300+ Poodle Names: Ideas for Chic & Curly Dogs

Cute and unique Poodle dog names


Poodles are calm, active, instinctual, trainable, faithful, and alert. This pooch breed is the second most intelligent dog breed of all and is the seventh most sought breeds in the USA lately. A Poodle is highly tolerant and is hypoallergic; these two additional traits add on to their popularity as they can be an addition to families with allergies, skin irritations, and kids. If you are planning to bring a Poodle home, read on to get name suggestions for your beloved pet.

How To Name a Poodle Dog?


The name selection process is critical in the life of any dog. Hence, one needs to be careful while choosing one. The pointers and tips suggested below, if followed religiously, will aid to ease the tedious dog tag selection procedure.

  • Refrain from choosing common and popular dog tags. Avoid, choosing long names and select names that begin with an unmistakable sound like D, T, or K for better comprehension by the pet pal.
  • Leave out names that sync with the canine commands like sit, stay, come, no, and so on.
  • Pick the name that the whole family approves.
  • Evaluate the new name for a couple of days to see the pet’s response.
  • Refrain from changing the names of adult dogs. If they need to be, rechristened choose one like the older one.
  • The furry friend’s name needs to be finalized within 14 days of its entry into the family.

For a detailed process of naming the pet, refer to the article https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/.

50 Trending Poodle dog names


The section below provides insights into popular as well as unique name suggestions for both male and female Poodles. Read on to choose the right name.

Name Meaning or origin
Amore Love
Bamby Baby or little one
Cale Sweet and shy or well-mannered
Deb Refers to curly hair tone of the dog and means unfamiliar or bizarre
Espresso Dark coffee drink and is suitable for dark brown fur puppies
Farrah Pretty and pleasant
Gypsy Nomad
Helena Glittering
Jewel A precious stone or metal
Kyzer Unique and legendary
Layla Dark haired or the one who is born at night
Miles Irish name for servant
Natalie One who is born during the Christmas
Opal Precious stone
Paloma Spanish name for dove
Queenie A female ruler
Rose Beautiful and delicate or a flower type
Sarah Princess
Tau The 19th Greek alphabet


Other popular Poodle labels

Uzi Valentino Walter
Zoey Ada Bella
Carol Domino Ellie
Frankie Goldie Henry
Iris Julie Kosmo
Latte Maurice Neo
Penelope Rosco Stella
Tera Zala Tanner
Snoopy Rufus Poochie
Paula Nicole Bruno

30 poodle dog names for males


A male poodle is more outgoing, fun loving, friendlier than their counterparts. But food is their main weakness. Hence, one can name a male poodle with food inspired names or check out the suggestions below.

Alcot Blake Charlie
Duke Emerson Francis
Gaston Hamilton Iven
Jacky Teddy Buddy
Weimer Kiel Gregor
Curls Finn Pudel
Schwarz Vincent Rockwell
Oliver Desmond Jerry
Tommy Benedict Julius
Redmond Chaucer Fairfax

30 female Poodle pooch names


Female poodles are cute, independent, protective, and territorial. They like to be around humans but do not always or necessarily stay in direct contact with them. The name suggestions are given below based on these traits of the female Poodles.

Duchess Fifi Aspen
Bianca Lux Camilia
Effie Flora Victoria
Harper Octavia Charlotte
Laura Violet Theodora
Sabine Evangeline Darling
Constanza Pearl Snowy
Natasha Rosemary Aurora
Scarlette Ainsley Love
Vendy Lux Angel


30 toy Poodle names


The toy Poodles are great athletes and companions for all seasons. Despite their miniature size, they are quite popular. The list below provides name suggestions for these cute, agile, and intelligent puppies.  

Tiny Little Shorty
Peanut Baby Peewee
Bitty Minnie Squirt
Teensy Munchkin Button
Smalley Morsel Nibbler
Jellybean Bean Puny
Nugget Shrimpy Half pint
Pebbles Scrapy Runt
Candy Nino Niño/a
Puff Mango Choco


30 French names for Poodles


The French called the Poodle as ‘Caniche or duck dog’. Here are some name suggestions for duck dogs inspired by French.

Aimeé Bebe Céline
Dominique Elle Fantine
Giselle Heloise Jolie
Isabel Lulu Mignon
Ninon Odette Papillon
Riviera Suzanne Therese
Vivienne Yvette Alair
Blanche Cherie Esmé
Fleur Paris Olympe
Beau Felix Heureux


30 white Poodle name tags


Poodles come in various combination of colors. White is the most elegant of them. The list below provides name suggestions for white Poodles.

Frosty Blancho Angel
Dove Sugar Cloudy
Pearl Opal  Winter
Ice January Domino
Jasmine Gardenia Lily
Bianco Alabaster Ivory
Creamy Shell Lace
Daisy Bijeli Chiffon
Powder Whity Bony
Coco Cotton Branco


30 black Poodle names


Another popular and trending Poodle color is black. The list below provides cool suggestions for this color breed.

Ash Coal Noir
Olive Pepper Ebony
Cinder Shady Raven
Ember Onyx Jet
Smoky Oreo Knight
Bandit Dusky Shadow
Café Elvira Jade
Spidy Woofson Blacky
Ink Negro Zwart
Preto Brunet Sable


30 red or apricot Poodle name tags


This rare color of the Poodle breed has many name suggestions too. Look on to make the right selection.

Red Foxy Rosy
Rose Ruby Valentine
Sienna Scarlet Burgundy
Merlot Sangria Rojo
Shiraz Sienna Copper
Autumn Ariel Annie
Merida Fiona Berry
Amber Cayenne Chilly
Cinnamon Dahila Eclipse
Ginger Garnet Fuschia


30 black and white Poodle dog names


The UK kennel club recognizes the black and white Poodle dogs as Phantom poodles. But the US Kennel club does not approve these Phantoms. The list below provides cute and unique name suggestions for Phantom Poodles.

Aurora Bessy Chanel
Dabble Freckles Greta
Holstein Jasper Keys
Luna Marble Nyx
Orca Panda Rocky
Scrabble Skunk Thor
Vega Whoopie Ying-Yang
Zorro Stripy Retro
Pixel Odile Nigel
Motley Jazz Groucho


30 brown or chocolate Poodle names


Brown colored poodles are a rare color in this breed. If you are lucky to find one, the name suggestions may help you wade through the selection process.


Snickers Hershey Brownie
Kahlua Cadbury Heath
Hickory Rolo Cola
Tootsie Bear Russet
Espresso Java Mocha
Acorn Mudd Chestnut
Teak Umber Kobicha
Bambi` Marron Brun
Braun Nestle Clove
Nutella Raisin Canoli


30 gray or silver poodle labels


Poodles can also come in silver or grayish furs. The section below suggests names for this fur tinge.

Dusty Foggy Misty
Graycie Sterling Granite
Mercury Pewter Mouse
Stormy Artemis Brand
Cinder Blurry Gris
Luster Grigo Haiiro
Slate Murk Casper
Banshee Wraith Umbra
Specter Mogwai Smazy
Grizzly Hazy Ashley


Final words

The name suggestions provided in this article are just the popular unique names that people are choosing. One can use their imagination to mix and match names of their choice that they find apt for their beloved pooch. Have a great name searching and happy parenting!


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