300 + French Dog Names & Their Meanings

The company of a dog is companionship for life. Dog lovers across the world would vouch for it! If you have recently brought a pet into your life, naming it is necessary. Giving your dog a name that you and your pet can identify with is a difficult task. This is where we come in.

This article will show you an A-Z list of names for your pet pooch in French. Be it a French breed, or just your appreciation for the universally known language of love – French – We are here to get you through it. French names roll off the tongue in the most sophisticated manner, and this je ne sais quoi is what makes these names stand out. Look out for great names for your German, Canadian, Matisse, and Mastiff dogs!

We have made sure to include names with beautiful and intricate meanings to test out on your furry friend whenever the time comes! The best part? These names are cute, quirky, fun, adorable, and regal!

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a French name for your dog:

  • Short and Sweet: Keep the names short and sweet, because pronouncing a French name can prove to be a difficulty. A shorter name can carry as much panache as an elaborate one.
  • Identifiable: Come attributes of your dog should reflect in the choice of name. This will make association easier and will create a bond between you and your pet that will last a lifetime.
  • Colloquialism: The only downside to naming your dog in another language, if you do not speak it, is that some names are inappropriate and colloquial for something else in French. 
  • Pronouncing: The pronunciation of a French name with all its accents and qualities is a difficult job. The best way to seek an accurate pronunciation is to google the name. The search will reveal videos and clips of the correct version, and voila! You have a name.
  • Renaming: Renaming your dog is a waste of the naming exercise. You aren’t only giving your dog a name so you can call it out. Your dog may not understand why you are calling him by a different name and may become confused. This is not ideal.

Keep in mind that French names do not just apply to French breeds like the French Bulldog, etc. These names apply to any dog that can identify with them.

Here is a list of over 200 French names inspired by the essence of France for your choosing. Look through the names, and if you like them, drop us a comment! We love to hear success stories!

300+ Best Name Selection to Choose From

Top 50 French Feminine Names for Your Dog

French Feminine Names for Your Dog
Therese Violette Yvette
Suzanne Sophie Renee
Rochelle Riviera  Sabine
Nicolette Olympe Nana
Monique Margeaux Madeleine
Lili Lulu Lisette
Jolie Isobel Honore
Eloise Helene Gigi
Fifi Gamine Desiree
Chantal Éclair Cherie

Meaningful French Girl Names for Dogs

  • Bisous – Kisses 
  • Bijou – Jewel
  • Bebe – Baby
  • Coco – Chocolate 
  • Celine – Moon
  • Delphine – Dolphin
  • Elle – She
  • Esme – Loved and Esteemed 
  • Francoise – French, Freedom
  • Fleur – Flower
  • Giselle – Pledge
  • Hilarie – Merry, Cheerful
  • Lyonette – Little Lion
  • Ninon – Grace
  • Papillon – Butterfly 
  • Odette– Melodic
  • Soleil – Sun
  • Vivienne – Lively 
  • Parfait – Perfection
  • Mignon – Cute and Dainty

50 Best Male Names Inspired by the French

Best Male Names Inspired by the French
Yves Voltaire Tintin
Toulouse Remy  Pierre
Olivier Monet Matisse
Marseille Manet Lucius 
Jean Jacques Hugo
Henri Gaston Fabian
Dante Darcel Denis
Christophe Bonaparte Bastille
Armand Adrian  Alphonse
Leon Julian Raoul


Meaningful French Names for a Male Dog

  • Andre – Manly, Masculine 
  • Antoine – Priceless
  • Aubin – Fair
  • Beau – Handsome 
  • Chanceux – Lucky 
  • Danton – Deserving of Praise
  • Enzo – Conqueror
  • Felix – Happy go lucky 
  • Guy – Fighter
  • Garcon – Boy, young man 
  • Heureux – Happy
  • Luc – Light 
  • Lucian – One who brings light
  • Marvel – Admiring and wondering 
  • Noel – Christmas 
  • Noir – Dark and Black 
  • Pascale – Lamb, Child of Easter 
  • Philippe – One who loves horses 
  • Rene – Rebirth 
  • Tristan – Bold

20 Best Names for French Bulldog Pups

Best Names for French Bulldog Pups

Naming a girl or boy Frenchie puppy? Searching for French bulldog names? Look no further! 

