250+ Best Gray dog Names That Are Just Brilliant

Unique Name Ideas for Grey Dogs: Every dog comes in variant sizes and unique traits. Grey coat color is not uncommon and comes in various tinges that include charcoal, blue, slate, or silver. Twenty-nine grey dog breeds are known. The popular ones are Neapolitan Mastiff, Weimaraner, Cane Corso, Irish wolfhound, and Siberian Husky. 


If you have recently welcomed a grey puppy or adopted a grey pooch and are looking for vibrant names for them, you are on the right site, as this article will provide naming ideas for grey furry friends.

How to Choose Grey Pooch Tags?

The section underneath will provide pointers that one can investigate while deciding on the right name for our grey canines.

  • Choose tags that start with syllables like D, T, or K as these syllables have unmistakable sounds that enhance the pet grasping.
  • Avoid picking common popular names for your puppy, as it may confuse the pup in public places and vet visits.
  • Refrain from picking labels that sound like the training commands like sit, down, come, etc.
  • The breed-specific traits aid in name selection.
  • One can also observe the furry pal’s personality and character before choosing the right name for it.
  • Pick short over long name tags for better pooch comprehension.
  • Abstain from changing adult dog tags. In unavoidable situations, try to choose names that match their old ones.
  • Choose a dog name that is a favorite of all family members.
  • Christen the pup with a name within two weeks of its entry into the new home.


Popular Grey Dog Names


This section enlists the unique and trending grey dog tags that are famous worldwide. Check in to choose yours.

Name Meaning
Ashen The remains of fire
Blizzard Severe snowstorm
Cenizo Ash-colored in Spanish
Gris Grey in Spanish
Dolphin A grey mammal
Earl grey A tea type
Fuzzy Hazy
Haze Mist
Inky Jet black or as dark as ink
Kasha Porridge
Luna The moon
Mercury The chemical element
Nimbus Dark cloud
Oyster A bivalve molluscs
Pepper A spice
Rocky  Stone
Slate Grey shale
Twilight Post sunset
Viserion First rain or Autumn shower in Hebrew
Yale  Fertile moor or heights

Other Popular Trending Grey Dog Names

Wraith Tinsel Sterling
Plata Raccoon Nickel
Mushroom Liard Koala
Huskimos Grigio Foiler
Ember Dusty Chara
Bramble Anumati Zeus
Yukon Teal Selene
Rain Plava Oreo
Meeko Jazz Ice
Dexter Azure Capri

Female Grey Dog Labels


Cute, elegant grey female dogs have many name options. Look at the names enlisted below before christening one’s grey female pooches.

Artemis Belle Celeste
Dinora Elli Frida
Gala Heather Iris
Lapis Maya Neela
Pandora Steele Tabby
Umbra Yuma Glahss
Mai Tai Jasper Arianell
Cadet Tintin Merle
Bika Cora Duna
Paloma Zala Yin

Grey Male Pet Pal Names


Grey male canines also have many name options that can inspire one to choose. The tags enlisted below are some of the most popular and trending Grey dog names.

Apollo Balto Cinzento
Duncan Ero Flyod
Grover Hurricane Icy
Liath Monday Limbus
Oslo Puddles Rhaegal
Smurf Thor Zane
Wesley Indigo Stormie
Foil Sledge Moonshadow
Gracy Nickel Goose
Babel Ceyon Eeyore

Dog Names Inspired by the Color Grey


We could also choose the different dog names from gray things we come across in day-to-day life. The list below enlists such labels.

Smokey Lujayn Soot
Orna Groy Sivo
Glitter Sapphire Wooly
Greyson Screwy Ember
Pumpkin Gunmetal Armour
Coin Staples Forky
Wok Thongs Hinge
Pylon Trovel Rake
Lathe Concrete Graphite
Obsidian Mackerel Tuna

Grey Names Inspired by Other Animals


Names of animals and birds in gray color are also great ideas for naming our furry pals. The section below enlists these tags. 

Shrike Juncos Thrush
Dove Galah Anchovy
Bunny Trout Heron
Sardine Flipper Wolfie
Sharky Canis Langur
Lechwe Chipmuk Duiker
Musk shrew Lemur Hanna
Kinaur Alpaca Javelina
Canis Boars Goral
Myotis Hare Vole

Famous Grey Dogs of the Entertainment World


Showbiz always has many unique casts, and the grey dogs are also a part of many famous movies and series. This section lists some familiar names that one can ponder during the name selection process.

Astro Buckles Cleo
Digby Fifi Jock
Max Spike Tramp
Scamp Mooch Freeway
Fang Balto Hachiko

Funny Grey Dog Tags


Comical pooch names tailored specified for a dog based on its personality is always a great name option. The list below enlists such a silly, creative, and perfect label for one’s grey furry pal.

Anastasia Grey Cinder-ella Dorian Grey
Earl Grey Fenrir Greyback Grey Gatsby
Ironman Jenifer Grey Sil-furr
Merdith Grey Lady Grey Grey Poupon
Alexandar the Grey Grey worm Gandalf the Grey

Grey Inspired Pooch Names from Other Languages


Naming one’s pets in other languages is an easy option to get unique names. The list below gives tags of grey and silver in other languages.

Abu-abu Boz Cawl
Grau Hiriwa Kelabu
Szary Harmaa Pilkas
Kora Siv Dhusara
Griis Hall Pelēks

Final thoughts

One can name their gray fidos with names mentioned above or can use their creative minds and christen new ones. Let us know what labels you chose for your grey dogs.

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