500 + Pitbull Dog Names – Most Funny,Exotic, Unique and Tough Names for Your Dog

Did you know that Pitbull is a type of dog rather than a breed of dog? This type includes American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

In the 1800s, Bulldogs and Terriers were mated to create Pitbull dogs, to ensure the strength of a Bulldog and agility of a Terrier in one dog. These dogs were made for dogfighting rings and have a reputation of having a very aggressive nature. But that is a common misconception about Pitbull dogs. And they are overcoming these negative stereotypes with their gentle demeanour. Pit bulls are the adorable dogs who love you unconditionally.

Best Pit bull Dog Names with Meanings 

50 Male Pit bull Names

Male pitbull names

Pitbull is a dog who has a strong appearance and an equally strong personality. Especially the males. Here are some names for male Pitbull dogs. 

Bo Pal Rufus
Mace Prince Sand
Pretzel Choc Knight
Elon Scarecrow Rum
Bruno  Teak  Pongo 
Target Kip  Scar 
Soldier  Aslan

Pitbull Dog Names with Meanings

Ares Inspired by the Greek God of war.
Blade Perfect for your feisty little male pup.
Blitz Go for this name if you have an athletic pup.
Bruiser If you have a Pitbull dog with a rough and tough appearance, this name is perfect for him.
Diesel You have a super energetic pup whose energy never runs out, then you know this name suits him the best.
Hercules Inspired from Greek mythology.
Mac Inspired by Apple’s laptop range, MacBook.
Maverick A Maverick is someone who is a rebel.
Odin This name is inspired by Odin from Norse mythology.
Rex This name is for that puppy who bites almost everything in his sight, inspired by the dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Rocky Inspired by a classic boxing movie named Rocky, this name is perfect for a strong puppy.
Sampson Sampson is a man of extraordinary strength from the Bible.
Spike This name is an adorable choice for cute Pitbull.
Sumo Just like a sumo wrestler.
Thor The great God of thunder from Norse mythology.
Zeus The king of Greek gods is named Zeus, God of Sky.
Bear Is your pup your cuddle buddy? Then this name will suit him the best, like a teddy bear.
Buddy This is one of the most popular dog names. And why should not it be? A dog is a person’s best friend.
Oliver A popular dog name among new dog parents.
Rascal Is your dog a troublemaker? Then this name will suit him perfectly.
Spot This name is perfect for a spotted dog.
Chomp Does your dog eats everything you give? Well, we have found a perfect name for him.
Fabio A funny name for a Pitbull pup after the romantic hero Fabio.
Genghis Who does not know of the legendary Moghul emperor Genghis Khan?
Romeo Won’t it be funny to name your lovey-dovey Pitbull dog after the Romantic hero Romeo?
Yoda You can always say that the force will always be with your pup after this name.
Whopper It will surely be fun to your stocky-looking Pitbull dog whopper. Because he whoops almost everything.
Bruce Bruce Wayne from Batman? Why not?
Bullet For your superfast furry friend.
Hammer A perfect name for a puppy who smashes into everything.

50 Best Female Pitbull Dog Names with Meaning

female pitbull
Liza  Farah  Lenci 
Linda  Luci  Roxy 
Lola  Stella  Bailey 
Mia  Molly  Sadie 
Penny  Remi  Charlie
Cali  Rosie  Diamond 
Ruby  Bently 

Names with meanings

Athena Athena is a name inspired by Greek Goddess Athena who is the goddess of wisdom and war.
Brawny This name is perfect for a female Pitbull pup who has a little notoriousness to her and a strong body.
Cleo This name is inspired by the ancient and one of the most powerful Egyptian goddesses, Cleopatra.
Hera Hera is one of the most powerful goddesses in Greek Mythology.
Jezebel This name is inspired by a prominent queen of Iraq in the 9th century BC.
Nova Nova is the name of a cosmic event that causes the formation of a star.
Nyx Inspired by the goddess of night in Greek mythology.
Sheba This name is inspired by the legendary Queen of Sheba mentioned in The Bible.
Queenie Your dog is the queen of your heart, so why not name her after that?
Vega It is the brightest star in a constellation called Lyra.
Vixen This name is perfect for your clever little pup who knows how to have her way.
Gracie This is a good choice for a sweet puppy.
Maisie A cute name for a cute girl pup.
Minnie How cute is this name for tiny little furball?
Olive Why can’t dogs be named after their eye colour? And Olive is indeed a rare eye colour.
Biscuit This name is very ironic for a tough-looking Pitbull dog.
Cupid Just imagining the baby carrying a bow and arrow with wings to your puppy is hilarious.
Flo A giggly name for your cute Pitbull puppy.
Peanut Another ironical but adorable name for a strong Pitbull dog.
Tankerbell Yes, that is a parody of the Disney fairy Tinkerbell. And it is very funny too.
Xena This is a unique name for a Pitbull dog after a warrior princess from a 90’s show.
Angel For the beautiful angel for a puppy.
Caffine For a pup who is always energetic.
Eevee Inspired by the adorable Pokemon, Eevee.
Candy A name for your sweet Pitbull dog.
Daisy For a puppy who is pretty as a flower.
Hearty This name will tell you how your pup can always win your heart.
Luna Inspired by the moon.
Nala From the cutie from Lion King.
Zoey A unique name for a unique pup.

