350 + Shiba Inu Names with Meanings – Awesome & Adorable Ideas For Your Puppy

If you’re reading this article, you’ve either already got yourself a new, cute, and little Shiba Inu puppy, or are about to. Well done! You’ve made your decision, and are helping in giving a dog a loving home. 

Shiba Inu Dog

Now, the next step after bringing home a puppy is to name it. At this time, you may have exhausted yourself with thinking up cute Shiba Inu puppy names to give to your baby. After a certain point, you may begin to question what kind of name you want to narrow down. You may be looking for a quirky and unique name or a funny, yet pop culture-oriented name for your Shiba Inu. You may even be looking for something more cool, and badass sounding! This list of the best Shiba Inu puppy names is a cohesive space where you will find what you need, for sure. 

We have listed the popular Shiba Inu names, alongside the cute Shiba Inu names, as well as pop culture-inspired, and Japanese names for a Shiba Inu puppy or dog. We hope we can inspire you to find the perfect and best names for a Shiba Inu!

How to Choose the Best Shiba Inu Name

How to choose shiba Inu name

Let this not be a hasty process – take your time with the naming of your Shiba Inu. Whenever you’re unsure of the direction your naming process is taking, take a look at this list of instructions. It will act as a guide to help you find the perfect Shiba Inu name!

  • Short Names – Go for short names, especially when the name you are picking is in a foreign language.
  • Your Choice – This name is a word you will have to take constantly for your lifetime. Don’t pick an ironic name for the fun of it. Choose a name that means something to you.
  • Feeler – When you pick a name for your Shiba Inu, use it a couple of times and see if your dog likes it. Gauge his reaction before jumping the gun.
  • Name Changes – Preferably don’t change the name of a grown dog. This causes identity issues in dogs and can amount to confusion.
  • No Commands – Command words like ‘sit’, ‘come’, or ‘stay’ are a total no-no. Do not name your dog a word that you will constantly speak at them.

Best Shiba Inu Dog Names

This is a composite list of the best Shiba Inu names you can find on the internet!

50 Best Names for Male Shiba Inu Dogs

1 Best Names for Male Shiba Inu Dogs

Here are the best boy Shiba Inu names for your consideration! We have listed 30 without meanings, while 20 names are given with their meanings.

Bernie Gadget Demon
Hunter Dexter Chance
Oscar Theo Grumpy
Hatchi Mika Kuma
Simba Bailey Cooper
Panda Snouty Smiley
Peanut Snoopy Rocky
Bruce Buzz Mica
Tony Prancer Rudolph
Igloo Master Soldier


Boy Shiba Inu Dog Names With Meanings 

Jordan After Basketball star Michael Jordan.
Kobe After legendary deceased Basketball player Kobe Bryant.
 Sinatra After Frank Sinatra.
Pharaoh The Egyptian word for King, or ruler.
 Pixel The smallest component of a digital picture.
 Nitro As in the chemical compound No2.
 Mustafa Arabic word for ‘the chosen one’.
Nike The Greek word for ‘victory’
 Nero A cruel Roman emperor.
 Monk A religious man.
 Loki The Norse God of mischief.
 Leo Indicating lion.
 Jinx Like a trick of fortune.
 Jabba After Jabba the Hatt. A name for a lazy dog.
 Hulk Like the easily angry superhero from the Marvel cinematic universe.
 Stark The name of a famous House in the series Game of Thrones.
 Dynamo A person with a versatile personality.
 Dingo A type of wild dog found in Australia.
Andre After Andre the Giant.

50 Best Names for Female Shiba Inu Dogs

2 Best Names for Female Shiba Inu Dogs

The 50 best female Shiba Inu names are listed below. 20 have been listed with their meanings as well!

Daisy Mila Roxy
Lucy Stella Bloom
Kai Coco Valentina
Storm Misty Quinn
Mira Holly Blithe
Anna Pauper Alex
Molly Kelly Cecelia
Iris Magnolia Louise
Shiba Queenie MJ
Rookie Marnie Hannah


Shiba Inu Dog Names With Meanings 

Alice After Alice in Wonderland, by Louis Caroll.
 Mona Lisa The masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci.
 Moana The name of the demi-God of the oceans.
 Honey For a golden brown colored pup.
 Hazel For a pup with light brown eyes or fur.
 Boa A type of snake.
 Casey One who is steadfast when at war.
 Zephyr The Greek God of wind.
 Twiggy The name of a famous model.
 Lolita After a young girl who is adored.
Sage A type of herb. Also meaning a wise one.
 Ginger A term used fondly for a redhead.
 Rose After the soft and fragrant flower.
 Ruby A gemstone known to be red in color.
 Jada Meaning a learned, wise one.
 Blizzard A snowstorm.
 Ace The winning card in a deck.
 Apollo The God of music and dance.
 Bentley Named after the luxury car brand.
Pepper A spice.


