350+ Husky Names – Choose The Perfect Name For Your Husky

Do you feel a need to have a companion? The one who will be there with you and make you happy?

Your search is over, you can get “man’s best friend”, a dog. Dogs are loving creatures and show their appreciation at every step of your life. 

Husky Names

Huskies are one of the most majestic breeds of dogs. And why can’t you choose a majestic friend?

But naming your husky can be stressful. You want a name that suits your dog the best. 

You don’t want any common name for your best friend.

We give you a list of unique names to name your newest family member.

How to Choose a Unique Pet Name for Your Dog

You want your dog’s name to be perfect for them. It should be entertaining yet short and funny yet relatable. 

But most importantly, you want your dog’s name to be unique. With so many names out there, finding a unique name for can be difficult.

Here are some tips to name your dog: –

  • Pick out a name that you would like to call your dog
  • Carefully notice their reaction to it for the first couple of days
  • Pick a short name
  • Avoid changing a grown-up dog’s name since it has now become used to its previous name
  • Refrain from choosing a commonly used name
  • Try not picking up names that will rhyme with the commands you give to your dog, like ‘sit’, ‘no’, ‘roll over’, and more. 

Things to consider while choosing the right name for your puppy https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

350 + Best Husky Dog Names – With Meanings

50 Best Female Husky Names with Meanings

Best Female Husky Names with Meanings

These furry cuties win your heart without even trying. Their soft fur and magical eyes lure you to them very easily. Here are some names for your female husky dogs:

Lilo   Anna  Sierra 
Maru  Lady  Iris  
Valkyrie  Topaz  Jewel 
Star  Freya  Marvel 
Shae  Sonnie  Genesis 
Athena  Khaleesi  Zola 
Cersei  Akiak  Sakari 
Akira  Blanc  Angel 
Misty  Moonshine  Stardust 
Winter  Sesi  Anya 

Names with Meanings 

Name Meanings
Leia Star Wars character
Serena Williams, the tennis player
Bonnie Blair, Speedskater
Barbara Batgirl
Elsa From Frozen
Sansa Game of Thrones character
Hermione From Harry Potter
Rey Character from Star Wars
Katniss Hunger Games character
Leslie From Parks and Recreation
Willow Slender and graceful
Katie Meaning pure
Mabel Meaning lovable
Poppy A flower, suitable for a red husky dog
Nora Meaning light and honour
Irie Meaning lucky
Joy Meaning rejoicing
Hazel For a brown husky dog
Pearl For a white husky dog
Pepper For a red husky dog

50 Best Male Husky Names with Meanings

Best Male Husky Names with Meanings

Male husky dogs are great companions and magnificent to look at. Husky dogs are known for their brute strength and hunting abilities. Here are some suggestions to name your male husky dog:

Atlas  Asher  Voodoo 
Homer  Cody  Elmer 
Malakai  Apollo  spirit
Zodiac  Alwin Truman 
Vader  Romeo  Nero 
Phoenix  Boomer  Solo   
Damion Drift  Alpha 
Forrest  Tsar  Chinook 
Stark  Pine  Jack Frost
Casper  Zeus  Ares 


Names with Meanings 

Name Meanings
Bart The Simpsons
Beal Meaning handsome
Bruce Banner from the Hulk, or Wayne from Batman
Buddy A fictional Elf
Dwight The Office character
Gaston Beauty and the Beast character
Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series
Hugh Meaning intelligent
Isaac Newton, the famous scientist
Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean
Leo Lion, a zodiac sign
Michael Jordan, the legendary basketballer
Milo Meaning merciful
Ned Stark from Game of Thrones
Robb Meaning shining and bright
Spike From Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sulley From Monster Inc
Tate Meaning cheerful
Tony Stark from Ironman
Walter From Breaking Bad

50 Best Siberian Husky Names with Meanings

Siberian Husky

Husky dogs are animals of cold, some often claiming them to belong to Siberia. Siberian huskies are popular sled dogs. You can find the best-suited name for your Siberian Husky dog in this list:

Alaska  Jericho  Hun
Wolfgang Venus  Rogue 
Kian  Wylie   Stana 
Java  Shasta  Arctic 
Sitka  Igloo  Akaic 
Ulva  Inuit  Cupun 
Mammoth  Beluga Polar 
Siku  Kayuh  Kazu 
Nomad  North Star Uki 
Kavik  Yuka  Yura 

Names with Meanings 

Name Meanings
Altana Meaning the colour gold
Ayaan Meaning journey
Ayiina Meaning a deity
Belek Meaning a gift
Chamuk Meaning an eagle
Dashinima Meaning good fortune
Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter
Elektra Greek legend
Eshi Meaning wisdom
Eska Eska falls or creek
Kara-kis Meaning black Girl
Miska   Meaning a little Bear
Nanuk Inuit for polar bear
Natena Meaning something that is expected
Neko Meaning a woman
Nymeria Dire wolf from Game of Thrones
Nyurgun Meaning a snowdrop
Tatuk Meaning morning
Ulf Meaning wolf
Umky Polar bear in Inuit

