510 + Red Dog Names – Popular Ideas for all Your Irish, Ginger, Red Merle, Orange and Copper Color Puppies

Looking for the perfect name for your red fur buddy? Wondering what to call that little companion with captivating eyes and fiery red hair? Thinking what name will justify the unique colour of your dog? Let us help you figure out the right name for your best friend.

How to Choose Red Dog Names

Follow our dog naming guide https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/  to help you settle on an apt name for your pooch.

The name of your furry friend should not only suit his colour but also the personality. The name should not only describe it as a hot red flame boy but also its little cute quirks. The name should be short and easy to say, it should also be easily understood by your pup. We have compiled a list of some cute names for red fur dogs.

50 Best Popular Red Dog Names

These names maybe common but are some of the most trending names for red dogs. They are cute to hear and easy to pronounce. They will be loved by your little red puppy.

Amber Ginger Robin
Archie Hazey Rooibos
Army Jam Rosy
Blush Lobsy Ruby
Cher Peach Rudolph
Chester Peony Rambo
Chilli Peppy Scarlet
Cinnamon Pop Strawberry
Chipper Raddish Tomato
Carrot Raspy Topaz


  • Alani – Hawaiian for orange tree
  • Anne – Anne for Green Gables
  • Cayenne – spicy hot and red
  • Clifford – the red big dog 
  • Ember – fire hot
  • Fuego – Fire in Spanish
  • Keegan – Fiery in Irish
  • Lolo – Red in Romani
  • Mars – the red planet
  • Merlot – Red Wine
  • Paprika – spice
  • Pula – Filipino for red
  • Rojo- Spanish for red
  • Rosso – Italian for red
  • Rot – German for red
  • Rouge – French for red
  • Rowan – Gaelic for the little red one
  • Terra – red soil
  • Velvet – red velvet cake
  • Vulcan- Roman God of fire




50 Best Female Red Dog Names

Girls can be sweet and innocent but they can also be fiery and naughty. Here is a list of names for the red little girls of yours.

Aka Lolo Shiraz
Annie Lava Suri
Ariel Molly Tangy
Alannah Pamela Terry
Burgundy Red velvet Turnip
Cera Rosie Valentina
Ellie Saffron Velina
Giselle Sangria Wilma
Garnet Salsa Yam
Honey Sally Zinna
  • Akane – Japanese for brilliant red
  • Beet – a small veggie that is red
  • Brandy – Alcoholic Beverage
  • Cam – Vietnamese for orange
  • Clancy – Irish name that means red warrior
  • Fiona – Main Character in Shrek
  • Hazel – Old English for reddish brown
  • Huong – Vietnamese for Red
  • Merida – Princess in the Disney movie , Brave
  • Pembe – Turkish name that means pink
  • Phoenix – the bird
  • Raspberry – a small fruit
  • Refina – Roman name that means red haired
  • Rory – Irish name that means Red King
  • Rosé – A wine.
  • Rowan – Irish surname that means a little red one
  • Ruby – A precious metal
  • Rubye – English name meaning red
  • Rusty- derived from the word rust
  • Shani – Hebrew for crimson red



30 Best Male Red Dog names

Male dogs are naughtier and chivalrous as compared to their female counter parts. While deciding a name for your little red friend, do keep in mind its qualities. Here are a few popular male red dog names that will help you decide a name.  

Akako Carnie Elmo
Arizona Coral Firefox
Apricot Cooper Faolan
Alfred Crims Flank
Apollo Currant Garfield
Benji Cracker Growlithe
Barney Daphene Golroy
Blazy Deridre Hunter
Bandit Eclipse Heinz
Bay Edom Harkin


  • Adam – Hebrew name that means red earth
  • Adar – Jewish for fire
  • Cardinal – the bird
  • Cosmo – Red vodka drink
  • Currant – Dried red fruit
  • Heinz – Ketchup
  • Miaka – Japanese for beautiful red
  • Penny – Copper coloured
  • Pepper – Red pepper
  • Poppy – Red coloured flower
  • Pumpkin – a fruit
  • Rhubarb – Purple red fruit
  • Rogan – Red hair in Irish
  • Roy – Scottish name that means red
  • Ruddy – reddish skin colour
  • Russ – English name for little red one
  • Russell – Old English for Red haired
  • Saffron – Spice
  • Solo – Red solo cup
  • Suri – Persian name for red rose



30 Best Names for Irish Settlers

Looking for an Irish red name for your dog? Looking for a name that shows the Irish culture as well as the red colour of your pooch? Take a look at the list below while deciding.

Aiden Flynn Rudah
Braden Furgus Rudy
Bridget Keeva Sean
Cassidy Kevan Shauna
Cian Lucky Siobhan
Ciara Mona Seamus 
Clair Nola Talutah
Davin Oisin Tierney
Dublin Paddy Xanthe
Faolan Patrick Zinnia




30 Best Girl Dog Names Great for a Red Puppy

Can’t decide on a name for that little red head? A delicate and innocent name will do well for a female puppy. The list here will suggest some cute short names for you little girl.