30 Perfect Names for Your Shiba Inu Puppy

Perfect Names for Your Shiba Inu Puppy

Looking for cute names for your Shiba Inu? Look no further! Here are 30 perfect names!

Fuji Tokyo Oz
Ruri Sparta Blitz
Izumi Bandit Beta
Milo Koto Dart
Baloo Beast Dixie
Tala Glimmer Gretel
Amber Yuki Autumn
Zia Dakota Wags
Pixie Megan Key
Sharpay Betty Tramp

30 Fun and Creative Names for Your Shiba Inu

Fun and Creative Names for Your Shiba Inu 

Bored with the conventional? Here are some fun and creative names for your cute Shiba Inu!

Red Sassy Shady
Snow Sandy Shorty
Tiny Queen of Shiba Lord
Beast Lumos Cupcake
Feather Gremlin Roofie
Vino Juliet Flute
Mimosa Oddball Dodge
Troye Bella Inuit
Riker Cali Ventura
Gold Member Skeletor Scrappy

30 Pop Culture-Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Pop Culture-Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Pop culture names can make for great names for your Shiba Inu. Here are some great ones!

Rita Skeeter Khaleesi Scar
Medusa Pamela Ghost
Jon Snow Princess Leia Darth
Kylo Rogue Blu
Perry the Platypus Ferb Hercules
Merlin Arthur Leslie Nope
Sabrina Angelina Howlie Prince
Bambi Janice Joker
Marley Morty Pickle
Black Widow Malia Barak

30 Japanese Food Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Japanese Food Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Here are some Japanese food inspired Shiba names for you to choose from!

Motchi Sushi Nori
Miso Dashi Yakitori
Tempura Edamame Izakaya
Ramen Okonomiyaki Sashimi
Konbini Oden Soba
Soy Natto Ongiri
Udon Dashi Mirin
Shoyu Tofu Kaiseki
Yakiniku Yuba Shabu
Fugu Goya Zoni


30 Animal Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Animal Inspired Shiba Inu Names

Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, we came up with animal-inspired names for Shiba Inus!

Moose Panther Tigger
Foxy Pooh Bear Kitty
Monkey Lynx Panda
Racoon Bugs Bear
Jerry Pigeon Swallow
Dove Parrot Sloth
Lizzy Roo Kaa
Shere Khan Python Papillion
Lioness Cub Wolf
Dodo Pygmy Mustang

30 Girl Shiba Inu Names

Girl Shiba Inu Names

Now take a look at this list of names best suited to good Shiba Inu girls!

Angel Heidi Princess
Lady Minnie Duchess
Flora Emily Bonnie
Cupid Doll Ellie
Lacy Moon Isles
Meredith Marissa Fifi
Smirnoff Malana Moxy
Reign Nala Izzie
Jazz Esmeralda Aphrodite
Mouse Diana Moss

30 Boy Shiba Inu Names

Boy Shiba Inu Names

Here is a general list of popular Shiba Inu names for boys!

Peeves Nipper Bonsai
Buddy Pumpkin Bonbon
Peanut Inch Gus
Lucky Bugsy Chaos
Baccus Pip Liam
Toby Tuck Ezra
Cheech Ryan Elvis
Dwight Shrute Dean
Nemo Hachiko Bo
Puddles Macho Brendan

30 Elegant Names for Your Male Shiba Inu 

Elegant Names for Your Male Shiba Inu 

Looking for something more stately? Here are some elegant names for Shiba Inus!

Ashton Barclay Ambassador
Augustus Beckham Berlin
Bond Caesar Carlton
Channing Churchill Duke
Darcy Edward Fletcher
Forrest Franklin Gatsby
Gustav Hamilton Hyde
Kipling Knight Kingston
Monet Othello Prince
Rory Wolfgang Picasso



This list of over 200 names for your Shiba Inu should be just the right help for when you want to name your good boy or girl. Some of these names pay homage to the Shiba Inus Japanese heritage as well. 

Along with the best names for males or females, we have also given you some cute names for your Shiba Inu. We hope this is of some help to you. Leave us comments if you like them, and share this article with any of your friends who may be struggling with naming their Shiba Inu as well.


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