Obese Dog Names- 200 Names for Your Plump Dogs


Most dog lovers will want to adopt or bring in an attractive pet and cuddle able. Hence the popular breeds that are slightly plump are the most popular dog breeds. One needs to be careful in not making these breeds obese. If you are looking for suitable names for your slightly stout or obese canine, you are on the right page. This article provides insights and ideas for choosing labels for stout and chubby fidos.

How to Choose A Name for Fat Dogs?

The following pointers will aid in zeroing on the right dog name for your beloved canine.

  • Choose a dog name with fewer syllables and syllables with unmistakable sounds like D, T, or K for better pet grasping.
  • Zero on a label that ends with a vowel as dogs can easily distinguish higher frequency ranges than humans.
  • Refrain from selecting the mainstream labels that may confuse the pet in public places like the park and the Vets place.
  • Avoid choosing pet pal names that sound like the training commands for better puppy training.
  • Test run the chosen name for a couple of days to check the comprehension.
  • The pets breed legacy aids in the name selection.
  • A breed’s personality and traits also help in name selection tasks. 
  • Choose a likable canine name by all family members.
  • Avoid changing the name of a grown-up dog. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a tag close to its previous one.
  • Complete the name selection task within 14 days of the dog’s addition into the family.
  • Avoid choosing names with negative connotations.

Male Fat Dog Names


The section below will enlist the fat dog name options for male pet pals.

Name Meaning
Albion One of the titan giants fathered by Poseidon in Greek
Barney As big as a barn door
Chubs Round and plump
Donald A world rule and a Disney character
Fat Tony A Simpson’s cast
Gnnochi Round Italian pasta
Harold An army leader
Iroh A character from the movie ‘Avatar’
Jupiter The largest planet of the solar system
Kentaro Big boy in Japanese
Loki A giant
Magnus  Large in Italian
Norm As in the word enormous
Oni A Japanese giant creature
Pumba A Lion king character
Roly Poly Some one very round 
Shrek Inspired from Shrek
Taurus A bull
Wallace Foreigner
Boomer A fully grown Kangaroo

Other Popular Stout Male Pup Names 

Groot Pork chop Butterball
Tubs Semi Meatloaf
Hippo Chunk Belly
Azam Huey Olsin
Caw Garm Wei
Budha Jumbo Humberto
Fluff Stocky Biggy
Husky Wobbles Curvy
Flabby Hammy Spud
Tank Burrito Carl

Female Stout Pooch Tags


Pet parents who have chubby and adorable female cutie pie pooch can investigate the names below to christen them.

Name Meaning
Piggy Jim Henson cast that has a stout pig
Lolly Round like a lollypop
Twinkie An unhealthy yummy desert
Poofy A polite way to call something fat
Bertha Famous
Da-Xai A big- hero in Chinese
Elle Big as an elephant
Fatsy Term of endearment
Grizzly A bear type
Helga Holy
Immy Immense
Juicy Nice and fat
Lou Fame and war
Marge Pearl
Norma Enormous
Oprah Young deer
Peggy Pearl
Rhonda Rose
Tabitha Gazelle
Wendy Pal

Other Popular Fat Female Pup Names 

Bestla Callie Skady
Sequoia Fetu Lane
Sanra Bon Bon Chunky
Dumpy Erma Groot
Heifer Jabba Mau
Paddy Sally Rosie
Ursula Wookie Bridget
Gladys Beefy Bubba
Fat Mama Hearty Chubalub
Fluffy Stocky Wobbles

Fat Synonyms Inspired by Other Languages as Dog Names


This section enlists the various names for fat that are used in other languages around the world. These are also great options for naming our plump pooches.

Fitu Fett Wei
Gantz Gordo Grasa
Taba Grande Greix
Gruby Sanra Saill
Tai Tauki Vishal
Oslin Dulce Skadi

Dog Names Inspired by Large Characters in TV Shows and Movies


Movies, TV shows and web series all have cast and characters that are lovable and large. These provide excellent inspiration for fat pet pal tags.

Bluto Chumley Arbuckle
Diesel Garfield Hulk
Norm Peter Griffin Godzilla
Winnie Ursula Flintstone
Pete Homer  Eric Cartman
Thor Wiggum Mulan
Rex Lilo Russel
Merida Kong Wookie
Groot Violet Sobchak
Totoro Maui Iroh

Chubby Pooch Names Inspired by Food and Drinks


One of the greatest inspirations by plump name ideas is from food and drinks. These are excellent ideas for naming our beloved pets.

Bacon Dorito Cheddar
Eggo Hot dog Jelly
Marshmallow Snow cone Nacho
Pillsbury Reese Tequito
Whopper Turkey Snickers
Pepperoni Taco Matzo
Croissant Buttersworth Big Mac
Margarine Mayo Donut
Cheeto Crisco Butter
Chalpua Peanut Tator tot

Final Thoughts

One can select the names enlisted in the sections above or use their creativity to christen new plump dog names. But always ponder to keep your furry pal within their weight limit for longevity. Share the creative and unique tags that you have named your stout canines. Happy parenting!!!

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