German Shepherd Names: Over 200 Great Ideas for Boy and Girl Dogs

The German Shepherd (GSD) is the second most popular medium to a large-sized working dog breed. This working dog was developed originally for herding sheep, however, because of its strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, this dog today is used in various vocations that include disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and acting. The GSDs are popular worldwide for their love and courage.

One of your first responsibilities, while adopting or bringing a GSD puppy adult is to give him or her a good name. This article enlightens about the trending German Shepherd puppy or adult names that one can choose from.

Top trending German Shepherd names

The top ten currently popular GSD names are provided below.

DarcyIrish or French origin meaning “dark one”.
DodgerSomeone who avoids doing what they need to do.
EarlA British man of high social rank.
IzzyGreek name for gift.
JasperPersian origin meaning treasurer.
NellyShining light or most beautiful woman.
SergioA bright and handsome young dude.
PipLover of horses (English name).

Male German Shepherd puppy names

The following sections provide the names of male GSDs with their meanings that is a perfect suit for its courageousness, strength, and intelligence.

AdolphA German name for the noble wolf.
ArloFortified hill.
ArnoldEagle power.
AxelFather of peace.
BernardStrong and brave.
BrunoShield or armor.
DerickGifted ruler.
DirkPeoples ruler or leader (German as well as Dutch origin).
ErnieA battle to the death.
FinnGaelic name for a small blond soldier.
FrankThe French name of a free man.
GuntherBattler or warrior (German name).
KlausSomeone who serves his community.
MaxThe greatest.
ManfredStrength and peace.
SigmundVictorious defender.
WilhelmResolute protector.
AlaricNoble leader.
DolphusNoble wolf.
FonsieNoble and eager.
FremontNoble protector.
GregorVigilant watchman.
HubbardBright mind.
KaiserLong haired.

Female German Shepherd names

Female GSD names can reflect a dog’s feminine looks and may also reflect her strong female personality. Any powerful and independent women, that could be real or fictional, serve as an inspiration for naming a female GSD. Here is a list of names with the meanings that would perfectly complement a female German Shepherd.

AdaNoble and serene
ErmaA warrior
GithaBright and shiny.
IdaHard working

Police dog names

German Shepherds are commonly used as police dogs. When they are a part of the K-9 unit, these breed dogs need a name that’s easy to pronounce during the training. Here are a few names that are suitable for police dogs or aspirers of that area.

ChipEnglish name for man.
GunnerStrong battle (Swedish name)
BootsBoatman (Dutch origin)Maker or seller of boots (English origin)
FlashBright light (American origin)
Buzz          Village in the woods
RangoRogue person
BlitzFast mover
Ritz         French name meaning history.
Tazz          God’s gift
RangerWard of the forest.
Scooby  Gift of laughter and love.
Snoop  Detective
Captain  One who is in-charge.
BellsCzechoslovakian name meaning white.

White German Shepherd names

Some solid-colored GSDs are also white with dark points. The following is a list of names that draws attention to the pooch’s pearly white fur coat.

Lacey  Someone who is well dressed.
Cloud  Someone who lived near an outcrop or hill.
GlacierExtremely cold.
SnowmanA figure of a person made of packed snow.
PuffViolent or aggressive.
DoilyA decorative piece of cloth or paper.
WhiteoutA condition of heavily falling or blowing snow.
SudsSoapy water.
CloverAnglo-Saxon name for clover blossom.
SkylarkName of a bird.
IvoryWhite or pure.
AlabasterArm service provider.
PowderDry dusty substance.
SugarAmerican name meaning sweet crystal spice.
ChampaignA plain or open level country.
PrismA geometrical figure.
NillaAfrican name meaning glorious
BonesThe connective tissues of a vertebrate skeleton.
Cool whipA good-looking car.

Black German Shepherd names

Black GSDs are handsome pooches. Here are some names inspired by the canines dark coloring.

EmberSpark or burning low.
KnightServing lad or youth or boy
MidnightAmerican origin and means “12:00 AM.
MoonshineGlowing light that comes from the moon
VulcanGod of fire (Roman origin)
BearAn animal meaning strong.
PandaChinese name for a big cat bear.
Top hatA tall, black or grey hat worn by men on some formal occasions.
PantherSaint (Greek origin)
TornadoA violent windstorm.
PumiceA light and porous volcanic rock.
Black topAsphalt
ShadeScreen from the direct sunlight.
JetBlack gemstone.
SmokeRough hairy person.
ThunderStormy tempered.
RockyEnglish for the rock.