30 Best
Girl Husky dog names

Best Girl Husky dog names

Girl husky dogs are small bundles of joy which grow up to be loving and caring dogs. You will have to agree with us that huskies are the cutest dogs. We give you a list of names for your tiny furry friends:

Mulan  Arya  Astra 
Babushka  Bella  Bailey 
Bianca  Cheyenne  Empress 
Hera  Irina  Erika 
Elke  Espirit  Kyra 
Mika  Mischa  Nala 
Mya  May  April 
June  July  Nova 
Sheba  Ripley  Tasha 
Sava  Sadie  Quinn 

30 Best Boy Husky Dog names

Best Boy Husky Dog Names

Boy huskies are little balls of fur which grow into beautiful and majestic dogs in the future. Here are some names for your young apprentices:

Banshee  Beau  Boris 
Comet  Cooper  Dante 
Echo  Dash  Fable 
Finn  Fritz  Houdini 
Huck  Ivan  Jericho 
Kai  Lobo  Macho 
Moose  Neo  Niko 
Orion  Oso  Tucker 
Smokey  Togo  Harley 
Buzz  Saber  Outlaw 

30 Best Badass Husky Names

Best Badass Husky Dog Names

Huskies are some of the most badass dogs out there with their wolf-like appearance. Their appearance is very sharp and they are some of the biggest dogs. and Here are some badass dog names for your badass dog:

Trigger Fang Thor
Boomerang Storm Ace 
Apache  Bandit  Blaze 
Chief  Grizzly  Havoc 
Harvey  Hunter  Jax 
Jet  King  Legend 
Loki  Magnum  Major 
Maverick  Nitro  Odin 
Ranger  Ozzy  Rebel 
Scout  Sable  Wrangler 

30 Best Exotic Husky Names

Best Exotic Husky Dog Names

Husky dogs are some of the most exotic dogs with their thick fur, rarity and unique eye colour. They are usually found in extreme cold weathers and are popular hunting and guard dogs. Here is a list of exotic names for your husky:

Mukluk  Balto  India 
Geneva  Zendaya  Fuchsia 
Tundra  Timber  Cosmo 
Alpine  America  Dakota 
Juno  Juneau  Montana 
Reno  Tahoe  Nome 
Alpine  Zhanna  Radion 
Yukon  Alfred  Banjo 
Nestle  Nacho  Taco 
Noodles  Coconut  Cocoa 

30 Best Celebrity/Popular Husky Names

Best Celebrity/Popular Husky Names

Huskies have remained a relatively popular breed dog among other breeds. Many huskies have made an appearance on TV to. So why not name your husky after a TV famous dog name?

Bowie  Sky  Alley 
Aurora  Sasha  Buckets  
Bolt  Jagger  Marshmallow 
Charles  Caesar  Pluto 
Chuck  Cookie Monster Scooby 
Benji  Marbles  Moana 
Mona Lisa  Chyna  Chloe 
Peanut  Kermit  Penny 
Ellie  Harley Quinn Skittles 
Stitch  Juliet  Uma 

30 Best Female Husky Names with Blue Eyes 

Best Female Husky with Blue Eyes

Female husky dogs with blue eyes are some of the rarest dogs to find and are considered the most beautiful kind of dogs. Find the best-suited name for your beautiful pet:

Rain  Marina  Azula
Isis   Indigo  Brooke 
Skylar  Skye  Azurite 
Sapphire  Cyan  Teale 
Celeste  Royal Velvet 
Agate  Diamond  Denim 
Lapis  Ice   Opal 
Blue  Gelo  Frosty 
Cirrus  Cinder  Yuki 
Iggy  Vapour  January 

30 Best Russian Husky Dog names

Best Russian Husky Dog Names

Russian husky dogs are very useful with their tolerance of low temperatures and their keen senses. Here are names for your Russian husky dog

Rasputin Anastasia  Vera 
Diana  Eva  Inna 
Maya  Olga  Sofia 
Raisa  Artur  Boris 
Viktor  Denis  Ivan 
Maxim  Nestor  Rodion 
Sergei  Nika  Qana 
Nikolai  Rohn  Eskimo 
Kenai  Delta  Orca 
Seward  Aanaq  Klondike 

30 Best Nerdy Husky Dog Names

Best Nerdy Husky Dog Names

Who says you can’t have a husky dog interested in science, technology or TV shows as much as you do? Name your husky dog after the nerd rends you follow and be proud of your nerd heritage with these names:

Chewbacca  Frodo  Kylo 
Mario  Luigi  Baloo 
Archie  Aragorn  Jerry 
Bilbo  Merlin  Murphy 
Mufasa  Bones  Boo 
Obi  Scooter  Chewie 
Simba Slowpoke  Pokemon 
Byte  Floppy  Spectacles 
Experiment  Flask  Chemical 
Beta  Dobby  Percy 


Huskies come in many varieties, ranging from their colour to fur they have on their body. But one thing remains common in them is their love and care for you.

With this list of husky dog names, you can name your furry friend with ease.


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