All About Shih Zu Dog Breed Information

Shih Zu – Is this the one?

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Shih Zu also pronounced as ‘sheet- zoo’ is a cute little dog. It is of the size of a pup and is a total fur ball of joy. This Dog weighs around 8 to 15 pounds and is 7 to 12 inches in height. This is a perfect choice for those families who are trying to extend their family by getting a dog but does not have a lot of space to accommodate a bigger dog. Unlike other dogs who need space and have to be tamed to stay at home Shih Zu is the perfect pick as this small little dog which is absolutely adorable, especially when someone looks them in the eye. Those sparkly puppy eyes can melt anyone’s heart and Shih Zu is hence everyone most favoured option of dog amongst the other breeds which people want to keep at their home. Those who are staying in flat and small apartments do not have the right space for the dog, and not just the owner but also the dog wants lawns or playgrounds to play or exercise. But Shih Zu’s favourite place is on your lap or on the sofa. They are lovable and are absolutely charming.

These dogs just like to stay at home and become a family to you. No one can ever pass by a Shih Zu and not pat him. It is a small little pup that looks like a soft toy and can be carried along with you everywhere because of its small size and appearance.


When we talk about Shih Zu we are talking about the Chinese culture. We bring in all the history from the Chinese kings and emperors who used to call Shih Zu as the lion dogs. For ages Shih Zu has been kept by royal families as their pets to pamper them on their laps and threat them to their royalty. These dogs are considered delicate and beautiful were preferred even in the olden days to be kept inside the bedroom with the owner. According to the Buddhists a Shih Zu was known as a lion dog and there is a connect between the lion and the owner and hence the Shih Zu is considered to have a very strong bond with the owner.

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This dog is a mix of three different dogs which are the Lhasa Apso, the Pekingese and Sino-Tibetan dog breeds. Hence, we know where the beauty and the royalty came from when we talk about these breeds of dogs (Shih Zu). When Shih Zu reached England, it became finer and better. It looked more royal and pretty. Not even a single person can resist from falling in love with a Shih Zu. It is also known as the royal dog or a celebrity dog because it is now owned by a lot of Hollywood celebrities and is also owned by the Queen of the United Kingdom.

How Does a Shih Zu look Like?

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As we have discussed earlier in the article Shih Zu is a Small dog that has Long Hairy fur coat. It is usually small in size but there are always some exceptions due to the crossing of different breeds dogs. It has long hair that falls on the face of the Shih Zu and it has a small tail that is curled up at the back of the Shih Zu. The basic appearance of a Shih Zu is the same as of a dog of any other breed but it is just a little smaller and puppy like in size and if there are any variations as to the size of the dog then it penalised. It is hence, the toy dog for the owners and they love them they way they loved their toys when they were younger.

  1. They are energetic and fast
  2. Shih Zu are very loving and are rarely ferocious towards anyone so if you are looking for a dog to guard your house then Shih Zu is not the one.
  3. It has long hair all over the body that touches the ground.
  4. Thy are very affectionate towards their owner.
  5. This breed of dogs is delicate and are meant to be loved and cared about.
  6. You have to take some special care when you have to feed the dog because they have a sensitive stomach and they have to be maintained properly.

How to take care of a Shih Zu?

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When it comes to maintaining a Shih Zu to have to take proper care and guidance.

  • You have to use special food for the dog because they have small stomach and slow digestion so they have to be given food that do not disturb their bowels. Also, don’t forget about the fur.
  • The fur has to be taken care of. They have to bathe every week to keep their hair clean and you also have to comb them regularly so that the har does not entangle.
  • Also, a cute tip you can also tie the hair that comes on the face of the dog into a pony tail. They not just look cute but this makes it easier to have a proper sight as the hair does not cover the face and the eyes of the dog.

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  • Last but not the least this breed has to be kept hydrated at all the times. They need proper roughage with their food.
  • You have to remember that you do not let the dog roam around in the house without any supervision as it is small and needs someone to take care of it till the time it is not trained.

What to feed a Shih Zu?

