400 + Strong, Scary, Fierce, Strong, Guard and Courageous Police Dog Names


Having a dog in the police force has become very common these days. You see posts on social media portraying the bravery of these canine heroes. And why not? They totally deserve it.

Police dogs are trained to be sharp and fierce. These dogs are often known as K9s. It is an added bonus that they are loyal and super cute!  

These crime-fighting heroes deserve a name to suit their qualities. While naming your K9, you would want to consider these points:

  • Choose a strong name: You want to make sure that the dog’s name is strong and tough. This will help in giving your dog a scary pretence. But only you will know that they are a big softie at heart for you.
  • Pick a name after a cop or military term: Brave tales of cops have been very famous among us. Why not name your dog after one of those popular policemen?

Here are some more tips to name your canine:

Time To Choose A Name-How to Choose


First of all, let us congratulate you on getting a dog. You are sure to have a protector for yourself and your surroundings.

When it comes to naming a police dog, we have outlined some tips for you: 

  • Choose a short name: Pick out a short name so that your dog can comprehend it easily. It will also be easy for you to pronounce that name. And we can assure you that it will come in handy in a difficult situation.
  • Observe your dog’s reaction: Observe your dog’s reaction to the name you have given. See if they are comfortable with it.
  • Select a name you would like: Choose a name that you would not mind saying repeatedly.


50 Best Famous Police Dog Names 


Many precincts and police forces have dogs as helpers to their officers. Here are some famous police dog names inspired by those dogs:

Enforcer Pistol Standby
Barney Fife Sipowicz Barney Miller
Ponch Derbin Marlowe
Tango Cash Crockett
Bufford Starsky Hutch
Copper  Charlie  Chewie 
Cupid   Coby  Earnest 
Duffy  Elmo  Julius 
Kinsey  Jonah  Joni 
Elton  Duck  Ethan 

Names with Meanings 

Inspector Second supervisory post in Police departments.
Cadet A recruit for police force.
Vice Meaning secondary.
Norris From famous cop character, Chuck Norris.
Apollo A police dog who worked on Ground Zero In 2011.
Cloud II One of the bravest dogs in Canadian history who saved 123 fugitives.
Koton A movie star who was also a real-life police dog.
Mattie The first accelerant detecting police dog in US history.
Rin Tin Tin A rescued puppy from France who was trained to be a police dog.
Strongheart Another real-life police dog who worked in movies.
Casper A cute cartoon-inspired dig name.
Coco A cute dog name for a brown dog.
Dino A name for a large dog.
Kal-El A super name for a super dog.
Malia A cute name for your K9.
Hades The Greek god of Underworld.
Hera Queen of Greek gods.
Zeus King of Geel gods.
Haven For a dog who can always make you feel safe.
Gamora A brave “Guardians of the Galaxy” character.
Danger The name says it all.

50 Female Police Dog Names 


Here are some suggestions of female police dog names to help you with naming yours!

Names in a table

Alaska Diva Blizzard
Echo Colt Brooklyn
Clue Dagger Harley
Huntress Indiana Jinx
Mercy Pepper Scout 
Olympia Starbuck Queen
Tiger Raven  Rogue
Avril Angelina Acadia
Duchess Frannie Freya
Indy Jojo Koda
  • Names with Meanings 
Elektra Inspired by a Greek heroine.
Cleopatra After the great Egyptian empress.
Reina Spanish for a queen.
Cagney From “Cagney and Lacey”.
Lacey The other part of the duo.
Andromeda Name of a galaxy.
Joan of Arc A great heroine in Greek history.
Nyx A river that flows in the Underworld in Greek mythology.
Sheba The great Queen of Sheba from the Hebrew Bible.
Akita A name of a loyal dog breed.
Ambrosia Meaning food of Gods.
Amethyst Named after a gemstone.
Astra Meaning star in Greek.
Callisto A nymph from Greek mythology.
Codex An ancient manuscript.
Ebony For a black dog.
Hecuba A queen from Greek mythology.
Ghost A name for a fair shaded dog.
Jedi A Star Wars-inspired name.
Kaia Meaning the sea.

50 Male Police Dog Names 


We have formed a list of male police dog names to help you with naming yours appropriately:

Names in a table 

Avalanche Bear Bane
Bones Bomber Bang
Prowler King Boss
Butch Bullet Diesel
Crash Buddy Gunner
Bud Gator Rocky
Bruiser Hunter Wolf
Force Finn Ranger
Spike Moose Goliath

Names with Meanings 

  • Caesar: Named after the famous Julius Caesar.
  • Rex: Short for Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Bullitt: Lt. Frank Bullitt from the movie Bullitt.
  • Seagal: A famous action actor, Steven Seagal.
  • Brutus: A brave Roman general.
  • Apache: A badass name for a badass dog.
  • Bandit: Another tough name for a police dog.
  • Azlan: Meaning brave.
  • Archer: A name for a sharp dog, who misses nothing.
  • Atlas: A Titan from Greek mythology.
  • Augustus: Augustus was a strong Roman military leader.
  • Atom: A typical male police dog name.
  • Aslan: The main character from “Chronicles of Narnia”.
  • Boomer: A name for a loud dog.
  • Bruno: Another common tough police dog name.
  • Bronx: Yet another badass dog name.
  • Brick: A strong name for a fawn dog.
  • Bullseye: A perfect name for a dog who never misses.

