100 Ideas For Choosing The Best Hunting Dog Names with Meanings

When it comes to pets’ dogs are man’s best friend. The bond that a man and a dog has shown purity and loyalty that can exist between a human and an animal. He is not just a pet for you but an important part of your family. Naming your companion is an important step. It is that name by which he will be known by for the rest of his life.

The name depicts the nature of the dog. If you are someone who owns hunter dogs like labs, beagle, pointer, retriever etc then here is a list of all the exciting yet appropriate names for you hunting companion. Before selecting a name, here are some points that you must keep in mind-

  • The size, colour and shape of the dog.
  • The breed of the dog.
  • The kind of fur the dog possesses.
  • A name that reflects the dog’s personality.
  • That the name shows the bond of your dog with you.

List of Names for hunter Dogs

Names for Fierce Hunting Dogs-

Hunting dogs are known to be quick and fast. They have the skills that make them the best companion to have while hunting. The names suggested here are perfect for the dog that is fierce, bold and strong.

  • AMMO- It is known as a short form for ammunitions and arms.
  • ARCHER- a person who aims and shoots with the help of a bow and an arrow.
  • BEAST- a large animal who has four feet and is a huge animal.
  • BLAZE- it is known as a bright burning fire or a fierce fire.
  • BOLT- an arrow that is shot from a bow at a lightning fast speed.
  • BRUTUS- a friend breaking your trust due to a lady.
  • DIESEL- it is a form of a fuel which is used to drive cars, trucks etc.
  • DECOY- ab imitation of a bird or an animal for the purpose of hunting animals.
  • DUKE- male member holding a hereditary title which is considered the highest.
  • GAUGE- it is an instrument that is used to measure the depth, visual amount etc of anything.
  • GUNNER- a person who is trained to use the guns and hunt with the same.
  • HAMMER- it is a tool that is used to press the nails inside objects. It has a heavy round head which is attached to the wooden stick.
  • HERCULES- it is known as the son of Zeus who killed his family and performed twelve labours.
  • HUNTER- a person trained in the act of hunting birds and animals.
  • JAGGER- it is a torn that originates from a plant that is found in Pittsburgh.
  • MAGNUM- it is a quantity that is usually more than a bottle.
  • MUSKET- an army man’s riffle having a long-extended barrel and fired from the shoulder.
  • MAVERICK- an eccentric and individualistic person.

Names associated to hunting weapons-

While looking for the perfect name we can also make use of the names of the facinating hunting tools. These names will help the dog to easily associate to what is expected from them.

  • ORION- name of a constellation.
  • PISTOL- it is a gun that is short and is used for short distance firing.
  • RADAR- measurement of distance, depth speed of ships and aircrafts.
  • RANGER- protector of forest or a country side.
  • REVOLVER- name of a form of pistol.
  • ROCKY- full of stones or hard.
  • REX- used before names in a lawsuit.
  • SHERIFF- the main executive person responsible for the administrative functions.
  • SMITH- metal worker.
  • SPIKE- pointy outbreaks from something that pricks.
  • TANK- a large chamber used to store something.
  • TRIGGER- a mechanism which proceeds the gun fire or gun shot.
  • WALKER- a person who walks specially for his physical heath.
  • TROY- it is system for the measurement for a precious metal and gems.
  • TRAPPER- someone who traps wild animals for removing or using their fur.
  • RAIN- it is a condensed of moisture which is formed due to evaporation and is seen in a form of water droplets.

Bold and courageous names-

Hunting dogs have to be very brave and fast when it comes to the skill they need the most. While naming your dog you can keep such words that depicts the boldness of the pet. This will show how fearless the dog is.

  • SKY-the outer area of space and the atmosphere seen from the surface of earth.
  • WINCHESTER- a bottle that is cylindrical that holds different types of liquids.
  • WOLVERINE- a bushy and huge carnivorous mammal which belongs to tundra forest.
  • ZEUS- it refers to the supreme god.
  • ASPEN- a very famous tree that has long slim leaves that flutter when the breeze flows.
  • BERETTA- an Italian gun.
  • ECHO- reflection of a sound or a noise in a closed empty space.
  • JUSTICE- a just behaviour.
  • SAGE- an aromatic plant.
  • SPARTA- Greek disciplined military.
  • ARROW- it is a tool used to hunt. Long wooden stick and pointed front.
  • BLITZ- sudden attack by the military.
  • ACE- the best, or the topper.
  • BULLET- a metal projectile used inside a gun to hurt.
  • COPPER- it is a form of a metal that is a good conductor of electricity.
  • DAKOTA- U.S. territory.
  • DASH- very fast.
  • MACK- successful and confident person.
  • REBEL- a stubborn person. Someone who fights back for his rights.
  • OAKLEY- wood or oak like.
  • HUNTLEY- hunter like.

