20 Hassle Free Trainable Dog Breeds

Pooches need a secure environment and a nutritious diet to thrive on. In addition to the basic needs, a canine also needs regular veterinary care, workout, attention, and plenty of training. This is a pivotal reason for many people wanting to own a dog that can not only easily learn new tricks but can also learn to relieve itself outside.

Even though an individual zero in to bring the inherent smart dog breed one need to spend plenty of time training the dog to stimulate its natural traits. Fidos that are hassle-free to train often need tend to require immense time and energy of the pack leader or pet parent.

The pooches are amazing creatures that quickly associate commands with actions when trained in a motivated manner as most of the time, they will want to please the owner and follow his or her instructions.

This article provides insights on the dog breeds that can be trained without any hassles. This list will help first-time dog owners or pet adopters in choosing the right breed according to their personal taste and living conditions.

What are the factors that enhance the chances of training a dog easily?

Two pivotal factors play a critical role in training a dog without any hassles this include

Dog age

Age plays a critical role in training as this aids the pooches in grasping commands as well as body languages easily. The apt age for training a fido is the dogs that are in “adulthood”.

Good mental and physical health condition

Dogs that have good mental and physical health condition not only grasp the commands at a quicker pace but are also able to retain the information better.

Note: Training needs to be halted or reduced when a pooch is sick or suffering from an injury.

20 Hassle Free Trainable Pooch Breeds

The following list helps to learn about the best and easily trainable dog breeds.

1. Border collie

Border Collies is the most intelligent dog breed that can learn a wide variety of tricks in a shorter time period. These are known as workaholics because they are always ready to learn new things, this trait is the pivotal character that one needs to look while training canines.

But this drawback of this pooch breed is their natural hunting instinct makes them highly active. Collies require daily workout to exhaust their energy. Border collies suit individuals with an active lifestyle as these fidos enjoy playing fetch, Frisbee and agility games and are seen to herd sheep.

2. Golden Retriever

The golden retrievers are also highly intelligent and belong to the loyal breeds of fidos that tend will never miss an opportunity to please its owners or trainers. This trait shows that they are very receptive to training.

This lovable pooch requires daily workouts and are great as hunting or service dogs. This breed is prone to distraction because of their friendly nature, but this is often outweighed by their eagerness to please and their ability to enjoy their trick learning sessions.

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3. Labrador Retriever

This popular breed is very similar in nature to their Golden cousins. Both breeds are very gentle, hassle-free trainable, and are widely famous for their playfulness and intelligence. Labradors are highly versatile hence are essentially capable of learning anything that is taught to them. The high energy of these puppies is seen to take a little patience and time for training, which is worthy of it.

4. Poodle

Widely popular for their looks, “Poodles” are exceptionally smart dogs that are easily trainable. This tiny pooch breed can learn all sorts of tricks and commands that are taught to it. They at times are seen to outsmart their owners or become stubborn. The poodles come in three size variants (standard, miniature, and toy) and are hypoallergenic, these characteristics make them extra attractive to owners with allergies or those who don’t want to groom their pooches regularly.

5. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherds are very similar to the Border Collies in learning a wide variety of tricks and are also a great companion for highly active owners. This breed is very quick to learn any trick in the book. This fido belongs to the working dogs, hence they need constant stimulation to be happy. The Australian Shepherds turn destructive if are not kept busy with play or training.

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6. German Shepherd

The German Shepherds are very loyal, intelligent, and dependable pooch breeds. This medium-sized canine can be easily trained as they are dogs that are always on a verge to please. This is a pivotal factor for their use as a police and military dog for years. This is also a canine breed that needs a consistent job to be satisfied. German Shepherds are quick command pickers and make a great human companion.

7. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog is a herding dog that is widely popular for its agility, strength, and courage. This medium-sized canine is not only highly intelligent but is also extremely loyal to their owner once they establish themselves as its leader. This pooch breed suits active lifestyle families.

8. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a guard or attack dog when properly trained. They are fast and strong dogs that are not only highly intelligent but also are an excellent companion. This fido is highly satisfied and loyal if provided with plenty of training.

9. Papillon

The toy breeds are not easily trainable as they are seen to be stubborn and yippy. But the Papillons are quite smart and enjoy plenty of workouts and activities. If not properly trained this tiny canine is seen to become noisy and destructive.