30 Tough Police Dog Names 


Police Dogs are tough and fierce dogs, don’t you think? Here are some suggestions for tough dog names:

Ace Admiral Blaze
Axis Blitz Buck
Duke Hawkeye Hercules
Mack Maverick Maximus
Odin Rambo Remington
T-Bone Tank Thor
Tito Trapper Vinnie
Joplin Mystique Rebel
Sable Vixen Shadow
Beast Chomp Hero

30 German Shepherd Police Dog Names


German Shepherd is the most common breed for K9s due to their aggressive and sharp behaviour. We have collected some German Shepherd Police Dog Names for you:

Yumi  Yeti  Vader 
Virgil  Viper  Ursula 
Una  Tyrion  Trinity 
Trapper Sprinkles  Sparky 
Sox  Sloan  Shirley 
Shannon  Selena  Scooter 
Ruben  Riptide  Randy 
Norm  Olly  Nitro 
Memphis  Ming  Midas 
Maeve  Marge  Magic 

30 Best K9 Dog Names 


Do you want to name your dog after their sharp and brave nature? Here are some suggestions for K9 Dog names:

Abe  Abigail  Adams 
Barack  Barbara  Betty 
Brock  Buchanan  Bush 
Caroline  Carter  Champ
Charger  Chester  Chino 
Cobra  Dane  Coolidge 
Dozer  Edith  Eisenhower 
Faber  Florence  Floyd 
Garfield  Giant  Gracie 
Grover  Hawk  Jackie 

30 Cute Police Dog Names


Who says police dogs can’t be cute? Here are some cute names for your cute police dog:

A.J. Alfie  Ali 
Ames  Amos  Angel 
Angus  Applejack  Archie 
Argo  Artie  Avery 
Babe  Bacon  Bailey 
Banjo  Benji  Bingo 
Biscuit  Bobby  Boo 
Barkley  Bowie  Brewster 
Brodie  Brownie  Bugsy 
Buttons  Cappuccino  Carmel

30 Funny Police Dog Names 


Some of the police dogs can be extremely funny when off-duty. So here are some funny police dog names:

Fuzz Po-po Donut
Cruller Fritter Long John
Boston Crème Gum Shoe  Punky 
Sassy  Sissy  Arrow 
Brindlepaugh  Grimm  Jumbo 
Dobby  Yoda  Pumbaa
Pig  Pikachu  Gollum 
Frodo  Bitsy  Pee Wee 
Fergus  Waldo  Hobbit 
Spice  Spice  Salsa 

30 Police Dog Names Inspired by Famous Cops 


Many tales of brave cops have been told to us. So why not give a tribute to these heroes with police dog names inspired by famous cops?

Hoover Pete  Julie 
Linc  Roosevelt  Rivera 
Perry  Mason Sherlock 
Rebus  Luther  Morgan 
Angelo  Raquel  Batista 
Allen  Gillian  Bratton 
Batts  Ramsey  Kathleen O’Toole
Lee Brown Flynn  McCarthy 
Esserman  Scott Thomson  Camden 
Emery  Kelling  Giuliani 

30 Names inspired by military or law enforcement service 


Get creative with police dog names and use a military dog name for your dog!

Chief Sergeant Sarge
Agent Detective Colonel
Major Deputy Lieutenant
Officer Rookie Trooper
Honour Justice Noble
Liberty Courage Faith 
Freedom Glory Partner
Badge K-9 Holster
Blue Baton Pistol
Captain Recruit Marksman

30 Police dog names inspired by movies and TV shows


Our TV screen has provided us with many promising cops. We have clapped and marvelled at their bravado. So here are Police dog names inspired by movies and TV shows:

Deputy Dawg Robocop Wiggum
Krypto Hulk Bolt
Fang Leia Katniss
Nala Xena Five-O
Mod  Barbrady  Columbo
Riggs Murtaugh McClane
Axel Lennie Briscoe  Joe Friday 
Callahan Tibbs Gordon
Popeye  Angel Mackey 
Rockford Hank Schrader  Benson


Hopefully, we have given you enough options for naming your dog. These names are based on many personality attributes and qualities. Remember, in the end, only your and your dog’s liking towards the name is what matters. You don’t have to worry about the other things as long as you both like the name.


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