390 + One Syllable Male and Female Dog Names: Short And Sweet Names For Your Furry Friend

One-Syllable Dog Names: Short And Sweet Names For Your Furry Friend

Syllables are divisions that are based on pronunciation and not on meaning. A one-syllable (mono- syllable) name is characterized by one distinct sound when pronounced. Although it is brief, it has a strong impact. It is not only easy to call but also convenient for labeling dog collars, bowls and other items. If you are looking for one-syllable names for your canine companion, we have compiled a list ranging from beautiful and meaningful to cool, fun and unique options for your consideration.


How to Choose one-syllable dog names

The process of naming your furry pal might be both overwhelming and fun at the same time. You just need to understand a few important steps to find the ideal name for your beloved pet. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Firstly, study your pet’s personality and select a name that aligns with its unique characteristics. You can also consider naming your pet based on its breed, appearance and behaviour. Apart from these, nature, places and symbols can also be wonderful sources of inspiration naming your pooch.
  • Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and doesn’t sound like a command. Avoid abusive words.
  • Lastly, check the potential name by calling your pet. If it responds positively, you have the right name for your furry companion.


50 Famous One-Syllable Dog Names With Meanings

Here are a few popular one-syllable dog names, along with their corresponding meanings.

Names Meanings
Prue Prudence
Bits A name for the pup who owns every bit of your heart
Chance Good luck
Chie Wisdom
Fay Mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore
Claude Lame
Duff Dark
Oz Australia
Dom Of the Lord
Fox A name for smart and clever dog
Elf Magical being
Vaughn Little
Frank Honest
Jazz After a style of music
Shaw Wolf
Roz Variation of Rose
Floyd Grey
Hank Home ruler
Jet Black stone, Drop of the sea
Dove A white bird, meaning “symbol of peace”
Dex Short for Dexter
Chip A small and slender piece
Liv Cover
Kim Bold or golden
Pax Kiss of peace
Muse For the dog who inspires you
Thor Thunder
Chuck To toss
Russ A Russian
Zen Religious or peaceful
Sal Short for Sally
Sly Cunning or wily
Kai Sea
Ice For dogs with white fur
Tex Texan
Blake Black or pale
Steve Crowned one
Taz After the cartoon character The Tasmanian Devil from ‘Looney Tunes’
Chang Flourish or sunlight
Boyd Light
Scout First explorer
Bess Form of Elizabeth
Blink Rapid closing and opening of the eyelid
Jinx Magic
Jax Son of Jack
Boone Blessing
Blythe Cheerful
Xue snow
Nell Brightness
Sage Wise


50 One-Syllable Male Dog Names With Meanings

If you are looking for some cool and best one-syllable for your male furry companions, here is the list to consider.


Names Meanings
Abe Father of many
Ace Unit or unity
Art Short for Arthur, means “Bear”
Al Noble
Bly Tall
Bob Famed
Bruce Woods
Cal Devotion
Clay To stick together
Baz Short for Basil, derived from Greek word for “King”
Ben Son
Buck/Buk Deer, cowboy
Dale Valley
Gray Color
Dash Lock or run away
Dov Hebrew word, meaning “bear”
Duke Refers to a position of nobility
Bert Bright
Dean Leader
Grant Greatness
Gaz Gentleness
Björn Bear
Duff Swarthy
Mitch Gift from God
Buzz After Buzz Lightyear
Gus Great
Mitt From the mill town
Will Protector
Bond After James Bond
Hugh Intelligent
Caine Battle
Yves Yew
Hooch After the dog from film ‘Turner & Hooch’.
Nike Victory
Mac Short for Maximilian, meaning “great”
Biggs Used for a good boy who is big
Zed Lord is righteous
Mars God of war
Prince Royal son
Champ Warrior or Free man
Zayne God is gracious
Benz Brave or blessed
Luke Light
Len Lion
Bay Auburn-haired
Oz Short for Osbourne, meaning “Strength”
Spike A long, heavy nail
Bach A bachelor
Badge A special or distinctive mark or token for achievement
Ash Happy
Neil Champion


50 one-syllable female dog names With Meanings

If you are looking for an adorable one-syllable name for your female pet, here is a list to ponder.


