt or laying in the fields. For your loyal and energetic floofer here is a list of names for a male southerner:

Bailey a name suited for both males and females
Bandit a naughty name for your sneaky pupper
Bear for a fluffy and brown dog
Beer for all the beer lovers
Buster a bubbly name for a male puppy
Budd or buddy is a common yet peppy name for a floofer
Buddy is the best suited name for your companion who stays with you through the day
Colonel military reference for your army heart
Charlie is a gentle name for a lazy doggo
Cooper a person who makes barrels.
Delta a military name for your fit pet
Edie for your inquisitive pupper
Gunner a name for your hunting helper!
Gus a simple name for a huge doggo
Hugo a sweet name for an energetic dog
Henry a cute name for a male floofer
Hunter a name for a ferocious doggo
Leroy is a great name for a huge doggo
Marshall probably the most loved name by the Southerners
Roots a tribute to our nature!

Names with other Southern reference for females:

Female dogs have always been known for their gentle yet fierce nature. They protect what is their master’s like they would protect their own pupper. So consider the following list for a soothing yet deep meaning name:

Anne for your extra sophisticate dog-queen!
Dixie a cute name for your princess like puppy
Gracie also a sweet name with Bible reference
Hubble a variant of bubble
Hannah also means grace
Lexi short of Alexendira
Lela means a dark beauty
Lucy is a world famous name for medium built doggo.
Lulu the most southern name you could ever come across.
Maisie traditional name for a farm dog
Millie-Mollie for a playful dog
Major a good ol’ military name
Maggie name of a family dog
Millie-Mollie for a playful dog
Mollie a name for a huge and gentle dog
Opal name of a precious gem
Pearl the drop of the ocean
Rosie for a red-ish and deep red coloured companion
Roxy a sassy name for your bad-ass pet
Ruby best name for a deep-red coloured dog
Sally a gentle name for a female doggo
Sadie a cute name for your simple doggie
Sunday is the famous name for the most loved day of a week
Trixie traditional name of small and big doggos
Violet as in the flowers and the colour
Roots a tribute to our nature!

Southern names based on Food/ food ingredients:

Southerners have always had a great taste in food and that can be seen in the variety of the food that we cook and eat! The herbs and the exotic food we make is the epitome of how much we love our taste-buds therefore here is a tribute to our tasty food and names for dogs that would keep reminding you of the yummy treats:

Anna-Banana a cute yet yummy name for your female Retriever.
Basil is a type of herb
Biscuit a peppy name for an energetic dog, it is also our favourite tea-time snack
Butter name for a small dog, probably the most used milk-based ingredients in our kitchen
Bacon the favourite meat of Southerners. And a great name to give to a beefy dog
Bourbon the beautiful whiskey
Buutercup another sweet name for your baking buddy
Brisket a beef delicacy
Candy an all time favourite sweet for kids
Chips based on the salty snack that accompanies every burger
Cookie a cute name for your bakery friend
Clover is a spice
Gumbo the famous meal from Louisiana.
Hazel for your honey eyed puppy!
Honey for your extra sweet and caring puppy
Jamie a longer and a cuter name derived from Jam
Muffin a sweet small cake, for a bakery owner dog-parent
Moon-pie is a much loved desert for the Southerners
Pepper a kind of spice that adds to the perkiness of the food.
Peaches is the most loved fruit for Southerners
Sweet-tea also sounds like Sweety.
Sugar for your sweet little friend
Sage a herb and also it means a hermit
Tater over-cooked potatoes
Okra another name for lady-finger
Roots a tribute to our nature!

Southern names based on Pop Culture references:

With being a Southerner comes a lot of creativity. South has given the art industry a hug contribution by nurturing few of the best artists in the world known for their music, arts and writing. Here is a remembrance for them!

Atticus the famous character from to kill a mockingbird
Bennet means blessed, could be used as a short-form of Benedict
Benedict maybe like Benedict Cumberbatch, guess we’ll never know!
Becky name of Tom Sawyer’s girlfriend
Clint as in Clint Eastwood
Dawson a faithful lover
Dolly the famous Tennessee singer.
Earl a royal name
Elvis based on the pop artist Elvis Presley
Emma the famous novel by Emily Bronte, the best name for a female floofer
Emily the famous author Emily Bronte!
Gump the famous character Forrest Gump
Gunther a military name for your huge doggo
Harley the motorcycle brand!
Harper name of a famous author
Helen based on the name of the woman who conquered blindness and learnt communication
Hudson a type of car
Lee short for Harper Lee, a famous author
Louis based on the famous musician known for his trumpet
Patsy based on the young musician Patsy Cline
Percy or percy Jackson the famous children novel
Shelby a famous author
Sawyer as in Tom Sawyer, for your naughty pup
Nellie based on a famous TV show
Kiki could be a kiki-do-you-love-me reference
Jackson surname of Hugh Jackson.
Warren the name of famous personality: Warren Buffet
Zora a name of a famous author

Southern names based on cities and states:

Our cities are one of the cleanest and the greenest in the world. This marks as too how progressive and fertile our country is. Naming our dog on these cities will help us flourish and the keep the dog healthy:

Ash for Ashville, and also a grey/ black coloured doggo
Atlanta name of a town, and also the name of Aqua Man’s mother
Auburn located in eastern Alabama, best name for a dark orange-ish dog
Austin capital of Texas, known for its delicacies
Biloxi located near Mississippi, this name has a nice ring for a fluffy dog.
Charlotte located in North Carolina, this name will be great for a sophisticated fluffy dog.
Georgia located in Atlanta, this is another female name for a beautiful and majestic breed.
Houston houses the NASA mission control, is a great name for a male dog with medium to large built
Knox short for Knoxville
Lexy or Lexington, a name for a little puppy
Madison many towns have this name
Montgomery located in Alabama, this name is best for a male dog who loves to run around
Monroe could be a Marilyn Monroe reference and a city in South.
Myrtle name of a beach, and also Harry Potter reference!
Parker short for Parksberg
Savannah located near Atlantic coast, is a nice name for a medium-large built female floofer.
Tampa sounds like an ideal name for a collie or a golden retriever.
Virginia harbors a lot of historical site, is a great name for a female Collie-like built dog.
Winston for a huge loyal floofer


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