30 Best Boy Pitbull Names with Meaning

boy pitbul

Name your little Pitbull after his ferociousness, which is very cute at his young age.

Charles  Jax  Tyson 
Cooper  Alfalfa  Antoine 
Asher  Aspen  Benji 
Axel  Barrack  Birch 
Bok  Carlton  Bully 
Casino  Chip  Cody 
Dale  Earl  Edgar 

Names with meanings

Max A common name for Pitbull pups.
King Because he is the king of your heart.
Ace For a puppy who always aces.
Archie Short for Archie Comics.
Bachelor Because the pup is too young to care about a wife.
Basil Based on the herb.
Bam Bam For a pup who is explosive.
Biggie For a pup who is huge.
Brutus A Shakespearean inspiration.
Deputy Suitable for a bossy puppy.

30 Best Blue Nose Pitbull Names

Blue Nose Pitbull Names

Bluenose Pitbull dogs are grey in colour. Here are some names for them.

Opal  Aqua  Azure 
Cobalt  Cyan  Flint 
Fog  Grizzly Gunner 
Marine  Misty  Nav 
Pebble  Sapphire  Silver 
Sky  Slate  Smokey 
Soot  Teal 

Names with meanings

Storm For a grey coloured Pitbull dog which is loud like a storm.
Ice Suitable for a white Pitbull dog.
Snowy Suitable for a Pitbull dog who is stark white in colour.
Stone Usually for greyish Pitbull dogs.
Pigeon A deep shade of grey, usually on the pigeons. And it is funny too.
Turquoise A greenish-blue colour to describe a Pitbull dog.
Olympic For an athletic puppy.
Electro Short for electric blue, a shade of blue.
Dewy The colour of dewdrops, which is often grey.
Drizzle For a dog with a whitish-grey colour.

30 Best Brindle Pitbull Names

These Pitbull dogs have different colours on their bodies. And because of that, they are very beautiful. Here are some names for these beauties.

Patches Spatter  Splat 
Smudge  Streak  Mottle 
Mosaic  Pip Fleck 
Marble  Camo  Dapple 
Blur  Brown  Chocolate 
Bean  Tan  Mousy 
Sepia  Burnt wood

Names with meanings

Blotch Blotches are irregular patches on the skin. On Pitbull dogs, it makes them unique and beautiful.
Glob The texture of a glob is similar to the colour on a Brindle.
Multi Short for Multi-coloured.
Freckles Just like small patches on the skin, these multicoloured patches make your dog beautiful.
Dotty For a dog who has multiple small dots on it.
Pepper Similar to the salt-pepper colour combination.
Stripe Your dog does not necessarily have spots, it can also have stripes.
Tint A tinted happy puppy with multiple colours.
Sprinkle Signifying the spread of various colours on the dog’s body.
Spotty Best for a dog with lots of spots.

30 Best Red Nose Pit bull Names with Meaning

Red Nose Pitbull

Pitbull dogs with orangish-red colour popular by the name red nose Pitbull dogs. Here are some selected names for them.

Ember Marigold  Flame 
Fall  Merlot  Pumpkin 
Redmond  Rose  Russet 
Scarlet  Tawny  Penelope 
Greta  Firewood  Firesand 
Merlot  Coral Sanguin
Cardinal Wine 

Red Nose Pitbull Names

Amber Inspired by fossilised raisins, this name is suitable for yellowish coloured Pitbull dogs.
Apricot Apricot is a dry fruit that is golden brown in colour.
Autumn Autumn is a season that has reddish-yellow shades.
Brick The bright red colour of bricks can be used to describe a red nose Pitbull dogs.
Blush The pinkish colour of blush can express your pet’s cuteness, don’t you think?
Cherry Cherry is such a cute name for your pretty pet.
Copper This is the perfect representation of the colour of these Pitbull dogs.
Ginger This colour is a brownish-copper colour.
Honey Honey is a sweet name for a dog which is yellowish in colour.
Peach Peach is yet another cute name for Pitbull dogs.


30 Best Black Pit bull Names

Blue Nose Pitbull Names

These dogs are completely black in colour. And they hold a certain appeal to themselves. Here are some names for Black Pitbull dogs.