When it comes to feeding a Shih Zu half or one bowl of dog food would be enough for a dog of this size. But you have to keep in mind that the dog food quantity depends on the size of the dog. Just like human beings every dog is also different from the other one in some way or the other. Physically if there is any difference in the size or appetite or metabolism of the dog then the food quantity will also vary accordingly. It also depends on the quality of the dog food that you get for the breed. If good quality food is given to the dog not only is it beneficial for you dog but it also helps you as you will not have to add other things in your dog’s food.

The food that is given to the dog must be rich in nutrients and should be a proper diet. The dog needs a whole development and for the physical development of the dog specially during the early age of the dog you must provide it with a balanced meal. This will keep the dog healthy and disease free. A healthy body reflects on the outside and your dog will be happy, lively and cheerful. The appearance of the coat and the built of the dog would be benefitted.

How to Groom a Shih Zu?

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  • Coat is the most beautiful characteristic of a Shih Zu. So, taking proper care of the fur and the hair of the dog you have to follow some norms. Grooming of the dog starts with bathing him properly. When you are using a shampoo make sure to use a dog skin friendly shampoo. This will protect the coat of the dog and will provide shine.
  • You have to brush the hair of the dog everyday as this will prevent the hair from getting tangled and hence, will prevent any discomfort to the dog. If you plan on trimming some inches them make sure you do it regularly and start it at an early stage, probably when your dog is a pup.
  • Shih Zu comes in different shades like white, black and sometimes white and a little streak of red. These dogs are adorable and are like a toy that is so soft that you will forget for a moment that it is a dog and not your soft toy. As, a Shih Zu grows older the hair starts to grow longer and the fur becomes thick. Hence, it will make it more difficult for you to groom them so following these steps regularly would help you maintain your dog’s appearance and hygiene.

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  • You have to also trim the nails of your dog regularly. No matter what the breed of the dog is these are some of the points that has to be followed by every dog owner religiously because they are not just animals but are a part of the family.
  • Grooming also includes activities like cleaning the dog’s ears, brushing the teeth so that the dog is rid of any foul odour any infections. Remember regularly taking your dog to a Doctor is advisable. This will help you catch any infection or disease early. Make sure you get all the vaccinations done for your dog on time. These are some of the tips on taking acre of the dog and preventing them from falling sick or from looking untidy.

Medical Issues

Every dog is prone to these diseases or infections because of their close contact with the outside world. Shih Zu as a breed is kept indoors more that outdoors so they are usually healthy and are lesser prone to disease.

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  1. Allergies are the most common medical issue faced by dogs. Dogs can be allergic to pollens or fungus or other bacteria that are present in the environment. They can also be allergic to food. Some other reasons for serious allergies could be through contact or chemical allergies that may be caused due to the use of shampoos or products that are harming the skin and the fur of the dog.
  2. Juvenile renal dysplasia is a serious medical condition where instant medical help must be taken. In this, the dog tends to urinate more and starts to drink aa lot of water. The dog vomit and is always unwell. It loses its appetite and is always thirsty.
  3. Canine hip dysplasia is another medical condition that is faced by the dogs. This condition can make it difficult for the dog to move and it restricts free movement of the dog. This is a condition where the hip socket of the dog faces alignment issues.
  4. Some other common type of disease could be related to the urinary bladder. The dog faces a lot of such infections. They can also face difficulties like bladder stones and bladder bleeding. These infections can happen due to the bacteria and virus present around them.
  5. Eye problems are commonly found in dogs. Usually such problems arise when the dog becomes old and they start to lose vision. There can be swelling in the cornea or any other kind of infection that could be caused due to the virus or infection on the eye lids. Identifying the disease at the right time is very important and instant treatment is a must.
  6. Gum Problems are the most common type of infections that are reported. Not always can we keep a check on the dog they tend to eat stuff that is not just unhealthy for their body but also for their oral hygiene. Putting in a constant effort to brush your dog’s teeth can help the dog prevent many such infections.
  7. Hair Fall may happen because of the products that you may be using for your dog or it could be something genetic or a climate change. All these factors could be responsible for the shedding of the hair of a Shih Zu. To prevent it you should use good quality dog shampoos which are free from synthetic chemicals. Try getting everything organic and paraben free for your dog. Coming and brushing is the key if you do it regularly all the hair that has already been broken would fall off and your dog will not roam around in the house with hair everywhere.



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