Cool German Shepherd names

Some individuals like to name their dogs with names that depict cool things. The following sections provide or suggest some cool names for the GSDs.

Cool male German Shepherd names

IceFrozen water.
DashFrom the ash.
ArrowA projectile fired from a bow.
DudeAmerican name meaning man or cowboy.
KaiJapanese name for ocean.
BlazeOne who stutters.
MaverickAmerican name meaning independent and nonconformist.
TitusBiblical name meaning pleasing.
AxleScandinavian and German form which means ‘my father is peace’.
FerrisCeltic name meaning Rock.
ZarrGerman and Swiss nickname for an autocratic person.
Mr. FreezeFictional supervillain of the American comic book ‘Batman’.
Rico SauvéSpanish name for a macho man.

Cool female German Shepherd names

HarperOne who plays the harp.
GwenWelsh name meaning white or holy.
EstellaFrench name for star.
QuinnWisdom, reason or intelligence.
AnnalaPowerful and complete.
BranwenBeautiful raven.
Sonora Spanish name for pleasent sounding.
ClaudeLimping (French origin)
Damaris Gentle (Latin name)
Juniper Evergreen
NevaSpanish name meaning White snow.

Unique German Shepherd names

Every canine is unique with their own personality and mannerisms. Hence, they also deserve a unique name.

Here are a few of the top choices for truly unique names.

Unique male German Shepherd names

Big BenA large bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London.
Monticello     Italian name meaning little mountain.
Hollywood     Habitation name or the American film industry or a place in the USA.
BangorA town in the Northern Ireland.
MacchuOld or ancient.
TajIndian name which means crown.
PeruGreek name which means rock.
BerlinCapital city of Germany.
GuntherGerman name meaning warrior
Kylo     Sky
ForgeSmith or workman
CairoArabic name meaning victorious.
ArrisGreek name meaning best.

Unique female German Shepherd names

Liberty      Free or independence.
ParisSon of Priam or capital city of France.
AsiaLively or the rising sun
SydneyFollower of St. Denis or an Australian city.
TopekaA good place to dig potatoes.
IndianaEnglish name meaning the country India.
MississippiGreat river
ArizonaLittle spring (American origin)
NiagaraThe strait.
KayaTurkish name for rock.
FergieGaelic name for rock.
ZeldaYedish name meaning happy or blessed.
ZedakiahGods justice (Hebrew origin)

Strong German Shepherd names

German Shepherds are working dogs that have an incredible work ethic. This breed is built to withstand long hours and tough conditions. Hence one should name it in such a way that it highlights its role not only as of the man’s best pal but also as a work partner. The section below has listed some names that literally mean “strong” in different languages.

Strong male German Shepherd names

Ethan     Firm, strong, and long lived.
EkonAfrican origin meaning strong.
ZalePower of the sea.
NeronSpanish name meaning Strong
TakeshiJapanese origin
BarrettBear power
BrianIrish name for strong.
DenzellName of a place.
SteeleHard and durable metal.

Strong female German Shepherd names

Adira     Hebrew name for strong.
BrianaCeltic name for strong
GabriellaWoman of god.
IsaStrong willed in German.
KerenHebrew name for Ram’s horn or strong
RitaChild of light in Persian.
ValentinaHealthy and strong in Roman
KwanStrong in Korean.

German Shepherd names inspired by foods

Some people prefer to name their pups with their favorite foods. The section below provides suggestions for such names that suits this working breed.

Juice     Sushi Kale     Nacho Oreo Taco Sage    Ginger Olive    Cookie Candy Honey

Final thoughts

While zeroing on a name for your GSD puppy always remember to keep it simple and choose one that suits its character and demeanor. Whether one decides to name their dog from its German heritage or choose one based on its appearance, one needs to be very confident that he or she will be able to shout it across the dog park or in the public and will not feel the need to “explain” the reasoning when signing him in at the vets.



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