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10. Miniature Schnauzer

The tiny Schnauzers are highly energetic agile, and obedient dogs. They at times tend to bark, but this behavior can be controlled to negligible if they are trained right from the puppy stage. Beyond the possibility of intense barking, a well-trained Miniature Schnauzer is a loyal and great companion to stay with.

11. Bernese mountain dog

The gentle giant is a friendly breed that can be trained without any hassles. According to the American Kennel Club, this large breed is mild-tempered and enjoys outdoor activities. The Bernese mountain dog needs a moderate level of workout, to avoid the dog from barking or acting out. This pooch requires plenty of interaction with humans and require positive enforcement for better training.

12. Havanese

This tiny breed always wants to please its owner, hence belong to that dog breeds that love learning new commands and tricks. The Havanese are smart, trainable, and natural clowns which is one of the apt breed choices for first-time dog owners.

But one should bear in mind that is little canine prefers a company and loves being the center of attention. The major concern with a Havanese puppy is that they require adequate socialization with other pets as well as humans right from an early age to avoid behavioral problems in the future.

13. Border terrier

The border terrier is a highly trainable dog. These are working dogs outdoors but are good-tempered, affectionate, and trainable. With plenty of exercises, they are seen to thrive well even in the apartment cultures.

As they possess the trait to please the owner they can be trained without many hassles in housebreaking, walking on a leash, refraining from the garbage, not messing with clothes and kids toys, not jumping on people or furniture and less distracted during the presence of other small creatures like rabbits and squirrels.

14. Boxer

An intelligent and even-tempered pooch the Boxer learns new commands easily. These active dogs enjoy physical and mental challenges but are also upbeat and playful. Their patience and protective nature have earned the badge as the best dog for children. Experts recommend the trainer to stay purposeful and patient while training this breed.

15. Pembroke Welsh corgi

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is an active tiny dog that loves to be occupied. Corgis are inherent herders hence experts recommend training them right from an early stage. The corgis are intelligent and trainable pooches that go well with children. These dogs need to be trained by an efficient pack leader if not they tend to take the role that is very difficult to correct.

16.  Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier is stubborn as well as an intelligent canine. This tiny dog breed is known to learn to get trained faster with shorter training sessions, but on the other hand is a pooch that, get bored very easily. The Russell terriers are quite energetic and seen to stick with routine and structure post training. They need a lot of workouts and space for running around, hence are a perfect match for active dog owners. But one needs a lot of patience not to train them but to deal with their ADHD traits.

17. Belgian Malinois

One of the world’s smartest canines is the Belgian Malinois that is also popular for its work ethic and energy. These factors aid this breed to learn, and grasp commands at a faster pace, making them the best choice for police work, search and rescue operations, and sports training.

18. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a lean and sturdy dog that is commonly bred for protection and hunting, as they possess strong territorial instincts and to this, they add a couple of others including strength and also has the ability to learn commands faster due to a higher intelligence quotient. Hence this breed is also used as a police dog in many countries around the globe.

19. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel is one of the best gun dogs. They possess a gentle mixture of traits that include intelligence, agility, and adaptability. This gently natured canine is very attentive and watchful, hence can grasp things faster and can be trained without any hassles. They are predominantly used for hunting, retrieving and performance or agility sports.

20. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was initially bred for sleigh transportation. This canine is one of the best-looking dogs around. The Huskies are strong, athletic, and intelligent, hence can quickly learn new things when trained. This beautiful canine is a good choice to train for dog scootering, dog hiking, amusement, and other performances.

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Useful pointers for pack leaders and pet owners

The following points need to be pondered while training a pet.

  • Gather a complete knowledge of the dog breed.
  • Make the training consistent and short to retain the concentration of the canine.
  • Consult the vet to learn some training tricks.
  • Hire a professional dog trainer for extra support.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the intelligence quotient of a dog breed, it takes time, effort and patience to train all canines. First-time owners will probably have a hard time for the first three months post bringing a puppy home. It is always a wise option to initially seek professional trainers help. One can even talk to their near and dears who have well-behaved dogs for tips. This will aid in a smoother learning process for both pet parent as well as the dog.

A pet parent in the initial training period or initial puppy stay at home will learn what to expect from their pup and how to train it to meet them. It is important to create rules for the puppy at home that every family member needs to fall strictly for a better learning experience.  A pet parent will also learn to properly walk and travel with the dog and play games. Following these pointers will help to train the dog without hassles.

Training a dog takes patience, consistency and perhaps even a sense of humor. Eventually, this will aid to form the bond one would expect to form for a happy living experience.


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