200 + Most Popular Dog Names from Films

Most Popular Dog Names from Films: Naming our beloved furry pals is an engaging but tedious task. One can name their pet pals with tags inspired by several factors like coat color, breed, physical appearance, traits, food, beverage, famous personalities, movies, plays, and so on. If you are a movie lover and looking for names based on this theme, then hurray you are on the right page. This article will enlist name inspirations classics, rom-com, horror, action, Disney, and science fiction movies.

Tips for Naming Your Pet Pal

This section enlists pointers that play a critical part in the naming process of your beloved pets.

  • Choose a dog tag that ends with vowels. Names with more vowels change the tone when used, and furry pals can differentiate this frequency range faster and hence, better comprehension.
  • Pick names with a maximum of two syllables. Shorter tags can be easily comprehended by dogs over longer ones.
  • Refrain from picking up creative names with negative connotations. These tags are unpopular.
  • Avoid picking dog labels similar to the training commands like sit, no, come, fetch, and so on.
  • Abstain from the mainframe names till the fido gets accustomed to their labels.
  • Perform the chosen name test and check the dogs grasping.
  • Choose names that suit the dog’s personality, character, and appearance after observing the pooch for some days.
  • One can also name a dog based on its breed type.
  • Avoid changing grownup’s names. In unavoidable cases, choose one similar to the older one.
  • Complete the naming process within 14 days of the dog’s addition into the family.

50 Popular Male Dog Names from Films

Picking a name from your favorite movie is a perfect way to honor your favorite film and your favorite furry pal at the same time. Read on to check out the trending names.

Name Movie Meaning
Yoda Star Wars Warrior
Falcor Never Ending story Norse name meaning guardian of people
Maverick Top Gun Independent
Pippin Lord of the Rings Traveler or pilgrim
Gollum Lord of the Rings Ring-bearer
Aragorn Lord of the Rings Noble valor
Odie Garfield The valley/wealthy
Zero The Night Before Christmas Empty or nothing
Tarzan White skinned person
Rocky Rest
Jabba Jabba the Mutt, Star Wars Repairer
Blondie  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Loyal/ Blonde
Spicoli Fast Times at Ridgemont High Miracle
Vito The Godfather Life
Kane Citizen Kane
Uggie The Artist
Claire The Breakfast Club Bright
Juno Youth
Winnie Winnie the Pooh Gentle friend
Thor Thunder

30 Other Popular Male Dog Character Names

Ferris Bluto Marty
Django Gustave Cooper
Peppy Riggan Jane
Sully Aurora Oda
Edward Woody Jaffar
Wall-E Kip Napolean
Atticus Boba Fett Stitch
Neo Popeye Ace
Oliver Milo Chance
Baxter Cosette Jack

30 Male Dog Names from Disney Movies


Disney movies have many inspiring dog’s male characters whose names are great ideas for naming our furry pal. Check out the enlisted tags.

Lilo Simba Boo
Dory Marlin Remy
Bing Bong Mickey Pooh
Olaf Flyn Kristoff
Mufasa Scar Hans
Claude Triton Sherrif
Bagheera Mowgli David
Akela Shan Goofy
Roger Oswald Tantor
Zeus Mushu Baloo

30 Horror Movie Male Dog Labels

The names enlisted below are good choices for horror cinema lovers.

Carrie Bate Hannibal
Gale Chris Frank
Quint Pelle Tiffany
Ginger Pinhead Orlok
Myers Seth Leatherface
Damien Dean Audrey
Patrick Henry Frank
Jason Voor Pazuzu
Norman Heither Phillip
Babadook Morph Furter

30 Sci-Fi Cinema Male Dog Tags


Science fiction from space thrillers to robot romances are ideal options for naming ideas for furry friends.

Malcolm Godzilla Kirk
Spock Luke Ava
Hal Darth Vader
Rick Eames Klaatu
Gort Ripley Piccard
Kenobi McFly Neo
Chewbacca Bernard Furiosa
Roy Walter Lando
Uhura Dent Baltar
Lena Reese Scorpius


15 Funny Dog Labels inspired by Furry Movie Characters in Flicks


The section lists some funny names of dog characters from movies. These hilarious tags can also suit your pet pal.

Toto Butkus Slinky
Nutmeg Tramp Rowlf
Winky Puffy Spitz
Verdell Harvey Scrapy
Jerry Shots Hooch

18 Dog Names Inspired by Movie Nights

If you are still in confusion over tag selection for your pet pal. These movie terms listed below could be great naming options.

Popcorn Kernel Director
Candy Action Cinema
Hot Dog Nacho Hollywood
Reel Pop Hershey
Ticket Slurpee Star
Blockbuster Grip Flick


Final Thoughts

Choose the apt filmy furry name, curl up on the couch with it, and enjoy your favorite flick and congratulations on choosing yourself a best friend for life. Happy Parenting!!!


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