300 + Best French Bulldog Names with Meanings


We have prepared for a long rundown of French Bulldog names for you. From sweet and cheeky to rich and a la mode, we have a lot of motivation for finding the ideal name for your cute little Frenchie. Our rundown of names even has French names that give recognition to the breed’s universal beginnings. Take a quick look at these stunning names and check whether any fit your fancy.

There are various kinds of French Bulldogs, like – The Fawn French Bulldog , The Brindle French Bulldog , The Tiger Brindle Frenchies, The Seal Brindle Frenchies, The Black Brindle Frenchies, The Brindle Pied Frenchie, The Pied French Bulldog, The Blue/Grey French Bulldog, The Cream French Bulldog, The Sable French Bulldog, The Blue Sable French Bulldog, The Rare Color Species of French Bulldogs

Choosing The Perfect Name for Your French Bulldog

French Bull Dog

Picking the ideal name when it comes to picking the ideal name for your French bulldog may snot feel so easy all the time. But the most significant thing is to have a good time and some fun! Consider your French Bulldog’a physical appearance and highlights or features. Before giving you a rundown of the best french bulldog names. We have a few hints we prescribe mulling over when naming your new puppy: 

  • Opt for short names of a couple of syllables. These will be simpler for your French bulldog to recollect.
  • It has been demonstrated that French Bulldogs have an increasingly positive reaction to names that incorporate the vowels. an, e and I.
  • Avoid picking a name and afterward utilizing an epithet. As this will confound your French Bulldog. 
  • Choose a name that is anything but difficult to articulate.  
  • Avoid sayings when naming your pup. Likewise, we suggest abstaining from naming your pupper after a relative or dear companion to keep away from disarray. 
  • We suggest that you AVOID renaming your doggie. In this way, it’s significant that you are 100% satisfied with the name you will use to train your little guy from when it is still a pup. 

50 Best Cute Male French Bulldog Names

Mentioned below are a few of our absolute favorite names for male French Bulldogs. Have a Look!

Cute Male French Bulldog Names
Ace Buddy Bentley
Baxter Buster Boomer
Bubba Diesel Cezanne
Chance Emile Champ
Frankie Gunner Enzo
Jacques Gus Felix
Andre Jasper Guy
Apollo Lafayette Hugo
Beau Armand Leo
Beauregard Bastille Loki

Male French Bulldog Names With Meanings

Edmund means ‘fortunate protector’
Benjamin meaning ‘son of the right hand’
Wyatt Vintage boy name of English origin
Charles it is the name of the heir to the throne in English
Leopold meaning ‘brave people’
Lucas Latin origin name
Jasper meaning ‘bringer of treasure’
Aurelius ‘the golden one’- its of Latin origin.
Wilson Adorable boys name
Maximus meaning ‘greatest’
Noah meaning ‘rest; wandering’
Barnaby meaning ‘son of consolation’
Levi A meaning ‘attached’
Byron meaning ‘barn for cows’
Magnus meaning ‘greatest’
Lazarus meaning ‘God is my helper’
Graham meaning ‘gravelly homestead’
Henry it is the Christian name used for Harry
Adam meaning ‘son of the red earth’
Julian meaning ‘youthful, downy’

50 Best Names for Female French Bulldogs

We love names that are vintage and have a charmingly ladylike tone to them. In case you’re despite trying everything , still stuck, view this rundown of French Bulldogs names that would be ideal for a Frenchie:

Akeya Bizi Angel
Aurora Blue Bailey
Bianca Bubblegum Bambina
Boonie Buffy Blue Ivy
Cha-Cha Cheesecake Bluebell
Coco Cherry Buttercup
Alaska Daiquiri Buttons
Alexia Dakota Chica
Avalon Aloha Chichi
Bacardi Danitza Dalila

