100 Best Trendy Names for Small Dogs

Little Dog Names: Christening a small dog is not an easy task. They bring so much joy and love to a home and are easy to snuggle, exercise, and to bring to places.

Despite their stature, they are full of personality and have the cutest little faces one can ever imagine of. If one is planning to welcome a tiny dog into their life, picking out the right name is an important step. After all, one would say this name all day for the next years to come. This article enlists the top trending small dog names which will guide new small dog pet parents in the name selection process.

Small Dog Names Inspired By The Size

There are plenty of adorable names for pint-sized pooches. The section below presents some ideas that clearly speak to the smallness of one’s pup while packing in lots of charm and character.

NuggetHalf PintPebblesPeanutShrimp

Sweet and cute male small dog names

Small dogs are not only adorable but are cute too. The best way to recognize this is to give them a sweet name.

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Here are some ideas for small male puppies:


Sweet and cute female small pooch names

A lovely little cute female small dog deserves a lovely name that is not only delicate but also delightful. The list below contains some adorable tiny girl dog names

PixiePoppySweet PeaSugarThumbelina

Small dog names derived from other languages

Some people prefer to give creative names for their small pooches. One such creative idea is to name the puppy with “small” in another language. Some cool ideas of naming small dogs from other languages include:

Klein (German as well as Dutch)Petit (French)
Piccolo (Italian)Pequeña (Spanish)
Liten (Swedish and Norwegian)Lille (Danish)
Pieni (Finnish)

Ironic tiny canine names

Many people prefer to give their small dogs a large, ferocious name. This will certainly be hilarious and fun. Here are some small dog ironic names that funny to choose from:


Miniature but mighty names for the tiny fidos

Anderson PooperAtlantisBark Vadar
Bark WhalbergBiggie SmallsBillie Howliday
ColossusHerculesJabba The Mutt
J.K. GrowlingL.L. Drool JMighty Mouse
Notorious D.O.G.Queen ElizabarkRosa Barks
The RockSnarls BarkleySuperman
Tina SpayVirginia WoofWilliam Shakespaw

Final thoughts

The best tiny dog male or female names make a statement about the pet parent, dog, its look or personality. Zero on a name that an individual love and one he or she will happy to call out loud and proud in the public for the coming years.


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