Ebony  Coal  Eclipse 
Guiness  Inka  Lead 
Midnight  Oreo  Pitch 
Shades  Panther  Magic 
Shale  Thunder  Choco 
Toirneach  Cara  Saoirse (ser-sha)
Ciara (Kee-ra) Aine (awn-ye) Fiadh (fee-a)
Eimear (ee-mur) Nessa  Liam 
Night  Inky  Dusky 
Twilight  Sable  Dark 

30 Best Badass Pitbull Names

Pitbull is a dog type that has a badass appearance. So why not name the dog after its appearance?

Terror  Alpha  Harley 
Ammo  Beast  Blaze
James Bond Caesar Boomer
Chino Comet  Dozer 
Foxy Bullseye  Duke
Hannibal  Killer  Kingston 
Nitro  Onyx  Rambo 
Razor  Sarge  Snape 
Sniper  Simba  Titus 
Traz  Tupac  Venom 

30 Best Mythology Pitbull Names

Mythology Pitbull Names

People who have a great interest in mythology. If you want to name your pet Pitbull dog after mythology, here is a list of names.

Achilles  Adonis  Aeolus 
Althea  Amon  Artemis 
Aphrodite  Antigone  Argus 
Aries  Atlas  Aura 
Aurora  Beowulf  Brahma 
Baltazar  Brontes  Bia 
Cassiopia  Chandra  Chronos 
Dionysus  Cybele  De 
Electra  Eros  Fauna 
Fortuna  Ganesh  Hades 

30 Best Smart Pitbull Names

Smart Pitbull Names

Dogs are very smart creatures. And Pitbull dogs especially so. Here are some names to show the smartness of your dog.

Byte  Axis  Orion 
Laser  Neo  Bit 
Bing  Pi  Inertia 
Beta  Venus  Aristotle 
Plato  Google  Typo 
Digit  Cyber  Wifi 
Gadget  Glitch  Hashtag 
Cypher  Cache  Memory 
Crypto  Intel  Java 
Widget  PlayStation  Nintendo 

Pitbull Names: Cool, Cute, Unique and More… 

30 Best Cool Pitbull Dog names 

Cool Pitbull Dog Name

We have chosen the coolest names for this cool type of dogs in this section.

Amir  Apollo  Bandit 
Baxter  Bolt  Carter 
Cash  Ceeloo Dash 
Dolce Eli  Elvis 
Gabbana  Harper  Harvey 
Levy  Lexus  Mowgli 
Ozzy  Phoenix  Queen bee
Rebel  Richie  Riva 
Rocco  Sage Trixie 
Usher  Van  Zelda 

30 Best Cute Pitbull Dog names

cute pitbull names

You know your dog is a cutie at heart. Here are some names to name them after their cuteness.

Alexa  Amos  Ava 
Bella  Boe  Bonbon 
Bonnie  Bree  Buffy 
Bubba  Cece  Fefe 
Gabby  Gia  Gigi 
Darling Kiki  Lily 
Lulu  Mika  Mol 
Pogo  Pongo  Sprout 
Tara  Tiara  Stitch 
Toto Yogi  Vienna 

30 Best Unique Pitbull Dog names

Unique Pitbull Dog names

Having a common name for your pet is not as special having a unique name. Here is a list of unique names for your Pitbull dog.

Astro  Battle  Captain 
Coach  Dixie  Dynamo 
Echo  Fairy  Flourish 
Gamble  Iron  Jinx 
Minx  Softie  Swash 
Toast  Turtle  Warlock 
Wicket  Anchor Aviator 
Colon  Asterix  Halo 
Hobbit Galaxy  Hotshot 
Inspector  Kaboom Kaos 

30 Best Tough Pitbull Dog names

Pitbull dogs are known for their tough character. Here are some names which stand true to their nature.

Brawler  Boxer  Butch
Chomp  Crash  Craggy 
Digger Devil  Jaws 
Machine  Monster  Pluto 
Punch  Punk  Rowdy 
Smasher Tiger  Tank 
Diva  Bonnie  Hulk 
Viper Arnie  Chopper
Chaos  Frosty  Thatcher
Chilly  Hyper  Smack 

30 Best Pitbull Names Inspired by Colour

Pitbull Names Inspired by Colour

Pitbull dogs come in different colours. Or there might be a colour that reminds you of your dog. Here are some colours which you can name your dog after.

Indigo  Fawn  Ghost 
Shadow  Ocean  Blue 
Red  Brindi  Coco 
Pearl  Ash  Jet 
Bone  Cream  Brownie
Fire  Milky  Chiffon 
Ivory  Carrot  Pinkie 
Beige  Parmesan  Granola 
Latte  Bumblebee  Butterscotch 
Cider  Clay  Spice 


Pitbull is an amazing type of dog who is often misunderstood. They might have a tough appearance. But they are soft-hearted and have a gentle demeanour. Contrary to the belief that Pitbull dogs are aggressive. This list of names will help you in naming your dogs on how they act.


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