Archie Charlie Brody
Buddy Chewie Cooper
Corky Blue Bear
Barkley Jack Milo
Odie Oscar Otis
Theo Teddy Spud
Percy Milton


30 Best French Riviera and Province Names to Give to Dogs

French Riviera and Province Names to Give to Dogs

These names are inspired by the locations, historical landmarks, and cities in France. Use these names to enhance the personality of your dog!

Paris Lyon Eiffel
Versailles Marseille Bordeaux
Lille Avignon Sacre-Coeur
Roien Brussels Rennes
Dijon Dax Vichy
Chinon Chelles Cholet
Tulle Reze Creil
Cholet Chelles Poissy
Reims (Pronounced ‘Raace’) Brussels Aunis

30 Best French People Names to Give to Your Dog

French People Names to Give to Your Dog
Claud Marie-Curie Coco Chanel
Pascal Marquis Louis
Monet Victor Hugo Gerard Depardieu
Antoinette Napoleon Louis Vuitton
Brigitte Bardot Zinedine Andre
Nostradamus Marion Cotillard Roman
Polanski Carla Bruni Degas
Matisse Louis Jean Paul Gaultier
Dior Givenchy Louboutin
Balmain Corbusier Freud

30 Best French History Names to Give to Your Dog

French History Names to Give to Your Dog

The rich history and culture provide for some great name inspiration. Here are some names to make a choice from when choosing a French name with historical significance for your pet!

Joan of Arc Fontaine Francois Ier
Dumas Jules Verne August Renoir
Gaugin Rodin Jacques Cartoer
Claude Debussy Asterix Chopin
Faure Charles Max Jean
August Pope Cromwell
Blaise Marie Maximilien
Dumas Gustave Cezanne
Zola Jeannie Pierre
Nin Toulouse Claud

30 Best French Boy Names to Suit a Dog

The Best French Boy Names to Suit a Dog

Whether naming a boy Frenchie puppy, or a rescue dog of any breed at all, this list is your best friend! Find yourself a cool French name from below!

Abel Baptiste Pierre
Victor Theo Jean-Baptiste
Marius Maxime Arsene
Ferdinand Raphael Joseph
Benoit Arthur Adrien
Raphael Gabriel Emmanuel
Theophile Jules Vincent
Emmanuel Gustave Nicola
Maurice Baptiste Milo
Bruno Marcel Emile

30 Best French Cuisine Inspired Dog Names

French Cuisine Inspired Dog Names

Here is a list of the best French names for your dog relating to French cuisine. Enjoy!

Cognac Champagne Bleau
Brie Roquefort Macaron
Truffle Fondue Madeleine
Meringue Caramels Souffle
Rose Ratatouille Sables
Escargots Socca Calvados
Baguette Bisque Crepe
Brulee Flambee Quiche
Valencay Brioche Nicoise
Chambord Blanc Chardonnay


Be it French boy dog names, or French girl names – this article contains a pretty conclusive list. However, it is not exhaustible. Your choice of name will affect your bond with your pet. 

So when choosing names, you must keep in mind that this is the name you are choosing for your dog for the rest of their lives. When chosen well, French names will come out sharp and elegant off your tongue and will remain close to your heart even after your dog passes. It is a reminder of love, history, and incredible culture, and your dog will thank you for it!

We sincerely hope that a name from this list makes it to your pet pooch’s collar, and helps in bringing forth another paw-rent and pet relationship. Whether you pick a foody name or one with historical connotations, you will never regret naming your dog a French name!


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