Names for female French bulldogs with meanings

Cecilia meaning ‘blind’
Diana means ‘divine’
Alma meaning ‘nurturing’
Lilith meaning: ‘night monster’
Maisie Lovely name used for dogs, of Scottish origin
Lumi means ‘snow’
Everly popular girls name
Ophelia meaning ‘help’
Astrid meaning ‘divinely beautiful’
Alice meaning ‘noble’
Mabel meaning ‘lovable’
Bertha it means ‘bright and glorious’
Matilda jolly and popular name for girls
Edith name of English origin
Phoebe meaning ‘shining one’
Cleo Short for Cleopatra
Belinda meaning ‘pretty one, serpent’
Leila meaning ‘night’
Beryl meaning ‘sea green jewel’
Vera Exotic choice

50 Best Girl French Bulldog Names

On the off chance you are one of those people who like to use human names, fear not , as we have a list of names that will help you choose the perfect girl name for your dog.50 Best Girl French Bulldog Names

Adele Felicity Cookie
Celine Gracie Daisy
Dakota Holly Hazel
Heloise Izzy Heidi
Kona Lacey Jolie
Maggie Lady Josie
Aimee Maya Sophie
Annie Sydney Layla
Chloe Bella Stella
Coco Bonnie Venus

30 Best Boy French Bulldog names

Many people like naming their dogs with human names. In case you are one of them, here is a list of the same for you.

Best Boy French Bulldog names
George Leo Jack
Hank Loki Jacques
Jasper Moose Mac
Milo Murphy Max
Oscar Otis Napoleon
Rufus Rex Oliver
Gerard Sammy Rocky
Gunner Thor Romeo
Henry Gus Tintin
Hugo Guy Tucker

30 Best Badass Names for French Bulldogs
Here is a list of some great, badass names for your French Bulldog


Badass Names for French Bulldogs
Rocky Jax Oscar
Frank Buster Piper
Jack Rosie Harley
Roxy / Roxie George Dexter
Brutus Yoda Bubba
Millie Maggie Theo
Bruce Napoleon Thor
Otis Lilo Gracie
Tank Cooper Ziggy
Gizmo Duke Archie

30 Best French Bulldog names in movies

French Bulldogs are seen in various movies, they are considered fancy and adorable to look at. So here is a list of names used in movies for French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Names in Moies
Abner Chumlee Hardy
Tankerbell Tigress Babak
Dylan Mercedes Clover
Bizzy Neckbeard Woofgang
Sarah Jessica Barker Yudu Bobot
Khan Amber Mimi
Dallas Buttercup Regina
Jezebel Island Kong
Hipster Babe Vodka
Alexia Jessie Dick

30 Best French Bulldog names For Puppies

Sometimes, but not always the dogs we get are pups and we get to grow up with them. So here is a list of adorable puppy names for your French Bulldog

Best French Bulldog names For Puppies
Buttercup Ret Chompers
Desire Quell Daisy
Penny Bullwinkle Vodka
Anastasia Columbus DiMaggio
Bo Oliff Mercy
Atwater Emily Bach
Natty Chubs Cadillac
Island Poe Tucker
Rogue Hitchcock Zag
Sammy Dick Auggie

30 Best Celebrity French Bulldogs Names

Best Celebrity French Bulldogs Names

A lot of Famous people have French Bulldogs as pets. From Lady Gaga to Ashley Olsen. So here is a list of names chosen by Celebrities’ for their dogs.

Asia Olsen Dali
Thurman Scarlet Django
Pepper Banksy Monkey
Popeye Arrow Steve
Caine Curtis Pistachio
Brutus Beau Baron
Peaches King Camille
Pippa Titus Clara
Scooter Hobbs Sarge
Hank Sharkey T-Bone


French Bulldogs are a ravishing and exceptionally famous doggies, so it very well may be a test to attempt to name them. Regardless of whether you go for a name from nature, or something extremely uncommon, we’re certain you will discover a name that will be ideal for you! Get back to us as to whether you liked any of the astounding French Bulldog Names we have recorded in the article. 

We couldn’t want anything more than to hear some other name recommendations that we might have missed out on, so make a point to leave us a remark! And always remember, the key to finding the right name is enjoying it and ensuring your pup enjoys the process too. ALL THE BEST!!


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