Names Meanings
Stella Star
Ann Gracious
Cass Wealthy
Bay Sea inlet
Blaire Meadow
Belle Beautiful
Bebe Woman
Tess Short for Teresa, meaning “harvester”
Claire Wonderful
Beth Lively
Breeze Light gentle wind
May After the Roman goddess Maia
Bex To tie firmly
Dee Short for Diana
Skye Inspired by Sky
Clove Flower
Chick A young chicken or other bird.
Joy Happiness
Lux Light
June After the Roman goddess Juno
Gem Symbolises precious
Liz God’s promise
Rose Flower
Drew A vision
Peach A fruit
Kay Rejoice
Shu Charming
Princess A royal daughter
Jade Represents beauty and strength
Kate Pure
Ai Love or friendly
Pearl A precious gemstone
Fern The wing of comfort
Ruth Companion
Blanche White or fair
Hope A positive expectation
Sam God
Lace Associated with elegance and beauty
Di Short for Diana
Blush Reddening/to turn pink due to shyness
Saul Asked for
Cho/Chou Butterfly
Wren A name after a small and lively songbird
Frost Freezing
Plum Tasty tree fruit
Fay/Fey fairy
Nyx Goddess of the night
Nan Gracious
Mae Kinswoman or bitter
Elle Girl
Jean God is gracious


60 One-Syllable Boy Dog Names

Presenting unique one-syllable names for your lovely boy!

Max Doc Thane
Mack Snoop Chief
Miles Kane Doug
Blaze Finn Zax
Nash Colt Khan
Kip Steel Chet
Blue Jack Jules
Nate Earl Wynn
Fred Glen West
Chap Storm Dax
Norm Fritz Drake
Jed Troy Wes
Gil Joon Stag
Red Stud Dug
Lex Ward Tug
Mick Tau Bane
Rhett Dash Zeke
Chase Tag Tux
Ned Fang Ray
Rue Tate Vux


60 One-Syllable Girl Dog Names

Presenting some of the best and unique one-syllable names for your sweet girl pup.


Cher Eve Lara
Bao Sue Lou
Dot May Zylo
Barb Faith Thi
Bebe Blaise Dem
Fawn Trix Joss
Snow Fleur Zol
Bess Lane Peg
Flick Brynn Maine
Angel Grace Zin
Brie Star Nan
Cait Paige Thyme
Flo Gwen Maude
Faye Ash Niamh
Jess Greer Noor
Lark Quinn Madge
Britt Sloane Lune
Penn Ange Swan
Dame Queen Mai
Brooke Ming Lynn


30 Three-Syllable Dog Names

A three-syllable name is comprised of three separate syllables that are pronounced distinctly, with each syllable having a distinct sound. For example, MAV-er-ick. Here are some great three-syllable dog names you can consider for your beloved furry pal.


Oliver Charlotte Theodore
Maverick Cassandra Annabelle
Evelyn Dakota Elijah
Isabella Allison Maximus
Sophia Leonardo Fiona
Brianna Eleanor Juniper
Eliza Emerson Jackson
Alexander Serenity Fabian
Bethany Christina Addison
Penelope Franklin Benjamin


30 Dog Names with Two-Syllables

If you are looking for a two-syllable dog name, here are some good options to consider.


Willow Winnie Luna
Peyton Lily Matthew
Oscar Hunter Sa
Molly Evan Harley
Mila Ruby Logan
Teddy Cooper Ellie
Mary Isaac Aaron
Maggie Ziggy Kodo
Tucker Ethan Adam
Nora Jacob Daisy


30 Border Collie Names with One-Syllable

The Border Collie, which is commonly known as ‘collies’ or ‘Scottish Sheepdogs’, is a British breed of herding dog that is known for its intelligence, high energy and strong work ethic. If you have this breed and is looking for one-syllable names, here are some great options.


Cleo Kit Kiki
Ross Radar Gage
Vail Zulu Mace
Flynn Jake Beau
Ollie Abby Zep
Shane Vince Flint
Ty Toby Vance
Knox Wade Titan
Augie Remy Zig
Nova Buddy Stone


30 Badass One-Syllable Dog Names

Is your dog tough, bold and impressive? Are you looking for a badass name for your pet? Here are some fun names that you can consider for your badass doggy.


Agro Axel Bolt
Dusk Blade Puck
Alpha Aries Marshall
Oak Bandit Blotch
Aldo Uzi Rock
Rogue Rocky Rufus
Xena Beast Boss
Athos Vex Ghost
Xeno Rocco Bruno
Zeus Blitz Brutus



As you can see from the list, we have compiled plenty of amazing short names for dogs. We hope that this helped you find the perfect name for your sweetheart. Here’s to joyful naming!


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