350 + Military Dog Name Ideas For Tough Canines!

Have you been looking for kickass names for your adorable new friend? Military dogs names are the best to choose from. The sound of the word military brings confidence, bravery, and discipline in ones mind. Dogs have been a mans best friend since time immemorial. Dogs also have proven their mettle in wars. They have been and still are the most loyal and friendly animals to humankind.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of military dog names for your loyal companion.

How to Name Your Pet?

For more ideas on how to name your pet, please visit https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/. Naming your pet is one of the most tricky parts. You have to choose a name that resonates with your home and the future personality of your dog. 

50 Military Dogs Name: Tanks, Aircraft, and Transportation

Military names always resonate with diligence, discipline, and integrity. We have compiled a list of tough dog names for your military dog:

Chinook Admiral Apache
Bazooka Beretta Blackhawk
Boots Combat Commander
Havoc Hercules Hero
Duke Echo Foxtrot
G.I. Honcho Humvee
Hunter Jag Jet
Juliet Dagger Delta
Dodger General Gunner
Maverick Max Missile
Navy Nuke Oscar
Pilot Private Remmy
Rifle Rocket Romeo
Ruger Sailor Sarge
Savannah Scout Sergeant
Sherman Radar Ranger
Remington Sierra Skipper 

30 Famous Military Dogs Names 

These names are compiled from a list of army related dogs names. These are famous dog names that military uses for their Canine Unit!

Major  Stitch Commodore 
Marshal  Cady Corporal 
Guard  Defender  General 
Lieutenant  Admiral  Colonel 
Officer  Leader  Pilot 
Private  Commander  Captain 
Brigadier  Ensign  Dino 
Bodak  Adak  Annie  
Conan  Chips  Nemo 
Cairo  Herta  Rex 

30 military German Shepherd names

German Military dog names are best suited for German shepherds. German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds that are recruited by the military for sniffing, rescuing, and protecting.

Jasper Argo Jax
Avery Jazz Axl
Jerry Bailey Joey
Ball Jones Bandit
Kylo Banjo Leo
Barkley Loki Lucky
Barry Luigi Beans
Mario Bear Marley
Bert Biggie Smalls Maximus
Barney Rose Zeus

 30 army dog names

Army dog names are one of the best to choose from. These badass k9 names are perfect for you new friend!


Army Bethany Bliss
Cadence Charlie Christi
Dee Ester Fallon
Foxy Gauge Grump
Glory Grandy Radio
Yanker Ranger Brig
Rocket Roger Sky
Sir Whiskey Taser
Tank Zuzu Yank
Bunker Shot Flash

30 female military dogs name:

Even though military dog names sound very tough, female military dog names are easy to pronounce and are feminine:

Scout Semi Sierra
Tinker Amy Beth
Bliss Cady Charles
Christi Dee Gloria
Grace Honour Hopper
Eagle Fallon Feb
Gama Glowy India
Juliet Kimber Cadet
Carl Butter Drag
Jejune Tyndall Vixen

30 War Dogs Name:

These war dog names are chosen from a long list of famous war heroes. These names are inspired by brave soldiers of the military.

Granada Gettysburg Lepanto
Poltava Tannenberg Megiddo
Tet Waterloo Hastings
Huai-Hai Antietam Constantinople
Trafalgar Marne Borodino
Lutzen Braddock Hattin
Valmy Boyne Leuthen
Mylae Patty Leuctra
Metaurus Pharsalus Edgehill
Seacroft Nancy Boyaca

30 Navy Seal Dog Names:

Navy seal dog names are inspired by their valour and bravery. Navy seals are known for their combat skills in every field of land, air, and water.

Cahill James Cairo
Neptune Spear Cross
Cassidy Chuck Pfarrer
Harry Humphries Larsen
Jensen Kyle Marus
Marcos Luttrell Michael
Murphy Morris Thomas
Eric Olson Admiral
Seal Corps Pearl
Warrior Soul Jackal

30 Marine Dog Names

Marines are trained in combat on land and sea. They receive the most deadly training in the world. To name your dog after their bravery and valour:

Boot Sea Chesty
Puller Chevron Gunner
Jarhead LeLe Semper
Sergeant Major Trunk
Lucca Molly Alps
May johnson Sergei
Jar Lieutenant Lewis
Diddley Bop Cap Jack
Yellow Jungle Camp

30 Military Dog Names Male

Male dogs are the easiest to name. Anything suits them and their energy. We compiled a list of energetic sounding names for your pet:

Tag Tazza Killer
Captain Chieftain Colonel
Colt General Gump
Helo Hero Huntress
Jag Jet Kilo
Laser Major Nitro
Radar Ranger Rocket
Roger Sarge Force
Stryker Tank Taser
Whiskers Yule Zee

30 Military Dog names: Tanks, Aircraft, and Transportation.

Tanks, aircraft, and transportation is the spine of the military. Military names it’s a transportation and anti-war vehicles with a lot of interest.

Ammo Bayonet Beretta
Bullet Calibre Cannon
Carbine Cartridge Colt
Dagger Gauge Nade
Kevlar Laser Missile
Musket Nitric Pistol
Recoil Reload Remington
Remmy Rifle Rocket
Ruger Striker Tank
Taser Torpedo Uzi


Military names are very easy to pronounce and remember. Therefore, they have become one of the most popular choices of people. These names inspire confidence and discipline in your dog. Military dog names sound very energetic and resonate with integrity. 



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