300+ Names for Your Dog Based on Greek Mythology


Naming a dog is the most critical part of raising one. Many pet owners have their own choices of christening their pets. Some browse to label their furry pals with inspiration from countries, foods, culture, other languages, trending personalities, mythologies, and so on. Mythologies is a historical happening that will always be cherished. The names this era hold have references to previous human life, bravery, beauty, glory, and strength. This article will provide a complete insight into the popular muthological inspired dog names that one can look for during the name selection process for their beloved pets.

Tips to zero on the right mythological label

The following pointers need to address while zeroing on the right mythical pooch name.

  • Refrain from the commonly used fable names.
  • Choose a name that begins with an unmistakable sound like names starting with D, T, or K.
  • Avoid naming the furry pal with long names.
  • Keep away from names that sound like the basic commands.
  • Take the help and the approval of the family.
  • Look for the dog breeds legacy for more name suggestions.
  • Observe the personality and character of the pet to choose the best suiting tag.
  • Christening the dog in the first 14 days of its entry into the home is critical for better name training. Refer https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/ for a complete insight into this dog naming or selection process.


Greek Mythological inspired pet pal tags

Top 50 unique Greek fable inspired male names for dogs


This section lists the trending Greek male labels that are unique and popular.

Greek name Meaning
Agora The central public space for ancient Greek city-states
Boreas God of the north wind
Zephyrus God of west wind
Uranus God of the sky
Cerus The bull of the Taurus constellation
Chronos Time god
Damon One of the Greek historic writings
Elpis Spirit of hope
Felipe Fond of horses
Giles Greek saint
Hades God of the dead
Ithaca Greek island
Kyon Greek name for dog
Lachases Like god
Nike Victory goddess
Momus God of satire, writer, and poets
Oceanus Titan god of the ocean
Plutus God of wealth
Spiros Spirit
Typhon God of monsters

Other top Greek mythical inspired dog tags

Atlas Belen Calix
Darius Evan Galen
Helios Icarus Kratos
Midas Notus Olympus
Plato Spiro Ulysses
Uranus Theo Xenon
Zelus Apollo Boreas
Castor Griffin Eros
Homer Jace Kal
Leo Otis Sander

Girl Greek dog names


The list provides insights for some unique and cute names for girl fidos from Greek mythology.

Greek name Meaning
Athena Goddess of wisdom
Bernice Bearer of victory
Corinth Greek city
Despoina Lady or mistress
Eirene Peace
Georgia Farmer
Hecate Goddess of magic
Llene Greek name for |Helen
Kyriake Of the lord
Maria Better
Nyx Goddess of night
Olympia Ancient Greek sanctuary
Pheme Goddess of fame and gossip
Rhea Goddess of nature
Sofia Wise
Tyche Goddess of fortune and prosperity
Zelus The god of jealousy
Ate Goddess of mischief
Atalanta Fleet footed Greek huntress and heroine
Eleni Shining light

Other female Greek mythical inspired pet pal names

Alexis Angela Calista
Celena Delta Dina
Electra Evangelia Hemera
Libra Lyra Medea
Meg Neri Niki
Hestia Phoebe Rue
Saphira Tessa Dora
Nemesis Mania Demi
Dido Effie Arachne
Cora Agnes Alexa

Greek dog tags inspired by geography


Greece is home to too many beautiful cities and sites. This section gives suggestions for many dog names inspired by their geography.

Acropolis Agora Argos
Athens Corinth Delphi
Kefalonia Myrtos Olympia
Parthenon Patras Santorini
Sparta Thessaloniki Corfu
Delos Dodona Kavala
Larissa Rhodes Thiva
Asine Bergi Chios
Lamia Manisa Nysa
Opus Paros Tegea

Greek dog tags inspired by mythology


This section enlists names of dogs inspired by Greek mythology that include amazing stories with many gods, goddesses, magnificent creatures, heroes, and characters that portray human emotions.

Adonis Ares Bacchus
Aesop Hebe Hermes
Hela Iliad Ceo
Nun Fehrir Galatea
Pax Surt Hrym
Dogma Aeolus Hati
Máni Frigga Loki
Phoebus Nut Socrates
Hoko Okami Aristotle
Persephone Alastor Hypnos

Greek dog names for foodies


Some pet owners love to name their pet pals on the delicious Greek foods that they would like to cherish. This section suggests some Greek foods inspired dog names.

Arni Baklava Feta
Frappe Gyro Kalamata
Ouzo Olive Pita
Tarama Tzatziki Saganaki
Dolmade Moussaka Courgette
Dalota Elliniko Fava
Choria Halvas Kataifi
Pasteli Revani Retsina
Yemista Tiropita Spani
Kopita Souvlaki Chobani

Greek goddess names for girl pet pals


This section provides a list of Greek Goddess names that are also well-suited for show female pooches.

Aretha Ariadne Calissa
Calypso Carissa Chloe
Helen Europa Kallea
Kallini Kalliope Siren
Grace Gracie Pandora
Callisto Ceto Circe
Cybele Andromeda Mene
Dysnomia Euterpe Hygea
Clotho Daphne Khione
Lacheses Parcae Thalia

Roman mythological influenced dog names


Greek mythology influenced Roman mythological myths and cults. This section suggests some Roman names that are good options for dog naming.

Aurora Belona Diana
Flora Minerva Janus
Juno Mars Jupiter
Vulcan Neptune Pluto
Saturn Victoria Venus

Nordic or Viking mythology inspired pooch names


Viking or Nordic culture is a mixture of religion, belief, and legend. They resemble the Greek myths, as they also believe in the existence of goddesses and human interaction. The section below suggests some Nordic mythological names for dogs.

Nidhogg Asgard Dagr
Nótt Thor Bragi
Heimdall Höor Vidar
Váli Fenrir Vanir
Jotuns Valkyrie Vallhala

Dog names influenced by Egyptian fable


Egyptian mythology refers to the beliefs of ancient Egyptians history. This section suggests dog names influenced by Egypt’s history and myths.

Osiris Amun Horus
Seth Maat Ptah
Thot Karnak Luxor
Edfu Dendera Ombo
Narmer Zoser Keops
Kefren Amosis Tutmosis
Geb Nile Neth
Duat Sobek Thebes
Anubis Athyr Opeth
Scarab Nefertiti Ramses


Final thoughts

This article is an excellent source of information for pet owners that are not only looking to christen their dogs with Mythological-inspired names but also is a good option for pet parents who are in the name hunting process for their pooches. Happy label hunting and parenting!!!

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