Ace Goldy Reba
Angel Honeybun Redina
Anne Houng Rita
Berry Jelly bean Roy
Blush Nemo Russ
Bloom Ora Spark
Braith Pensy Sweet pea
Charlie Pooh Tramp
Fiona Pular Tango
Fergi Roo Tulip




30 Best Boy Dog Names Suitable for a Red Puppy

Male pups are notorious and full of mischief. While looking for a name for them, choose a name which vibes with their personality and nature. 

Agni Gilroy Red
Apple Harry Rocket
Arch Hydrant Roddy
Alroy Mandarin Reot
Big red Mars Ross
Bomber Marigold Rufus
Claret Peter pan Thor
Cliff Punkin Topan
Eric Phoenix Twizzlers
Flameboy Radcliff Valley




30 Best Red Dog Names Inspired By Famous Redheads

The world is full of famous red heads which are personal favourites for all of us. Take an inspiration from your favourite red head hero and name your new family member aptly.

Amy Erza Merida
Ann Flinstone Natasha
Angela Galileo Pippi
Carmen Ginger Spice Rias 
Chucky Gloria Ron
Conan Jannie Satin
Dana scully Jessie Strawberry shortcake
Daph Jessica Vivian 
Eliza Kim Winston
Emma Lucy Yosemite Sam




30 Best Red Dog names from Animals and Plants

There are a number of plants and animals in the nature which are red in colour. Pick your favourite red flower or animal and name your new buddy.

Akamu Flamingo  Mango
Atam Foxy Mahogany
Autumn  Finch Maraschino
Auburn Haze Oakley
Ally Hue Orangutan
Camy Hibiscus Pansy
Copernicus Heaven Poppin
Cherry Lady Bug Panda
Chestnut Lobster Popcorn
Cranberry Lily Persimmon



30 Best Dog Names that mean Red

The colour red has many shades and tones. The names of these shades and tones are both beautiful and cute. Pick some of these to name your dog.

Archaic Fuchsia Rooney 
Akano Habanero Roary
Cerise Hong Russet
Cinnabar Hot Rosewood
Carnelian Jacinthe  Sanguine
Crimson Melony Tuscan
Carroty Maroon Tawny
Cherise Oxblood Tyrian
Flannan Rust Vermil
Flann Reed Venetian




30 Best Red Dog names from Food and Drinks

What’s better than to name your favourite being with the name of your favourite food? Both will give you the same comfort and happiness. Take a look at some of the best red food and drinks which you can call your dog by.

Cheeto KC Pukin
Curry Malbec Pomme
Carenne  Mustard Pirro
Cabbage Meatball Rhubee
Cherry Pie Melon Rolls
Cosmopolitan Maggie Shrimp
Grenache Nachos Tortilla  
Guiness Oak Wine
Jelly Papaya Whiskey 
Ketchup Pepperoni Zinfandel


30 Best Red Dog Names Inspired by Shades of Red

Let the shades of red inspire you for a name of your dog. These bold and dark names will be apt for your loyal and ferocious buddy.

Alizarin  Grenadine Rubicund
Adamina Imperial Rogan
Blood Liver Roseate
Carmine Mordant Sinopia
Cheddar Mulberry Scar
Carnation Ochre  Sandy 
Dubonnet Plum Sienna
Damask Perinone  Titan
Fulvous  Puce Titian
Gules  Rubal Vermillion 

30 Red Nosed Pitbull Names 

Pitbulls are ferocious dogs. They look scary and dangerous, especially with a red nose. Here are some names for your strong but loyal buddy.

Amigo Emilio Rubina
Arancia Flame Redbull
Amaretto Gargoyle Som
Brit Gloss Scully
Blaze Martha Sundance
Copper Margret Tess
Clementine Peachy Sepia
Carnaby Plumpy Teak
Donty Redmond  Tan
Elma Rother Xavier


30 Best Red Husky Names

Huskies with their huge fur and focused eyes are loved by many. Wondering for a name for your red furred husky? Take a look at the list below.

Aislinn Cigar Gideon
Amar Cantelope Meoquanee
Auram Denver Peter
Avrin Everest Popoye
Boney Edana Rufio
Bronze Flamy Sunrise
Barky Flannery Shaggy
Brick Henna Sunny
Cinaed Gorria Sumac
Cass Garry Xioa – Hong

30 Best Red Heeler Names

Adami Chivvy Puala
Aslan Cheyenne Paul
Azure Carbon Radburn
Brooke Dingo Roux
Bonzer Debby Raoul
Bordeaux Fergus Squeak
Boderick Groomy Squirt
Bayard Kura Twitter
Barksalot Nitro Wagsalot 
Cheril Nala Xanthe



While deciding a name for your red fur buddy keep in mind their personality. The name should vibe not only with their physical features but also their name. The name should be small and easy to pronounce. Also take note that your dog reacts to the name and is not confused. The names here are some of my personal favourite, check them out and decide a perfect name for your furry friend.


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