Cute Lab and retriever dog names-

They are known for their loving nature. But they are also very sharp. Here are some names that would suit your pet.

  • SCOOTER- it is a form of a two-wheeler.
  • SHADOW- a dark area formed behind an object or person formed due to rays of light.
  • CHOCOLATE- a food in a solid or paste form used as confectionary made form cocoa seeds.
  • KUJO- an insane or crazy dog.
  • COCO- coconut.
  • MOCHA- a form of a beverage made of coffee.
  • PHANTOM- a ghost.
  • NEPTUNE- eighth plant in universe.
  • SMOKE- the eruption or the discharge after something catches fire.
  • DRAKE- it is a male duck.
  • EMPEROR- a ruler of an empire.
  • JAKE- satisfactory.
  • MAJOR- an adult or important.
  • MALLARD- common duck in northern hemisphere.
  • SNOW- ice crystals formed out of atmospheric water vapour.
  • WHISTLE-a sound formed due to the air pressure inside the mouth.
  • BLADE- a sharp tool to cut objects.
  • BRUCE- a Scottish surname.
  • CLINT- a block that forms natural limestone.
  • CHUCK- move away carelessly or casually.
  • DUTCH- wife.
  • FORD-a shallow place in a river.

Names associated to hunting skills-

Hunting dogs are best at sniffing, running, catching, they are the best predators. Having the right dog can make your hunting experience worth it. Choose the best name for your buddy from the list below.

  • HARRISON- surname of English origin.
  • HULK- a large, unwieldy boat.
  • PREDATOR- animal or person that preys on something.
  • RAMBO- a tough, fierce and aggressive man.
  • LOGAN- different tern for rocking stone.
  • ROCKY- full of rocks.
  • THOR- Thunder.
  • TERMINATOR- an object or person that destroys.
  • FOSTER- to encourage the outcome of something.
  • CORONA- a part of body that resembles the crown.
  • FIREBALL- fire in the form of a compact ball.
  • BUD- a small growth on plant that develops into flower, leaf etc.
  • LAGAR- a stone container used to hold grapes.
  • GIBSON- type of a surname of English origin.
  • WHISKEY- a spirit made or barley or rye.
  • VODKA- a Russian alcoholic spirit.

Names associated to the Nature-

Here are some of the cool names that are related to the bunting regions. Such names seem to look more natural and they come right from the heart. It shows strength and power. Nature at its best.

  • BIRDY- similar to a bird.
  • PANTHER- a black coloured leopard.
  • CLOVE- dried flower bud used as a spice.
  • FOREST- an area that is covered with greenery.
  • MAPLE- a tree that is used for ornamental, timber or syrup purposes.
  • TIMBER- it is another name for a type of wood. It is used to make furniture.
  • THUNDER- a rumbling noise during rains.

Names for male hunting dogs-

Here is a list of all the male names that goes well with your dog. These names not only reflect the personality of the dog but also his strength and swiftness.

  • Apollo- large butterfly.
  • Bill- draft of proposed law.
  • Buck- male horned animal.
  • Ivy- woody evergreen plant.
  • Ziggy- German name.
  • Willow- graceful.
  • Captain- leader of troops.
  • Champ- champion.
  • Max- greatest.
  • Prince- son of monarch.
  • Astro- related to outer space.
  • Rocket- a cylindrical projectile that is fast and is sent in outer space.
  • Sailor- member of crew of a ship.
  • Panzer- body armor.
  • Breezer- breezy, a beverage.

Names for female hunting dogs-

You don’t necessarily need a fancy name to show how much you love your dog. You can simply use a short cute name for your pet that just shows the love between you two. Here is a list of the names you will love.

  • Fern- flowerless plant.
  • Finn- end.
  • Maggie- Greek baby name.
  • Rosie- rose like.
  • Noodles- a thin strand snack.
  • Mac- macaroni.
  • Princess- daughter of monarch.
  • Lola- sorrows.
  • Bailey- outer wall of a castle.
  • Daisy- a flower.
  • Tulip- a bulbous spring flower.
  • Grace- graceful.
  • Roxy- bright.
  • Victoria- four wheeled carriage.
  • Violet- a dark purple colour.


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